November 10, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: In compliance with Chapter 231. Public Law 1975, adequate
notice of the meeting was made. It is included in the Annual Meetings posted on the
bulletin board in the Municipal Center. Copies have been mailed to the PRESS
JOURNAL, the BERGEN RECORD and the SUBURBANITE. A copy has been filed
with the Borough Clerk and copies have been mailed to individuals requesting the same.

Date: 11/10/08        Time of Meeting: 8:00pm                Location: Municipal Center

Members Present:
(M) X Mayor Hoelscher
(1) X Councilman Betancourt                  (4) X Councilwoman Ryan
(2) X Councilwoman Dunlea                    (5) X Councilman Lander
(3) X Councilman Pedersen                    (6) X Councilman Luciano

X Susan S. Nelson, Borough Clerk

Also present at the meeting were Councilman-Elect Greg Evanella and Pauline Pierrot of
the Northern Valley Press. Additionally, Ann Bistritz and Chuck Cuyulis of Engineered
Solutions Corp. were present.

The following is a list of subjects covered, actions taken and a record of any votes.
Mayor Hoelscher congratulated Councilman Betancourt, Councilwoman Ryan, and
Councilman-Elect Evanella on their election victories.
The Mayor explained the nature of unexpired terms and that once the election results
have been certified (which is expected to be this Thursday, November 13), Mr. Evanella
will be sworn in at next Monday’s Mayor and Council meeting – November 17, 2008.

The Mayor thanked Councilman Lander for his dedication and service for filling the
unexpired seat since January. All Council members concurred.

The Mayor announced that the Sine Die and Reorganization meetings will be held on
Sunday, January 4 at 11:30am and 12:00noon, respectively. They will be followed with a
reception at the Harrington Park Library. The Library will be celebrating their 20th year
as a municipal library.

Mayor Hoelscher advised that all Council members had received a copy of the
Engineering Report for the month of October and should advise if there were any

The Mayor introduced Ms. Bistritz and Mr. Cuyulis for a presentation on providing
newsletter via email. Ms. Bistritz passed out a printout detailing current costs to produce
and send out the newsletter, and explained that this new idea would reduce costs
significantly by eliminating the mailing costs as well as printing costs. Ms. Bistritz
would continue to produce the newsletter in-house, but would only need to print a
minimal number of copies for those not having email capabilities. Mr. Cuyulis provided
more information on this idea and handed out an additional printout. A discussion
followed on the various aspects of this plan, including contingencies for those not
computer-literate. The Mayor promised to get back to Mr. Cuyulis after next week’s

Councilman Betancourt had nothing to report at this time.

Recreation Commission
Councilwoman Dunlea noted the following:
   - Ragamuffin Parade was held this year, but with poor attendance.
   - Winter Basketball registrations have begun.

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   -   Various sports teams will be asked to contribute to maintenance costs of the fields
       this year.

Councilman Pedersen noted that he had one item for closed session.

Councilman Lander advised that he would do a performance appraisal of Mark Kiernan
this week.

Highland Avenue & Bogerts Mill Road
The Councilman also noted that he will do a recommendation for Highland Avenue.
Councilman Luciano felt that this issue had already been resolved last month.
Councilman Pedersen advised that signage was approved in August, but then a discussion
followed on signage that is not allowed by the County which could cause legal issues.
Councilman Lander would like more information from other towns on similar issues. A
brief discussion followed on this topic, as well as the Bogerts Mill Road issues.

The Mayor asked Councilman Pedersen to discuss with the Chief the suggestion for 1-
hour each day on both locations for speed enforcement and ticketing. He also asked that
the Prosecutor be advised that no considerations should be given for these tickets.

Councilman Luciano asked for information on all tickets written on both roads in the last
three (3) months.

The Mayor asked for the Chief’s suggestions on how to better manage these roads.

The Mayor asked all Council members if they had any photos relative to the Highland
Avenue traffic issues, as the resident group is asking for their return.

Councilwoman Ryan had nothing to report at this time.

Councilman Luciano noted that he had one item for closed session.

The Mayor noted the following items:
   - Vision plan – a Resolution would be prepared for next week’s meeting.
   - HUMC – no meeting date yet to support the re-opening of the Pascack Valley
      hospital location which is to be called Hackensack University Medical Center-
      North. Lawn signs are available for residents, but not on public property.
   - Brookside Village – a request was made to waive building permit fees for the
      Association for the middle building due to a current requirement – Council was
      not supportive of this idea at all. The fees will not be waived. The Building
      Inspector will be advised of this decision.
   - Geese – there have been numerous complaints on increase geese presence on the
      upper field on Saturdays. He has asked the Environmental Commission for
      suggestions. Councilwoman Dunlea noted that the Board of Health had been
      approached previously about allowing dogs to be walked on the field, but were
      turned down. They will ask again.
   - Cleaning Services – he asked Council to consider using the firm that the library
      uses – Flood Maintenance. They have submitted a price of $700.00/month for the
      Borough Hall and the Police Station. Other firms will be considered, if any.
   - School meeting re: garbage contract issues – this will be discussed in closed
   - Background checks for youth coaches and volunteers – a brief discussion
      followed on this subject. Ordinances will be reviewed for the Recreation

Open to Public Discussion
Councilman Luciano moved to open the meeting to public discussion. Upon second by
Councilman Lander motion carried without dissenting vote.                    6-0

Greg Evanella – 216 Brook Street – asked if anyone had contacted Council about a large,
leaning tree at the cemetery and its removal. He explained further – there is concern that
if it falls it could damage a number of headstones and power lines.

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Mayor Hoelscher will speak to Rockland Electric to see if they can look at it, and he will
advise accordingly.

Closed to Public Discussion
Councilman Betancourt moved to close the meeting to public discussion. Upon second
by Councilman Luciano motion carried without dissenting vote.                 6-0

Councilman Luciano advised that his recommendation on the newsletter issue would be
to leave it on the website (as it currently is) without paying an outside vendor to email it
out to residents.

Closed Session
Councilman Betancourt made a motion to go into closed session for reasons of potential
litigation, personnel issues, and negotiations for the PBA contract. Upon second by
Councilman Lander and without discussion, motion carried without dissenting vote.

Return to Open Session
Councilman Pedersen made a motion to return to open session. Upon second by
Councilman Betancourt and without discussion, motion carried without dissenting vote.

Councilman Betancourt moved to suspend all negotiations for the Police personnel
matter. Councilman Pedersen made the second.
Upon discussion, Councilman Pedersen moved to table Councilman Betancourt’s motion
to the next Council meeting. Councilwoman Dunlea made the second. Councilman
Pedersen asked to discuss this further with Council before acting. A poll of the Council
was taken. There was a tie vote. Mayor Hoelscher voted to table the motion as
Councilman Pedersen had proposed. The motion was therefore tabled.                 4-3

Closed Session
Councilman Lander made a motion to go into closed session for further discussions on
Police Department personnel issues. Upon second by Councilman Pedersen motion
carried without dissenting vote.                                                6-0

Return to Open Session
Councilman Pedersen made a motion to return to open session. Upon second by
Councilman Betancourt motion carried without dissenting vote.               6-0

Councilman Luciano moved not to pay for further mediation without Council approval.
Upon second by Councilwoman Dunlea motion carried without dissenting vote. 6-0

Councilman Lander moved for adjournment. Upon second by Councilman Betancourt,
motion carried without dissenting vote.                                  6-0
                                                              Time: 10:10pm

Minutes taken by S. Nelson, Borough Clerk

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