The Early Literacy Storytime: Putting It All Together by 3x702mPw


									                                      The Early Literacy Storytime: Putting It All Together
                                                                      Building a Literacy-Based Storytime


Storytime Activities

Not sure you know any songs, rhymes, or fingerplays? Maybe you just can’t remember how something
goes. Check out these websites – they’ll charge your creative energies and replenish the well you draw

Preschool Rainbow

The Best Kids Book Site

National Network for Childcare: Fingerplays Plus

Preschool Express

Now that you’ve printed off some songs/rhymes/fingerplays from a website or copied some from a book,
put them in a binder, or cut & glue individual ones onto file cards. Use the method that works better for
you during storytimes – a large sheet of paper with larger print or a smaller, easier-to-hold file card.
Whichever you choose, remember to focus on your audience and not let the prop be a distraction.

6 Skills in Storytime

Check out the Early Literacy Storytime Ideas Exchange from Hennepin County Library, Minneapolis,
MN. This can be a huge help when your brain is stuck! This database includes “books that help children
develop the early literacy skills necessary for learning success.” You can search by keywords (ie, themes)
and limit your results by particular early literacy skills. Presentation tips are included for each book.

The new website from Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy has a section on what the 6 skills look like
in storytime. Look through these lists for ways to highlight different skills.

Storytime Planning

Print out more copies of Saroj Ghoting’s Storytime Planning Sheet from these links: [pdf version] [Word version]

                                         Arapahoe Library District | CAL Pre-Conference, November 2008

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