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									                                  Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Venture Scotland. Please answer the questions on this form as fully
as possible. If you are unsure about any of the questions, please give us a call on 0131 475 2395, to ask for

Please return your completed form to admin@venturescotland.org.uk or to Venture Scotland, Norton Park, 57
Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY or fax to 0131 475 2396.

Personal details
Title:                                                            Preferred Name:
First Names:
                                                                  Phone           Preferred method of contact
Address1:                                                         Day:
Address2:                                                         Eve:
Address3:                                                         Mob:
City:                                                             Email
Postcode:                                                         Work:

Date of Birth:                                                    Date of Application:

Which of the following volunteer roles are you interested in taking on?
Tick all you are interested in – please contact us to obtain full role profiles
Bothy Venture Volunteer:
Conservation Volunteer:
Conservation Team Leader:
Office based Volunteer:
Management Committee Member:

Why do you want to volunteer with Venture Scotland? Please include information about any
skills or experience you hope to gain through volunteering.

Do you have experience of working/volunteering with children or young adults?
This is not essential but is useful for us to know if you have it.
Yes:            No:
If yes, please give details:

How did you hear about volunteering for Venture Scotland?

How often do you think you might volunteer and over what period?
We won’t hold you to this but it is useful for us to have a rough idea.
Some of our activities require volunteers with outdoor qualifications.
If you don’t have awards, don’t worry! Not all of our volunteers need to have them.

Please tick below if you have any of the following awards and include photocopies or scanned
images of your awards and any first aid certificates with your application.

                                                                             Training       Assessment
Basic Expedition Leader Award (BELA)
Walking Group Leader
Summer Mountain Leader
Single Pitch Award
Other awards – Please give details:

                                                                            1      2      3      4       5
Canoe Stars
Canoe Coach
Kayak Stars
Kayak Coach
White Water and Canoe Rescue Safety

Do you have a current first aid qualification?         Name of Provider:
Yes:           No:                                     Expiry Date:

What other relevant skills, qualifications or experience do you think you could bring to Venture

As part of your volunteering, would you be prepared to drive the Venture Scotland minibus?
Again, this is by no means essential but useful to us if you can do it!
Yes:              No:         If no, please move onto the next section.
Please state the date your driving license was obtained:
Please state the date your driving license expires:
Do you have the following permitted groups on your licence?
D1 (Small buses):             D1 + E (Small buses with a trailer):
Do you have experience of driving a minibus?                                       Yes:    No:
Do you have experience of driving a minibus with a trailer?                        Yes:    No:
Do you have your Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) qualification?            Yes:    No:
What date does your MiDAS certificate expire?

Please provide the names and addresses of two people who know you well. We will write to
these people and ask them to comment on your personal qualities and reliability. The names
you give should be over 18 and not from your immediate family.

I agree that Venture Scotland may hold and use the data on this form for the purposes of administering
and supervising my work with the charity and that such data may be available to those who reasonably
need to know the same within the charity.                                                 Yes:    No:

Venture Scotland takes photos and videos during its activities. These photos and video are taken for the
benefit of participants and volunteers but may also be published in our printed publications and/or on our
external website. Please note that individual’s names will not be published with photos/video.
Do we have your permission to take and use photos/video of you in this way?        Yes:     No:

                                           Vetting procedures

Venture Scotland is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of all young people involved in our
programmes. To this end, we carry out appropriate vetting procedures of all volunteers involved in the
supervision of young people. There are two parts to the vetting process:

(i) Self-Disclosure Form: this form gives you the opportunity to declare any previous convictions you may

(ii) Disclosure Scotland check at Enhanced Level: this procedure is used to obtain details of spent and
unspent convictions, as well as non-conviction information held by the police that is relevant to working with
young and vulnerable people.

Venture Scotland is committed to equal opportunities and we aim to be fair in our recruitment procedures. A
conviction will not necessarily be a barrier to you volunteering with us. Information about convictions is
treated in strictest confidence and is only seen by those directly involved in the recruitment of volunteers.

Please confirm that, you understand and agree to the above vetting procedures:

Please tick:

                                         Ethnic Monitoring Form
                                  This form is for monitoring purposes only.
Please tick ONE box that best describes your ethnic origin or write in your answer in the appropriate

Northern Irish
Any other White background, please write in:………………………………………

Any Mixed background, please write in: ……………………………………………

Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British
Any other Asian background, please write in: ……………………………………

Black, Black Scottish or Black British
Any other Black background, please write in: ……………………………………

Other ethnic background
Any other background, please write in: ……………………………………………


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