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									                                    My Pyramid Project
                                          World History

This project contains several different components, each worth a different number of points. We
will be working in the library on Friday, August 25. The project will be due Friday, September
1st, Any part that is written must be done in blue or black ink or typed.
The following is a list of what must be included:

I. A hieroglyph with your name.
2. Sketch or model of the pyramid tomb and a floor plan.
3. What items you would stock your pyramid with (minimum of 6 items, maximum of 10).
4. An example of a decorated wall, pictographs or hieroglyphics.
5. A final saying or thought you would want to be remembered by.

The written report should include a persuasive paragraph on the importance of the 6 to 10 items
stocked to the health and the happiness of the next stage of your life. The final product should be
3 - 4 pages in length.

Grading will be as follows:
Written report: 40 points
Hieroglyph with name: 20 points
Sketch or model and floor plan: 20 points
Wall pictographs or hieroglyphs and final thought: 20 points.

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