Ground Floor WV Walks by alicejenny


									                          Some convenient
            WALKING ROUTES
                in and around Morgantown
Walking Route                                     Distance                           Page

Some Community Walking Locations
 Downtown Morgantown                              1.25 miles                          1
 WVU Coliseum                                                                         2
        Outside                                   0.33 mile      (3 laps = 1 mile)
        Inside                                    0.20 mile      (5 laps = 1 mile)
 Waterfront to University Avenue and Back         3.50 miles                          3

WVU Campus Walking
 Waterfront to Evansdale Campus and Back         2.50 / 4.75 miles                    4
 Health Sciences Center South                                                         5
        Inside-ground floor                      0.25 mile       (4 laps = 1 mile)
 Health Sciences Campus                          1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 miles                6
 Health Sciences Center, Ruby Memorial, and Physician Office Center                   7
        Inside                                   0.5 mile        (2 laps = 1 mile)

Mall Walking
 Morgantown Mall                                                                      8
        Outside                                   0.5 mile       (2 laps = 1 mile)
        Inside                                    0.33 mile
 Middletown Mall (Fairmont)                                                           9
        Outside                                   0.5 mile      (2 laps = 1 mile)
        Inside                                    0.25 / 0.5 mile

Walking Routes in Local Parks
 Chestnut Ridge Park                                                                  10
       Route A.                                   0.15 mile
       Route B.                                   1.0 mile
 Jerome Park                                                                          11
       Loop                                       1.0 mile
       Route                                      1.5 miles
                                  Downtown Morgantown
                                            1.25 miles

Street lighting

City streets. Spruce Street is uphill, but not too steep in the section on this walking route. Pleasant
Street is downhill, and the rest is pretty flat. Crosswalks and sidewalks are available throughout the

1. Begin at the Walnut Street garage and make a LEFT out of the garage.
2. Walk up Chestnut Street to Fayette Street.
3. Make a RIGHT on Fayette then cross High Street at the crosswalk.
4. Follow the walkway to Spruce Street. You’ll pass an interesting store window at Surroundings.
5. Once you hit Spruce Street, make a LEFT up the hill.
6. Follow to Willey Street, and make a LEFT at the light.
7. At the next light/intersection make a LEFT on High Street. Walk down High Street to Pleasant
8. Make a RIGHT onto Pleasant Street, passing Black Bear and 123 Pleasant Street.
9. Take a RIGHT onto Beechhurst and return to the garage at Walnut Street.
                 WVU Coliseum WALKING ROUTE
                           Inside 5 laps = 1.0 mile
                           Outside 3 laps = 1.0 mile

                                                                                 Jerry West/
                                                                               Monongahela Blvd.

              WVU Coliseum


                                                                               Traffic Light

The outside of the Coliseum is lit at night, but the sidewalk itself is not.

A walk around the outside of the WVU Coliseum is 0.33 mile (3 laps = 1 mile). There is
a very wide sidewalk to follow.

Walking five (5) laps on the inside of the WVU Coliseum equals 1 mile.
               Waterfront to University Avenue and Back
                                     Roughly 3.5 miles

1. Beginning at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Waterfront Park on Caperton Trail and walk towards Star
   City (passing the Seneca Center).
2. Exit the trail near 7th Street and make your way to 8th Street. 8th is very steep and does NOT
   have sidewalks. Use Caution!
3. Once to the top of the hill (on 8th Street), go RIGHT on University Avenue.
4. Follow University Avenue sidewalks past the Mountainlair downtown.
5. Veer LEFT onto Willey Street.
6. Go RIGHT on High Street.
7. A RIGHT onto Foundry Street will lead you back to Caperton Trail.
                               HSC South
                 Ground Floor Inside WALKING ROUTE
                                      1 lap = 0.25 mile
                                     4 laps = 1.0 mile

HSC Copy


     WVU Student                                                         HSC
       Health                                                           South


1.   Take the HSC South stairs to the ground floor       .
2.   Turn LEFT to see red tile flooring; take the second LEFT.
3.   Pass 3 cafeteria cooler doors on your right.
4.   Go to the end of the hall and make a LEFT.
5.   At the end of that hall, you will see the HSC Copy Center.
6.   Take another LEFT and the hall will lead to the WVU Student Health Services/elevators.
7.   Walk past the elevators; see red tile flooring and begin a new lap.
                   1.0 mile                          Health Sciences Campus
                   1.5 miles                             Walking Route
                   2.0 miles

Starting in front of Ruby Memorial…

  1 mile -- Cut across the hospital parking lot towards either side of the football stadium. Make your lab
around the stadium and return to the starting point.

   1.5 mile -- Cut across the hospital parking lot towards either side of the football stadium. Make your
lab around the stadium and instead of return to the starting point, make a loop around the employee
parking lot.

