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					Donna - This piece is for JUNE (spring) ISSUE  Thanks

 Students, Parents, Countrymen…

 To Be (overdue)
 or Not To Be (late with your books)

 ALL Irvington Library Books were due back on
 MAY 31st! Please ask your student if he/she
 returned all of his/her checked out books, and
 encourage him/her to return them NOW if not!

         return overdue library books
              as soon as possible!

 Thank you - Your Librarians
              Ms. Ash & Mrs. Wittenberger
Donna - This piece is for JUNE (spring) ISSUE  Thanks

                                   @ Your Library

 Vikings! Want to get caught up before school even starts next fall? Check out the reading
    lists of your English Teachers’ TeacherWeb sites and read one of the books for the summer.
    What better way to ensure success than to work on some of the fun stuff over the summer .

 Are you a Senior next year? Looking forward to enjoying your final year at Irvington?
    Make it even better by thinking about your QUEST benchmark early! As you enjoy your
    final high school summer, consider a topic, a subject, maybe even a consultant! The more
    you think about it and maybe (even!) line things up over the summer, the more fun your
    senior year will be!

 NETIQUETTE: Not sure how to behave? How much information to give? Whether to use
    your real name for an email address? Parents - want to know what your student should or
    should not do online? Some of the answers can be found at the links provided by the
    American Library Association at

 Summer Habits - Zombie Teens! Do you, like many other youth in our country today, turn
    off your mind for the brief fun of summer? Try not to! No, I don’t mean study all of the
    time, or even study at all, but THINK…about things you like, hobbies, careers, school
    choices for when you graduate. Think about the latest blockbuster film release and why it
    was such a hit with the teen crowd, or maybe the latest R & B single, and who produced it,
    and why it’s selling so well to groups like your friends, or other groups of people. Think
    about … well - anything! But continue to use your mind over the summer, not just enjoy
    video games, hanging out with friends, watching movies and t.v. all day, and long walks on
    the beach… 
Donna - This piece is for FALL ISSUE  Thanks

Are you new to Irvington? Are you a Freshman student or a student entering as a Junior from
another school or town? Welcome! Your librarians hope to meet you soon at the Irvington High
School Library .

There are three things (well, there are lots, but here is a list of three!) that will help you be

    1. Alameda County Library Card
    2. Irvington Vikings Student Planner
    3. Student ID Card

With these three items, you can:
            Organize your time effectively and get excited about and attend upcoming ASB
               and sporting events
            Plan your long term projects by dividing up tasks each week
            Track deadlines and know when homework is due
            Get information for FREE from the online databases provided by your local
               public library that will help you be a successful student
            Check out a book from your Irvington library for outside reading!
Donna - This piece is for FALL ISSUE  Thanks

Not sure how to support your student @ Irvington? There are MANY ways, but here at the
Irvington Library, we think the best way is to support your child’s love of reading. With state
funding at an all-time low (we received sixty-six cents/student 2005-2006), any help and support
would be greatly appreciated!

Please support your Irvington High School Library in any of the following ways:
-gift cards for borders, half price books, and office depot
-checks made payable to the Irvington High School library
-purchase a book by viewing the wish list of Suzie Wittenberger on www.amazon.com

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