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                                                                         Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
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1306-RP      9.03          98,000      Incident-Response Monitoring Technologies for Aircraft Cabin Air Quality            TNO - Delft, Netherlands            Netherlands

                                       Flow Regime and Pressure Drop Determination for Two-phase Ammonia Upward            DANISH TECHNOLOGICAL INST. -
1327-RP      10.03        215,240      Flow in Various Riser Sizes                                                         Arhus, Denmark                      Denmark
                                       Evaporation in Flooded Corrugated Plate Heat Exchangers with Ammonia and            GHULAM ISHAQ KHAN INSTITUTE -                        Completed Dec.
1352-RP      1.03          97,585      Ammonia/Miscible Oil                                                                Topi, Pakistan                Pakistan               2010
                                       "Experimental Evaluation and Prediction of Two-Phase Pressure Drops and Flow                                                             Completed
1444-RP      1.03         179,000      Patterns in U-bends for R-134a and R-410A"                                          EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland        Switzerland      Sep. 2011
                                       Extension of the Clothing Insulation Database for Standard 55 and ISO 7730 to
                                       Provide data for Non-Western Clothing Ensembles, including data on the Effect of
1504-RP      2.01         139,914      Posture and Air Movement on that Insulation                                         LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY             United Kingdom

                                       Development of an Integrated Building Design Method by Coupling Building Energy     FACULTY OF TECH SCIENCES-
GIA-11-12    7.01          10,000      Simulation and Computational Fluid Dynamics                                         SERBIA - Aleksander Andelkovic      Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION RAL               739,739

1267-RP      6.02         309,186      Development of an ASHRAE Design Manual for District Heating and Cooling Systems GWA RESEARCH - Lyme, NH
                                                                                                                                                                                Completed Mar.
1325-RP      4.04         128,000      Environmental Weather Loads for Hygrothermal Analysis and Design of Buildings       SYRACUSE UNIV                                        2011
                                       Develop a Radiant System Module for the Simulation and Analysis of Spaces and                                                            Completed June
1383-RP      6.05         147,687      Systems                                                                             WRIGHTSOFT CORP-Lexington,MA                         2012
                                       Energy Efficiency and Cost Assessment of Humidity Control Options for residential   BLDG SCIENCE CORP - Somerville,
1449-RP      6.03         160,000      Buildings                                                                           MA

                                                                                                                           WISS, JANNEY, ELSTNER
1478-RP      4.03         150,000      Measuring Air-tightness of Mid- and High-rise Non-residential Buildings             ASSOCIATES, INC. - Cambridge, MA

                                       Lab Comparison of Relative Performance of Gas Phase Filtration Media at High and
1557-RP      2.03         166,063      Low Challenge Concentrations                                                        SYRACUSE UNIV - Syracuse, NY

                                       Study of Input Parameters for Risk Assessment of 2L Flammable Refrigerants in       NAVIGANT CONSULTING LLC -
1580-RP      3.01         250,000      Residential Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Applications              Burlington, MA

                                       Assessment of Alternative Approaches to Predicting the Burning Velocity of a        NORTHEASTERN UNIV. - Boston ,
1584-RP      3.01          59,922      Refrigerant                                                                         MA

1633-URP     1.04         266,570      Data and Interfaces for Advanced Building Maintenance and Operation                 KGBS Building LLC - Cambridge, MA

REGION I                1,637,428
                                                                                                                            CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY -                              Completed Jul.
1235-RP      4.04         167,000      The Nature, Significance and Control of Solar Driven Vapor Diffusion in Wall Systems Montreal, Canada                                    2011
                                                                                                                            NAT. RESEARCH COUNCIL                               Completed Jul.
1328-RP      5.06          80,000      Algorithm for Smoke Modeling in Large, Multi-Compartmented Buildings                 CANADA - Ontario, Canada                            2010
                                                                                                                            NAT. RESEARCH COUNCIL
1415-RP      5.01         105,000      Thermal and Lighting Performance Metrics of Tubular Day-Lighting Devices             CANADA - Ontario, Canada
                                       Characterization of Liquid Refrigerant Flow Emerging from a Flooded Evaporator       NOVUS ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.
1561-RP      4.02         142,000      Tube Bundle                                                                          Ontario, Canada                                     NEW
                                                                                                                           NUMERICAL LOGISTICS - Waterloo
1613-RP      4.02         138,477      Update Climatic Design Data in Chapter 14 of the 2013 Handbook of Fundamentals      Canada