  2 miles -- Cut across the hospital parking lot towards the left side of the football stadium. Make your
lab around the stadium and instead of walking through the parking lot, cut between POC parking and the
gravel lot on the right side of the stadium to the service road. From there, take the sidewalks up to the
Health Sciences parking areas. Continue past the PRT station and around Health Sciences South. Cut
between Chestnut Ridge Hospital and the helicopter pad to a set of concrete stairs. Turning right at the
bottom of the stairs will lead you to your starting point.
                    Health Sciences Center (HSC), Ruby Memorial,
                          and Physician Office Center (POC)
                              Inside WALKING ROUTE
                                          1 lap = 0.5 mile

    HEALTH SCIENCES                                                                     RUBY
     CENTER Basement                                                                   3rd Floor
                                               The Tunnel

                                                                     3rd Floor

•   Take the HSC-S stairs to the Ground Floor. Pass the HSC
    cafeteria on the LEFT. Take the third left for stairs to the
    basement. Take a RIGHT on basement floor and a second           Still on the
    RIGHT to “The Tunnel.”                                           3rd Floor
•   Now on the 3rd floor of Ruby Memorial Hospital, pass
    Nuclear Medicine and then X-ray/Radiology on right. At the
    end of the hall, take a RIGHT. Walk past the elevators,
    through doorway labeled Physical Therapy/Emergency
    Department. Veer left at the end of the hall (tile changes to
    carpet). Windows will be on your left. Follow the hall to a            STAIRWELL
    dead-end where you will find a water fountain on the right.
•   Turn around and make your way back to “The Tunnel”/HSC.
    This route complements the 0.25 mile lap of the HSC Ground
    Floor Walking Route.
                                 Morgantown Mall
                               Outside 1 lap = .5 mile
                                Inside 1 lap = .33 mile

                       REAR Side

                                                FRONT Side

The walk around the outside of the mall, it is ½ mile. There are sidewalks to follow on the
front and paved surface in the rear.

Following the dotted line from one end of the mall to the other is 1/3 mile.
                                              Chestnut Ridge Park
                                                2 Routes: A = 0.15 mile
                                                          iB = 1.0 mile

Exit 15 on Interstate 68 –
Coopers Rock

  Route 73                                         Picnic Area               Lake/
                                                                             Fishing Pond

      Main Enterance
      Chestnut Ridge Park –
      1.5 miles from Route 73
                                                                                                         A           Hill

Directions from Morgantown:
1. Take I-68 eastbound to Exit #15 (Cooper's Rock exit).
2. LEFT at end of the exit ramp.
3. RIGHT at the stop sign onto Route 73.
4. LEFT at the sign for Chestnut Ridge Park. (The Park entrance (1.5 miles from Route 73) is on the left directly after
   the WVU Research Forest Headquarters.)

Route B has outdoor walking in grassy areas and a portion of a hiking trail. There is a 0.2 mile uphill stretch. There
are benches at the base of the Sledding Hill if you need to take a rest.

This is not a lighted trail. It is best for daytime use.

Route (Start ):
A. (0.15 mile) From the parking lot, walk up the left side of the Sledding Hill and back down on the right.

B. (1.0 mile) Begin at the brown hiking sign on the left side of the Sledding Hill. Follow the hiking trail up the hill
to the point where the trail flattens out (0.2 mile) & come to a clearing. Return to the beginning of the trail and take a
RIGHT onto a gravel path that circles the fishing pond. Follow this path around the pond, over a wooden bridge,
through a camping area, past the picnic area to the park road and then back to the parking lot.
                             Jerome Park and Neighborhood Walk
                                  1.0 mile loop or 1.5 miles route

Directions: Jerome Park is located off Darst St. in Sabraton. If you are coming from I-68, you want go just
past the turn for Marilla Park at Earl Core Road off Route 7 West. Make a sharp right onto Mineral Avenue
and go up the hill. Mineral Ave. becomes Darst St. and the park is on the right.

There is parking for 2-3 vehicles on the left after the entrance to Jerome Park.

Lighting: This is a good daytime walk. There isn’t much street lighting.

Terrain: This walk is on city streets. It has a few small hills in the beginning, but the majority of the course
is flat.

1. Walk out Denver Avenue, the street that runs parallel to the park.
2. Go LEFT onto Putnam Street (there is sidewalk starting here). Go out to Richwood Avenue, and then take
   a RIGHT. (The 1.0 mile loop does not include crossing the bridge. Instead, make a RIGHT towards
   Mineral Avenue.)
3. For the 1.5 miles route… walk across the bridge/overpass. Take a RIGHT onto Fairview Ave and then take
   a LEFT onto Mayfield Ave. There are no sidewalks on these last two streets, but they are residential areas
   with very little traffic.
4. Follow Mayfield Avenue out to Sabraton Avenue.
5. Retrace your steps from here and go back to the end of the bridge.

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