Innovative School Library Practices Award by 49OJi7


									                           Innovative School
                            Library Practices

       Ohio’s Leadership for School                  contests, pen pals, presentations, professional
Libraries has established an award to honor          development lead by the librarian, reading
innovative school library practices, which           programs, technology initiatives, tutoring, etc.
demonstrate effective programs, essential
services, and equitable resources offered in                The Innovative school library practice
Ohio school libraries.                               may be an activity or project that involves
       It is the hope of members of Ohio’s           creative instructional strategies, life-long
Leadership for School Libraries partnership          learning, professional development, reading
that the establishment of this award will lead to    excellence, student achievement, and teacher
the identification, promotion, and sharing of        and librarian collaboration.
innovative school library practices, which
support the development of exemplary school                The Innovative School Library Practice
library programs.                                    must have been completed during the 2000-
                                                     2001 or 2001-2002 school year. The school
Criteria:                                            librarian must coordinate the Innovative School
                                                     Library Practice. The award application must
     The innovative school library practice          be submitted by the school librarian.
should be aligned with and developed to
support the goals or standards of one of the         Award Categories:
following areas:                                         The award may be given to elementary,
    Baldrige in Education Initiative                middle/junior high school, high school or district
    Building and/or District Continuous             school libraries. Multiple awards may be
     Improvement Plan                                presented.
    Information Power
    Ohio’s Academic Content Standards               Founding Organization:
                                                          Leadership for School Libraries (L4SL)
Innovative school library practices are              is an Ohio partnership comprised of a
similar to best practices. They can be simple        collaboration between the Ohio Department
activities or involved projects.                     of Education (ODE), the Ohio Educational
                                                     Library Media Association (OELMA), the
     The innovative school library practice          Information Network for Ohio Schools
may be delivered through a variety of methods        (INFOhio), and the State Library of Ohio
e.g. after school library activities, book clubs,    (SLO).

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