GIA 11-12                  10,000      Investigation of Design Methodology for Net Zero Solar Neighborhoods                CONCORDIA UNIV-Caroline Hachem Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                                                         Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
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                                                                                                                            ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Redevelopment and Experimental Validation of Eskiloson's G-function                  DEMONTREAL- Massimo Cimmino       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Cleaners for Application in Mechanical Ventilation      CONCORDIA UNIV-Kanstantinos
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Systems: Towards the Design of Immune Buildings                                      Kapsis                            Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION II                662,477
1312-RP      7.05         113,623      Tools for Evaluating Fault Detection and Diagnostic Methods for Air-Handling Units   DREXEL UNIV. - Philadelphia, PA                   December 2011
1353-RP      1.04          99,153      Stability and Accuracy of VAV Box Control at Low Flows                               DREXEL UNIV. - Philadelphia, PA                   August 2012
                                                                                                                                                                              Completed Dec.
1361-RP      3.06         179,715      Biological Control in Cooling Towers Using Non-Chemical Water Treatment             U. PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh, PA                     2010
                                       Implementation of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Principles into Higher Education as
1590-RP      7.08         125,000      an Integrated Decision Making Tool                                                  APPA - Alexandria, VA

                                                                                                                            EXERGY PARTNERS
1592-RP      1.10          65,000      CHP Design Guide - Update to the Cogeneration Design Guide                           CORPORATION, Herndon, VA

GIA 11-12                  10,000      Electronic Enhanced Separation of Fine Liquid Droplets from Gas Streams              U-MARYLAND - Bikash Acharya       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Development of High Performance Compact Absorption Refrigeration Systems
                                       Utilizing Innovative Force Fed Micro Channels - Application to Recovery of Low Grade
GIA 11-12                  10,000      Waste Heat                                                                           U-MARYLAND - Vibhash Jha          Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 11-12                  10,000       Thin Film Evaporation on Micro-grooved Surfaces                                     U-MARYLAND - Raphael Mandel       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Gas-liquid Absorption Phenomena in Microchannels-Application to next Generation,
GIA 12-13                  10,000      High Performance Absorption Refrigeration Systems                                    U-MARYLAND-Harish Ganapathy       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Design and Optimization of Cost Effective Environmental Sensor Networks for
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Commercial Buildings                                                                 DREXEL UNIV-Adam Rackes           Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

NIA 12-13                 125,000      Particle Generation within HVAC Systems due to Ozone/Terpene Reactions               DREXELUNIV-Michael Waring         New Investigator Award

