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									                               Blue Light Off
                                 Road Club

                             RIDING FORCE

                    15th – 16th September 2012

By kind permission of MOD and LandMarc the above Event will be held over
the period of 15th-16th September 2012 on Salisbury Plain Training Area


      To introduce individuals to the challenge and excitement of a
       competitive Navigational events.

      To develop Riding skills, machine handling and navigational ability
       within a Controlled framework over varied terrain and testing

      To allow riders the opportunity to ride a marked untimed Enduro course
       with Special Tests

              Organised by the Blue Light Off Road Club


Event Director.            John Amos
Chief Marshal.             Axel Seedig
Clerk of the Course.       Les Smith          (Enduro)
Clerk of the Course.       Jolyon “JJ” Walker (Navigation)
Secretary.                 Cathy Amos.

   Email:                      Mobile:   07805 656947
Event HQ/Start/Finish. All are located at the SPTA Driver Training Area,GR
SU 2345 5005, access to this point is though Crossing Point DD GR SU2205
4970 which is located north of Tidworth, Wiltshire on the A338.

Entries and Fees.

Individual Entry

1 day event Saturday or Sunday             £50    (Deposit of £25 or pay in full)
2 day event                                £70    (Deposit of £35 or pay in full)

Accommodation. Accommodation CANNOT be provided. However we are
trying to secure camping near to the start location. Attached to these
regulations are venues nearby.
Food. You will need to provide your own food/drink, if there is sufficient
numbers then a Catering van will be on site.
Timings. Event HQ and signing on and Scrutineering will open at 0830hrs
on each day. The event will close at 1730hrs 15th September and at 1630hrs
on 16th September.
 Route. The Route will cover various terrains with an approximate total
mileage of 150 miles. This will include Closed Army Roads and off road
venues closed to the public, the organisers will supply all the required
information to complete the route.
Machine examination/Signing On. The only modifications to be undertaken
are for either the safety or reliability of the Motorcycle and/or rider. Competing
bikes must be road legal. Insurance Documents, a Valid Tax disc and both
parts of your driving license must be produced at Scrutineering and Signing
on. Tyres must be capable of traversing off road surfaces, minimum
requirement would be TKC 80’s.
Fuel. There is a fuel Station in Tidworth within 4 miles of the start and finish
location. Fuel can be stored at Event HQ if required ask the Scrutineering
Team for directions.
Radio Equipment. Radio transmitters/receivers will not be allowed. Teams
found to be using radios capable of transmissions/reception will be excluded.
However GPS or other electronic navigation aids are permitted.
Riding Equipment. Approved helmet, Enduro/trail trousers, Enduro/trail
jacket, Body Armour, Elbow and knee pads, Enduro/trail boots, Gloves
Goggles/safety glasses
Recovery. If due to a mechanical failure or accident, we will provide a facility
to recover you back to Event HQ. Onward travel to your home address is then
your responsibility.
Equipment . The following mandatory equipment is to be carried throughout
the event while riding and will be checked during machine examination; First
Aid Kit (relative to the rider) Torch, Flask/fluids.
Equipment for the event, The Road book and route information will be
available to download seven days before the start date on the web site. At
signing on you will receive an A5 size score card.
The road book you can either keep as an A4 printout, cut down to A5 size or
make into a roll road book, which can be fitted to a rolling road book fitted to
your bike or on your tank bag.

Payment method.
Payment can be made by cheque to the address below, made payable to
By PayPal using In the ref fields please put your name
and address and whether your attending both days or the one day you are
Please print off your PAYPAL payment confirmation and produce at signing
on. It just speeds up signing on. Or confirmation e mail on a smart phone.

                 All correspondence should be addressed to:
                                 Riding Force
                                3 Westerings
                                  CM3 4ND

                 Home: 01245 227 298 Mobile 07805656947
                         One form Per Rider

Forename                              Title
Mobile                                Email
Emergency         Full Name
Contact           Address
                  Telephone No.

Competing Bike Details
Make                                Model

Other Vehicle Details
Make                              Driver
Model                             Passenger
Registration                      Towing a trailer   Yes   No

Nominated email
                                      Hotels and B&B’s

Premier Lodge
Pearce Way, Bishopsdown, Salisbury,
Wiltshire SP1 3GU
T: 0871 527 8956*

A number of Hotels can be found on the following Link


A number of campsites can be found by the link below.


       Stonehenge Park
          SP3 4SH

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