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Generation Y Article

1.   What 3 companies are having a hard time building brand loyalty among

2.   When were the “Generation Y’ers” born?

3.   How many people do they consider are in the Generation Y cohort and how
     does this number compare with the Generation X cohort?

4.   Aside from Generation Y, what other names does this group have?

5.   Boomer brands flopped in attempts to reach Gen. X. Why are the marketers
     so concerned with the Gen Y cohort?

6.   What are 4 ways in which this cohort is different from it’s parent’s
     1.    ________________________________________
     2.    ________________________________________
     3.    ________________________________________
     4.    ________________________________________

7.   Where do marketers bring their messages to attract these Gen Y cohorts?

8.   What is happening overseas that hurt Nike’s image in the eyes of the Gen Y?

9.   Nike has discovered, to be successful with Gen. Yers, they found that this
     group responds to:
10.   Gen Y cohorts form less of a homogeneous group than their parents did.
      What is the reason?

11.   What has sped up the fashion life style?

12.   What has American Airlines done to reach the college market?

13.   What brand has done a great job in staying ahead of the “style curve”?

14.   How is Levi fighting back to regain their market share?

15.   Why is Mountain Dew so popular?

16.   How many high school students have credit cards?

17.   Universal Studios, Coke, and McDonald’s use street teams. What are these?

18.   What did Coke send out to teens and what group did they mail to first and

19.   What products have Toyota, Motorola, and Apple made for the Gen Y

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