REGION III               757,491
                                       Particle Counter Specification for Use with Filter Performance Test Standard                                                           Completed Sep.
1287-RP      2.04         101,853      ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2                                                                     RTI INTERNATIONAL-RTP, NC                         2010
                                       Method of Testing and Data Collection for Energy Characteristics of Healthcare                                                         Completed Apr.
1343-RP      9.06          96,000      Medical Equipment                                                                    IES ENGINEERS - Chapel Hill, NC                   2010
                                       How do Pressure Drop, Efficiency, Weight Gain, and Loaded Dust Composition
1360-RP      2.04         185,220      Change throughout Filter Lifetime                                                    RTI INTERNATIONAL-RTP, NC
                                                                                                                            SPAUSCHUS ASSOCIATES -                            Completed Oct.
1409-RP      3.02          46,200      Stability of Candidate Lubricants for CO2 Refrigeration                              Winder, GA                                        2011
                                                                                                                            SPAUSCHUS ASSOCIATES -
1410-RP      3.02          94,300      Effect of System Chemicals Toward the Breakdown of Lubricants and Refrigerants       Winder, GA
                                                                                                                                                                              Completed July
1493-RP      5.02          20,000      CFD Shootout Contest                                                                 U. CAROLINA - Charlotte, NC                       2012
                                       Condensation Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Binary Fluid Mixtures in Micro-
GIA 11-12                  10,000      channels                                                                             GEORGIA TECH - Brian Fronk        Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Investigation of Binary Fluid Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena at Micro-scales in
GIA 11-12                  10,000      Internal and External Ammonia Water Absorption                                                                       - LMC
                                                                                                                            GEORGIA TECH - Ananda NagavarapuGraduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Investigation of Evaporating Films Falling over Horizontal Rectangular Tube Banks    GEORGIA TECH-John Bustamante      Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                                                         Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
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GIA 12-13                  10,000      Two-Phase Flow in Ejectors for Refrigeration Technology                                GEORGIA TECH-Adrienne Little        Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Micro scale Autonomous Adsorption Refrigeration                                        GEORGIA TECH-Thomas Robbins         Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION IV                593,573
                                       Relate Air Quality and Other Factors to Comfort and Health related Symptoms            BATTELLE MEMORIAL INST. -
1262-RP      9.03         1,237,952    Reported by Passengers and Crew on Commercial Transport Aircraft (Part 2);             Columbus, OH
                                       Clean room Pressurization Strategy Update Quantification and Validation of Minimum                                                         Completed Sep.
1344-RP      9.11         119,000      Pressure Differentials for Basic Configurations and Applications                   ENGSYSCO - Ann Arbor, MI                                2011
                                       Reevaluation of High - Altitude Effects on Operation of Gas-Fired Boilers and Water    GAS CONSULTANTS, INC - Walton                       Completed Jul.
1388-RP      6.01         148,454      Heaters                                                                                Hills, OH                                           2011
                                       Analysis of Transient Characteristics, Effectiveness, and Optimization of Clean room                                                       Completed April
1431-RP      9.11         114,000      Airlocks                                                                               ENGSYSCO - Ann Arbor, MI                            2012
                                                                                                                         BUILDING ENERGY AND
                                                                                                                         ENVIROMENT ENGINEERING - West
1458-RP      4.10         116,245      Modeling Person-to-Person Contaminant Transport in a Mechanical Ventilation Space Lafayette, IN
                                       Woven Compressor Enabling Economic and Scalable R-718 Chillers - Phase 1: Proof        MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY -                         Completed Jun.
1476-RP      8.02         228,294      of Concept                                                                             East Lansing, MI                                    2012
                                       Energy and Performance of Secondary Coolant Low-Temperature Refrigeration                                                                  Completed Apr.
1484-RP      3.01          71,259      Systems                                                                                PURDUE UNIV. - West Lafayette, IN                   2011
                                       Effect of Lubricant on the Distribution of Water Between the Vapor and Liquid Phases
1495-RP      3.03          35,000      of Refrigerants                                                                        INTERTEK - Columbus, OH

                                       Study the Degradation of Typical HVAC Material, Filters and Components Irradiated      U. DAYTON RES. INSTITUTE-Dayton                     Completed Apr.
1509-RP      2.09         137,563      by UVC Energy                                                                          OH                                                  2011
                                                                                                                              BUILDING ENERGY AND
                                       Establishment of Design Procedures to Predict Room Airflow Requirements in             ENVIROMENT ENGINEERING -                            Completed Aug.
1522-RP      5.03         104,500      Partially Mixed Room Air Distribution Systems                                          Lafayette, IN                                       2012

1604-RP      9.11         175,000      Demand Controlled Filtration for Clean Rooms                                           ENGSYSCO - Ann Arbor, MI

GIA-11-12                  10,000      Modeling and Testing of Heat Pump System                                               PURDUE-Howard Cheung                Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA-11-12                  10,000      Organic Cycle with Solution Circuit for Waste Heat Recovery                            PURDUE-Abhinav Krishna              Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Establishment of Design Procedures to Predict Room Airflow Requirements in
GIA-11-12                  10,000      Partially Mixed Room Air Distribution Systems                                          PURDUE-Ki Sup Lee                   Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Vapor Compression Cycle Enhancements: Vapor Injection and Liquid Flooding with
GIA-11-12                  10,000      Regeneration                                                                           PURDUE-Surgirdhalakshmi Ramaraj     Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Investigate the Balance between Energy and Comfort Performance of Multifunctional
                                       Dynamic Building Envelopes and Optimize their Design Operation and Integration
NIA-11-12                 125,000      with the Perimeter Building Zone Systems                                          PURDUE-Athanasios Tzempeikos             New Investigator Award

