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					                                        Fall 2012
                                   Student Government
                                    Student Parent Scholarship Application
                                         2012 - 2013 Academic Year

Please print or type the following information. All              Award
fields are required; incomplete applications will not            Four (4) $500.00 scholarships will be awarded
be considered. Contact the Women’s Center for                    during the fall 2012 semester.
assistance at (904) 620-2528.
Full name:
                                                                 1. Has minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of
                                                                      2.5, or a graduate cumulative GPA of 3.0.
                                                                 2. Must qualify as a non-traditional student.
                                                                 3. Must have successfully completed 6 hours at
Current mailing address:
                                                                    UNF or be a current transfer student enrolling at
                                                                    UNF without a break of more than one semester.
                                                                 4. Must be enrolled a minimum of 6 undergraduate
                                                                    credit hours or 3 graduate credit hours.
City:                  State:        Zip:________
                                                                 5. Must have a child currently enrolled with a
                                                                    licensed child card provider.
Home phone: (           )

Work phone: (           )                                        Instructions
                                                                 1. Submit a copy of license from childcare provider
Major:                       Grad. Date:                            and a letter from the childcare provider stating
                                                                    child is currently enrollment.
Total UNF hours earned:
                                                                 2.    Provide a one page essay discussing obstacles
Cumulative GPA:                                                       you have had to overcome as a student parent.

UNF E-mail address:                                              3. Submit this form with all attachments to the
                                                                    Women’s Center Building 2, Room 2100
                                                                    By 3:00 pm September 14, 2012

Important: Failure to sign below will result in automatic disqualification.
I authorize the release of any of the following information; financial aid, grade point average, enrollment status, academic
standing, and the like; to the Women’s Center and Student Government Business & Accounting Office for the purposes of
evaluating my application.

Signed: ___________________________________________________ Date:_________________

The Women’s Center will review all applications. All information asked above will be taken into consideration.
Scholarships are limited and the Women’s Center decisions are final. The decision for all awards will be left to the
judgment of the Women’s Center. No disputes are permitted. All applicants will be notified in writing after the Women’s
Center meets. This scholarship is awarded by Student Government. If you have any questions, call the Women’s Center at

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