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									*** Topaz Lens Effects™ for Intel Mac V1.1 Release Notes ***
 1. Installation
 2. Running
Topaz Lens Effects
3. Registration
 4. System requirements
 5. Program Features
 6. More information
 1. Installation

 Topaz Lens Effects™ is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic programs (called host
programs) that support Photoshop plug-ins on Intel-based Macs ONLY. It has been tested with:

 Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS5
  Adobe Photoshop Elements 6-9
 The installer will automatically
detect and install for Adobe Photoshop CS3 - CS5 and Elements 6-9, unless you have installed Photoshop
into a non-default location.
 After installation, Topaz Lens Effects will be installed in the following folder:
"Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Topaz Labs/Lens Effects/", under which you can also find the
User's Guide, the plug-in file, etc.
 If your Photoshop is installed in a customized location, you will need to
manually create a link inside folder "<Photoshop install folder>/Plug-ins/" that links to "Macintosh
HD/Library/Application Supports/Topaz Labs/Lens Effects/Plugins".
 2. Running Topaz Lens Effects

 Because Topaz Lens Effects is a Photoshop plug-in rather than a standalone program, you won't be
able to run it directly. To access Topaz Lens Effects, open up an image in Photoshop (or your other
compatible image-editing software). Topaz Lens Effects will be located in the “Filters -> Topaz Labs” menu.

 3. Registration
 When you first install the plug-ins, Topaz Lens Effects will be in demo mode. All
functions are available except the ability to save. In order to save the processed image, you need to enter
either a purchased license or a 30-day fully functional trial key, which you can obtain here:
 You may buy the product online through our secure
ordering system:

To enter your trial or license key, please open up an image in Photoshop and go to Filter -> Topaz Labs and
select Lens Effects. Once the program opens go to Menu -> Enter Key. You can then copy & paste or type
your key in your trial or license key.

 4. System Requirements
 It is recommended that you have at least 1 GB of RAM. Topaz Lens
Effects is a very computationally intensive and you'll need a fast computer to run it at acceptable speeds.
Topaz Lens Effects supports multi-core CPUs, which increases rendering speed substantially.
installer is for Mac only. For the Windows version please visit our website at:
 5. Program Features
 Topaz Lens Effects is a
Photoshop plug-in that can provide various simulated lens effects, such as, Bokeh, Vignette, Motion Blur,
etc., to your images to easily achieve the effects of specialty cameras, filters and lenses. Topaz Lens
Effects has the following key features:

⁃ Effects are written in script language, and new effects can be easily added incrementally without software
⁃ Adjustment controls are specified in the script, so they can be added/deleted/modified easily.
⁃ Smart Brush. Use for easy selective adjustments.
⁃ Apply button. Stack effects and presets.
⁃ Split Screen. Use the 2-screen split view for easy before and after comparison.
⁃ Effect Center. Single-click ability for selecting effect center.
⁃ Click to position. Click anywhere on slider to jump to that adjustment value.
⁃ Style user interface. Select from a light or dark color scheme.
⁃ Auto Updater. Get software updates instantly.
⁃ Snap / Recall buttons. Save up to 99 snapshot settings for comparison.
⁃ Undo / Redo buttons.
⁃ Collapsible side panels. Expand and collapse the preset panel and the tool panel for an adjustable
⁃ Collapsible tabs. Open and close the parameter tabs as you need them.
⁃ Preset Enable / Disable option. Option to enable or disable the preset preview processing at program
⁃ Presets Layout. New preset format with single preset preview window.
⁃ Preset Navigation. Use the up / down arrow keys to navigate the preset list and display the selected
         preset thumbnail (in preset preview window). Use the return (Enter) key to apply the currently
         selected preset.
⁃ Enable / Disable Tool Tips. Option to enable or disable the pop up tool tips.
⁃ Quick Slider Reset. Double click on the slider name to reset default slider values.

6. More information
 We highly recommend that you read the “Topaz Lens Effects User’s Guide”, which
explains how to use the plug-in. You can access your User's Guide by going to HD -> Library -> Application
Support -> Topaz Labs -> Lens Effects-> Docs and select the User's Guide. You can also download the
User's Guide and view Lens Effects tutorials on the online at:
Need help or have comments? Please contact our support specialists online at:
 For more information and updates:

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