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump with Two-Stage Compression and Economizing           PURDUE-Stephen Caskey               Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Reducing Energy Costs and Improving Thermal Comfort through Model Based
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Control with Reduced-order Modeling                                                    PURDUE - Donghun Kim                Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Rapid Airflow Modeling Advanced Building Ventilation Systems by Fast Fluid
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Dynamics                                                                               PURDUE - Mingang Jin                Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                                                       Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
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GIA 12-13                  10,000      Additives Induced Enhanced of Refrigerant Evaporative Heat Transfer   UNIV. CINCINANTI - Deepak Kalikadal Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION V                2,692,267
                                                                           Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
========= ========== ================== ================================================================ =======================================================

                                       Develop Software to Calculate the Application Seasonal Efficiency of Commercial
1196-RP      6.01          30,000      Space Heating Boiler Systems Based on ASHRAE Standard 155P                            IOWA STATE UNIV. - Ames, IA

1216-RP      5.01          95,600      Inlet Installation Effects on Bi/airfoil Centrifugal Fans, Air & Sound                AMCA/CETIAT - Arlington, Heights, IL
                                                                                                                                                                                    Completed Jun.
1272-RP      5.01          49,500      Inlet Installation Effects on Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans, Air and Sound          AMCA - Arlington Heights, IL                           2010
                                       The Impact of Household Refrigerator Storage Conditions on Shelf-Life of Fruits and                                                          Completed Aug.
1320-RP      8.09         126,580      Vegetables                                                                            IOWA STATE UNIV. - Ames, IA                            2011
                                       Method of Test to Evaluate Field Performance of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation                                                               Completed Nov.
1376-RP      5.01          94,048      Systems                                                                            U. MINNESOTA - Minneapolis, MN                            2010
                                       Measuring, Modeling, Analysis, and Reporting Protocols for Short-term M&V of Whole MILWAUKEE SCHOOL OF
1404-RP      4.07         199,512      Building Energy Performance                                                        ENGINEERING - Milwaukee, WI
                                       Inlet and Discharge Installation Effects on Airfoil (AF) Centrifugal PLENUM/PLUG
1420-RP      5.01         135,600      Fans for Air and Sound Performance                                                    AMCA - Arlington Heights, IL
                                       By-Product Production from Photocatalytic Oxidation Associated with Indoor Air
1457-RP      2.03         134,899      Cleaning Devices                                                                      U. WISCONSIN - Madison, WI
                                                                                                                                                                                    Completed Mar.
1460-RP     SSPC 41        88,476      Design Specifications for Wet Bulb Aspirator Apparatus                                U. WISCONSIN - Madison, WI                             2011

                                       Development of a Calibration Reference Device for Use with Test Standard                                                                     Completed Sep.
1466-RP      2.04         173,733      ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2-2007                                                                 U. MINNESOTA - Minneapolis, MN                         2011
                                                                                                                                                                                    Completed Oct.
1472-RP      10.04         50,000      Experimental Validation of Modeling Tools for Mixed Gas Refrigeration Cycles          U. WISCONSIN - Madison, WI                             2011

                                                                                                                             ARCHITECTURAL ENERGY CORP. -                           Completed Jul.
1480-RP      5.10         149,995      Island Hood Energy Consumption and Energy Reduction Strategies                        Wood Dale, IL                                          2010
                                                                                                                             SAFETY CONSULTING ENGINEERS.
1507-RP      3.01          87,500      Binary Refrigerant Flame Boundary Concentrations                                      INC. - Schaumberg, IL

1606-RP      5.02          70,372      Laboratory Testing of Flat Oval Duct Fittings to Determine Loss Coefficients          U. ILLINOIS - Champaign, IL

                                       Development of Maximum Technically Achievable Energy Targets for Commercial           GARD ANALYTICS, INC. - Park
1651-RP     MTG.ET        200,000      Buildings (Ultra Low Energy Use Building Set)                                         Ridge, IL

