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									                                                               MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT
                                                              MODELLING WITH MATHEMATICS
                                                                  TOPIC 1    FINANCE
WEEK                         OBJECTIVE                               TEXT                                                       NOTES
 1         Know the basic terminology of a market place e.g.        Ch. 8.        PROJECT: A Portfolio of Shares
            share market, stock exchange, money market etc.                        Convert decimals and percentages                  1B Ex 4 2B Ex 4
           Deal in a simulated market.                                            Find a percentage of an quantity                  1B Ex 5 2B Ex 4
                                                                                   Increase or decrease a quantity by a percentage   2B Ex 8,9 3B Ex 7,8
  2        Know the basic terminology of a market place e.g.        Ch. 8         FH P 123-131
            share market, stock exchange, money market etc.
           Deal in a simulated market.
  3        Describe how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is           Ch. 5         Book computer Lab
            used to forecast prices for given commodities and                      FH P 132-138
            determine the CPI for a commodity (given
            sufficient information).
           Use computer software e.g. spreadsheets, to
            interpret the effect on inflation on savings.
  4        Have a basic knowledge of the advantages of the          Ch. 4         Simple interest                               2B Ex 7 3B Ex 5
            different types of bank interest e.g. reducible, flat,                 Compound interest                             3B Ex 6
            simple, compound, as methods of investment.                            Hire purchase                                 3A Ex34,35 4A Ex 29,30
  5        Use a spreadsheet to compare different interest rate     Ch. 4         Reducible interest                             4B Ex 6
            and types of interest on, for example, home loans.                     Book computer Lab (See file for spreadsheet and activity)
  6        Apply the relationships between international                          PROJECT: Plan an overseas holiday
            currencies through the use of exchange rate.                           Newspaper
                                                                                   FH P 132-136                                  2A Ex 30,31
  7        Calculate insurance premiums, annuities and                            MW P 127-132
           Use spreadsheet to find annuities for any amount.
  8        Compare various vehicles for investment such as          Ch. 9         TEST
            superannuation, government and insurance bonds,
            trusts etc.

TEXT.          Modelling with Mathematics                                         Newhouse and Bray


               Living Maths series 1B - 4B
               FH      Flying high for Modelling with Mathematics                 Tony Allan and Sue Allan
               MW      Mathematics at Work ( modelling your word)                 Ian Lowe

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