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Surname                               Kleynhans
Full Names                            Johannes Francois
Identity Number                       660620 5069 089
Gender                                Male
Driver’s License                      Code 08, 01
Nationality                           South African
Language                              Fluent Afrikaans and English + basic French & Portuguese
Health                                Excellent
Physical Address                      Heliotrope st, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
Postal Address                        P.O. Box 10196, Aston Manor, Gauteng, South Africa, 1630
Contact Numbers                       082 972 5107 or 011 394 2000
Email Address                         Jfk4u2c@gmail.com


My current contract comprise consulting inventory optimization for the mining industry using
www.oniqua.com OAS software and it includes mentoring end users as well as the analysis of inventory data

In my previous role at www.enrc.co.za as exploration buyer, I was dedicated to servicing capital site
requirements for our mines. I also served in the DRC www.bossmining.com (subsidiary of ENRC) purging
purchase orders and assisting with the procurement analytics in preparing reports for the various departments

My contract at www.bucyrus.com entailed the expediting of materials in procurement for mining equipment,
analyzing incoming stock from mostly our overseas suppliers with differences and discrepancies,
returns/warranties, extracting backorder reports and providing feedback to goods receiving to ensure the flow
of materials, altering stock levels and adjusting PO’s and RTQ’s.

At www.pilog.co.za I codified/validated technical materials in the data refinery department for the mining
industry and the materials varied from very technical heavy-duty mechanical HME, pneumatic, hydraulic
parts to very intricate electronic components. In order to enrich client data, research were frequently required
which include schematics, vendor listings, material specification/standards, and the proper classification of

Prior to the above, I was employed as SAP Master Data Controller where my responsibilities included:
      Creating and maintaining materials in master data
      Assisting inventory in the warehouse and updating the warehouse masters
      With my regular visits to the factories, I also completed training on SAP PP

As can be seen from my resume below, I worked in the IT industry for many years.
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Personality Type:
    My favorite past time is playing sudoku and chess, which clearly indicate that I am not burdened by
       numeric or analytical thinking and I give a lot of attention to detail.
    After my divorce in 2006 I gained custody of my small children of which a complete psychometrical
       analysis was submitted to High Court that supports my stable demeanor.
    I endeavour to be fair, and believe honesty is the best policy.
    Being punctual is important to me and I am an early morning’s person.

      I am always involved in sport and in the first half of 2010 I coached rugby.
      My hobbies include natural medicine and I am also an avid biker.
      Being single allows me to travel and work on the mines in remote areas


SECONDARY                                                                                          DATE
Last School attended             Benoni Technical High School
Highest Standard                 Matric (Grade 12)
                                 Afrikaans; English; Science; Mathematics; Technical drawing; Electrical
Subjects passed


ONIQUA                           OAS - Oniqua Analytics Solution                                   2011
ENRC In-house                    ACCPAC Procurement Process Flow                                   2011
BUCYRUS In-house                 SAP WM 4.6C Procurement & Logistics Execution                     2010
PILOG In-house                   Value & Standardization of materials to USC & eOTD Standards      2009
Self-Study                       SAP 4.6C Warehouse Management Guide                               2009
Self-Study                       SAP 4.6C Goods receipt Process for Inbound Deliveries             2009
ABERDARE In-house                SAP 4.6C Material Management + Workflow                           2008
ABERDARE In-house                SAP 4.6C Material Master                                          2008
ABERDARE In-house                SAP 4.6C Production Planning/Master Data                          2008
IBM Training Center              IBM 3270/5250 Networks & Emulations                               1990
Olivetti Training Center         Personal computer Repair and Maintenance                          1989
OMNITEC Institute                Computer Processor Techniques                                     1988
OMNITEC Institute                Electrical Principals & Electronics                               1988

MICROSOFT                        EXCELL (advanced), BASIC ACCESS + FRONTPAGE (WEB DESIGN)