GIA 11-12                  10,000      Optimization of Advanced Ground Source Heat Pump Systems                              U. WISCONSIN -Amanda Pertzborn         Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 11-12                  10,000      Aerogel Coated Metal Foams for Desiccant Applications                                 U. ILLINOIS-Kashif Nawaz               Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 11-12                  10,000      Hybrid Water Air/Cooled Condensers for Organic Rankine Cycles                         U. ILLINOIS-Feini Zhang                Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Waste Heat Recovery frm Public Shower Facility Using a Water Source Heat Pump         U. ILLINOIS-Christoper Cirone          Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Flash Gas Bypass (FGB) for Residential Air-Conditioning Systems                       U. ILLINOIS - Hanfei Tuo               Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION VI               1,735,815
                                       Develop a Standard for Testing and Stating the Efficiency of Industrial Pulse Cleaned
1284-RP      5.04         114,617      Dust Collectors                                                                       BLUE HEAVEN TECH. - Louisville, KY
                                                                                                                             MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV - Starkville,                   Completed Apr.
1339-RP      8.12         118,910      Selection of Desiccant Equipment at Altitude                                          MS                                                     2011
                                                                             Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                                  RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                                   CONTRACTOR                NOTES
========= ========== ================== ================================================================ =======================================================
                                                                                                                                                              Completed Feb.
1488-RP      5.02          54,963       Laboratory Testing of Flat Oval Duct Fittings to Determine Loss Coefficients TENN. TECH. UNIV. - Cookeville, TN       2012

                                          Validation of a Low-Order Acoustic Model of Boilers and its Application for Diagnosing
1517-RP       6.10          107,000       Combustion Driven Oscillations                                                         SECAT, INC, Lexington, KY

                                          Full-Frequency Numerical Modeling of Sound Transmission in and Radiation from
1529-RP       2.06          102,900       Lined Ducts                                                                         SECAT, INC, Lexington, KY                                  NEW

1550-RP       1.08           33,100       Thermal Performance of Insulating Coatings on Piping and Ductwork                   R&D Services - Cookeville, TN

REGION VII                 531,490
                                          Energy Implications of In-Duct Filtration in Residential and Light Commercial                                                            Completed Mar.
1299-RP       2.04          158,838       Applications                                                                        UNIV. TEXAS - Austin, TX                             2010
                                                                                                                              TEXAS A&M UNIV. - College Station,                   Completed Jul.
1333-RP       5.02           50,000       HVAC Duct Efficiency Measurements                                                   TX                                                   2011
                                          Waterside Fouling Performance of Brazed - Plate Type Condensers in Cooling Tower OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -                                  Completed
1345-RP       8.05          130,202       Applications                                                                     Stillwater, OK                                          March 2012
                                          Methodology to Measure Thermal Performance of Pipe Insulation at Below-Ambient      OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -                               Completed
1356-RP       1.08          154,003       Temperatures                                                                        Stillwater, OK                                       March 2012
                                                                                                                              OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -
1385-RP       6.08          193,132       Development of Design Tools for Surface Water Heat Pump Systems (SWHP)              Stillwater, OK
                                          Developing Standard Procedures for Filling Climatic Data-Gaps for use in Building   OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -
1413-RP       4.02          118,934       Performance Monitoring and Analysis                                                 Stillwater, OK
                                          Development of Internal Surface Convection Correlations for Energy and Load                                                              Completed May
1416-RP       4.07          168,236       Calculation Methods                                                                 UNIV. TEXAS - Austin, TX                             2012
                                          Development of a Reference Building Information Model (BIM) for Thermal Model       TEXAS A&M UNIV. - College Station,
1468-RP       1.05          175,311       Compliance Testing                                                                  TX
                                          Literature and Product Review and Cost Benefit Analysis of Commercially Available
1491-RP       EHC           134,624       Ozone Air Cleaning for HVAC Systems                                                 UNIV. TEXAS - Austin, TX                             NEW

1512-RP       4.10          121,228       CFD Resource Decisions in Particle Transport Modeling                               UNIV. TEXAS - Austin, TX

1564-RP       8.04          199,975       Measurement of Oil Retention in the Microchannel Heat Exchanger                     UNIV. TEXAS - Austin, TX
                                          Develop Alternate Set-up Guidelines for Unitary Air Conditioner Test Configurations
                                          which cannot Adhere to ASHRAE 37/ASHRAE 116 Sepecified Duct Dimensions and TEXAS A&M UNIV. - College Station,
1581-RP       8.11           93,440       External Pressure Tap Locations                                                     TX
                                          Effects of Fin Design on Frost and Defrost Thermal Performances of Micro-channel    OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -                               Completed
1589-RP       8.04          137,065       Heat Exchangers                                                                     Stillwater, OK                                       March 2012

1596-RP       4.03          1,408,356     Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Retail Stores                                 UNIV. TEXAS - Austin, TX
                                                                                                                              OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -
1616-RP       4.01           99,311       Revise Load Calculations Applications Manual (2009)                                 Stillwater, OK
                                          Measurements of Thermal Conductivity of Pipe Insulations at Below Ambient           OKLAHOMA STATE UNIV. -
1646-RP       1.08           99,929       Temperatures and in Wet Condensing Conditions with Moisture Ingress                 Stillwater, OK                                       NEW
                                          Partial Conditioning (reuse of air) as an Energy Saving Strategy for Sustainable
GIA 11-12                    10,000       Affordable Housing in Hot and Humid Climates                                        TEXAS A&M - Simge Andolsun           Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                                                         Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
========= ========== ================== ================================================================ =======================================================
                                       Emissivity Changes due to Dust Fouling for Horizontal and Rafter Installed Radiant
GIA 11-12                  10,000      Barrier Systems                                                                      U. TEXAS - AUSTIN - Stephen Bourne Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Development of a Library of Mass Transfer Correlations for Indoor Surfaces for Use in
GIA 11-12                  10,000      Passive Pollutant Removal Applications                                                U. TEXAS - AUSTIN - Jordan Clark   Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Exposure Study in Hospital Waiting Rooms: Analysis of Airflow Distributions for
GIA 11-12                  10,000      Exposure Reduction                                                                   U. TEXAS - AUSTIN-Shichao Liu       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

                                       Assessing the Performance of Advanced Glazing with Integrated Shading
GIA 12-13                  10,000                                                                                           U. TEXAS-AUSTIN-Gregory Arcangeli Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Advancements in Modeling of Ground Heat Exchangers                                   OKLAHOMA STATE-James Cullin         Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       Evaluation of Energy Consequences of Control Strategies for Classes of Pollutants in
GIA 12-13                  10,000      various Built Environments                                                           U. TEXAS-AUSTIN-Elena Nirlo         Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION VIII             3,512,584
1245-RP      7.07          69,808      Determine the Effects of Duct Fittings on Air Velocity Measurements                  KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS
                                       Experimental Evaluation of the Heat Transfer Impacts of Tube Pitch in a Highly                                                           Completed Oct.
1316-RP      8.05         179,128      Enhanced Surface Tube Bundle                                                         KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS                     2011

1322-RP      2.06          69,638      Productivity and Perception Based Evaluation of Indoor Noise                         U. NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE

                                                                                                                                                                                Completed Jul.
1387-RP      6.09         117,174      Thermal Energy Storage Design for Emergency Cooling                                  KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS                     2011

1395-RP      9.02         192,101      Heat Gains from Electrical and Control Equipment in Industrial Plants, Part 2        KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS

1397-RP      9.06         140,685      Experimental Investigation of Hospital Operating Room (OR) Air Distribution          U. COLORADO - Boulder, CO
                                                                                                                                                                                Completed Jun.
1402-RP      10.07        104,746      Comparison of Vertical Display Cases                                                 U. MISSOURI - Kansas City, MO                       2010

                                       Optimizing the Trade-Off Between Grid Resolution and Simulation Accuracy Coarse                                                          Completed Oct.
1418-RP      4.10          85,605      Grid CFD Modeling                                                                    U. COLORADO - Boulder, CO                           2011

1448-RP      4.03          93,368      Ventilation Requirements for Refrigerating Machinery Rooms                           CPP, INC. - Fort Collins, CO

                                       Assess and Implement Natural and Hybrid Ventilation Models in Whole-Building                                                             Completed
1456-RP      4.07          89,463      Energy Simulations                                                                   U. COLORADO - Boulder, CO                           Mar. 2011