AUTOCAD 14                       Design engineering

ACCPAC 5.4                       Procurement + Inventory

OTHER                            ACCPAC, STARNODE/RAMIS, OAS
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Company                ONIQUA (Optimization software provider for mining industry)
Position               OAS Inventory Consultant/ Functional Consultant)
Duties                 Maintaining and support of OAS to the mining industry
                       Recommending processes for optimal inventory management using OAS
                       Analyzing data and provide high level reporting to our clients
Period of Employment   September 2011 – current
Reason for leaving     Contract
Company                ENRC > BOSS MINING
Position               Exploration Buyer / Procurement Analytics
Duties - ENRC          Exploration buyer, negotiating bid clarification and servicing site requirements
Duties – Boss Mining   Cleaning PO system with adjustments/amendments
Period of Employment   February 2011 – August 2011
Reason for leaving     Contract
Company                BUCYRUS/CATERPILLAR (Heavy Mining Equipment)
Position               Procurement Expeditor (stock analysis)
Duties                 Urging overdue PO’s and expedite breakdown equipment
                       Visiting suppliers and attending management meetings for feedback
                       Analyzing incoming stock to meet on time delivery
Period of Employment   October 2010 – February 2011
Reason for leaving     Contract
Company                PILOG INT - Data Refinery (IT/Logistics)
Position               Technical Material Cataloguer (data cleansing and structuring)
Duties                 Qualifying material data according to USC & eOTD standards
                       Research and enrich material data + Confirm of spec and standards
                       Translate material data from Portuguese to English
                       I served the Quality Control department from Jan 2010
Period of Employment   February 2009 – August 2010
Reason for leaving     Company suffering financial difficulty
Company                ABERDARE / Powertech (Copper Cable Manufacturing)
Position               SAP Master Data Controller
Duties                 SAP R/3 4.6C MM record maintenance, creating/maintaining /master records
                       SAP WM MIGO in/outbound processes, configure storage type definition files
                       and warehouse movement strategies, movement types, storage locations
                       SAP PP: worked closely with Production Planning and Inventory
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                       Provide training on RF PSION scanner integration for SAP stock control
                       General IT support, connectivity/upgrade of personal computer and peripherals
Period of Employment   June – September 2008
Reason for leaving     Contract
Company                Estate for Sale Property (Owner)
Position               Project Manager/Principal Estate Agent

Duties                 Build, renovate and develop residential property which included site preparation,
                       subdivision, rezoning and the reticulation/connectivity of services
                       Site supervision, managing contractors/artisans
                       Capacity and resource planning for projects
                       Buying and scheduling of building materials/projects
                       Canvassing, marketing and selling of property as principal estate agent
                       Drafting agreements for mandates and offer to purchase
Period of Employment   July 2000 – April 2008
Reason for leaving     The property market became depressed from early 2008
Company                Cosmic Micro Computers IT (Co-Owner)
Position               Operations Manager
Duties                 Manage assemble to order operations of computer systems
                       Resource and capacity planning of operations and installations
                       Forecasting, replenishment and general stock control
                       Buying, negotiate and ordering of components/accessories
                       Distribution of computer and peripherals products
Period of Employment   1991 – 2000
Reason for leaving     Relocated to Cape Town
Company                Spartan Micro Management IT
Position               Computer Field Technician
Duties                 Maintenance and field support of pc and networking systems
                       Repair and networking of personal computer systems
Period of Employment   August 1990 – June 1991
Reason for leaving     Started my own business close to my residence

Company                Data Technologies (IBM)
Position               Computer Networking Technician

Duties                 Configuration and connectivity (5250/3270 terminal emulation) of personal
                       computers to midrange & mainframe systems
                       Provide field support for personal computer repair
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Period of Employment      July 1989 – July 1990
Reason for leaving        I spent many weeks at a time away from home at
                          Bophuthatswana for Token Ring networking installations

Company                   ERBEC Maintenance (Olivetti)
Position                  Computer Technician
Duties                    Assembly and repair of pc and peripheral equipment
                          PC board repair to component level
Period of Employment      June 1988 – June 1989
Reason for leaving        To learn more about the networking of personal computers
           Company        South African Airways Data Center JHB
Position                  SAAFARI Operation Support
Duties                    Software maintenance/backups and SAAFARI operation support to users
Period of Employment      January 1987 – December 1987
Reason for leaving        I wanted to be technically involved in computers

           SANDF              NATIONAL MILIARY SERVICE January 1985 – December 1986
ONIQUA               Neil Pollock Vice-President ONIQUA, Africa Operations Tel # 011 447 1931
Boss                 Sam Erasmus Procurement Manager cell # +243 81941 4834 (DRC) or
Mining/ENRC          Bill Smith Procurement Manager ENRC Pomona 01 522 4300 (RSA)
Bucyrus              Ollie v/d Neut Procurement Manager Tel # 011 723 2000
PILOG                Tok Binneman – sections manager Tel # 012 663 2210
ABERDARE             Lionel Boshoff Manager Stock Control Tel # 011 396 8000 / 082 875 9619
COSMIC Micro         Co-Owner Eric Rahn Tel # 011 918 0000
ERBEC Maint          Managing Director Wayne Urbani # 011 255 6600 / 083 637 7101

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