1467-RP      10.07        167,425      Balancing Latent Heat Load between Display Cases and Store Comfort Cooling           U. COLORADO - Boulder, CO

                                       Updating Heat and Moisture Production Rates of Modern Swine and their Housing        U.S. MEAT ANIMAL RESEARCH
1475-RP      2.02         180,000      Systems                                                                              CENTER - Clay Center, NE
                                                                                                                                                                                Completed Jun.
1482-RP      4.01          92,669      Update to Measurements of Office Equipment Heat Gain Data                            KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS                     2010

                                       Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Centrifugal Chillers - Phase III: Online-Time                                                        Completed Nov.
1486-RP      7.05         152,220      Implementation                                                                       U. NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE                           2011
                                       The Development of Simplified Rack Boundary Conditions for Numerical Data Center                                                         Completed Feb.
1487-RP      4.10          84,714      Models                                                                           U. COLORADO - Boulder, CO                               2012
                                                                                                                                                                                Completed May
1493-RP      5.02          20,000      CFD Shootout Contest                                                                 ZHIQUIANG ZHAI - Boulder, CO.                       2012
                                                                         Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
========= ========== ================== ================================================================ =======================================================
                                                                                                                             MISSOURI UNIV. SCIENCE & TECH. -
1499-RP      9.09         200,000      The Effect of Humidity on the Reliability of ICT Equipment in Data Centers            Rolla, MO

1546-RP      5.03         137,757      Expansion and Updating of the Air Diffusion Performance Index Method                  KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS                    NEW
                                                                                                                                                                                Completed May
1547-RP      4.03         112,829      CO2 based Demand Controlled Ventilation for Multiple Zone HVAC Systems                U. NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE                          2012
                                       Characterization of Liquid Refrigerant Flow Emerging from a Flooded Evaporator
1556-RP      1.03         177,067      Tube Bundle                                                                           KANSAS STATE U. - Manhattan, KS                    NEW

1565-RP       8.1         135,349      Development of the ASHRAE Design Guide for Dedicated Outdoor-Systems                  U. NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE                          NEW

1597-URP     1.04         297,866      Stochastic Control Optimization of Mixed-Mode Buildings                               U. COLORADO - Boulder, CO

GIA-11-12                  10,000      Near Optimal Control of Mixed Mode Buildings and Generalized Rule Extraction          U. COLORADO-Peter May-Ostendorp Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                                                                                                             MONTANA STATE UNIV-Chantz
GIA 12-13                  10,000      A Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System for Sustainable Farms and Ranches             Denowh                             Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      A Novel Heat-pump System using Bio-mass Energy                                        U. NEBRASKA- LINCOLN-Daihong Yu Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION IX               2,929,612
                                       Field Performance Assessment of Package Equipment to Qualify the Benefits of
                                       Proper Service and Determine the Long Term Need for Monitoring, RDD and                                                                  Completed Sep.
1274-RP      7.05         139,451      Continuous Commissioning technology                                                   ADM ASSOCIATES - Sacramento, CA                    2010
                                       Revisions to the ASHRAE Thermal Comfort Tool to Maintain Consistency with                                                                Completed Jul.
1332-RP      2.01          7,500       Standard 55-2004                                                                      CHARLIE HUIZENGA - Berkeley, CA                    2011
                                                                                                                                                                                Completed Sep.
1335-RP      5.03         125,762      Effects of Typical Inlet Conditions on Air Outlet Performance                         U. NEVADA- Las Vegas, NV                           2011

                                       The Effect of Lining Length on the Insertion Loss of Acoustical Duct Liner in Sheet
1408-RP      2.06         149,839      Metal Ductwork                                                                        U. NEVADA- Las Vegas, NV
                                       Advanced Control Sequences for HVAC Systems - Phase I Air Distribution and            TAYLOR ENGINEERING - Alameda,
1455-RP      1.04         160,000      Terminal Systems                                                                      CA

1469-RP      5.10         350,000      Thermal Comfort in Commercial Kitchens                                                KEMA, INC. - Oakland, CA
                                       Development of Typical Year Weather Files from ISH Database of Historical Weather WHITE BOX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. -                         Completed
1477-RP      4.02          62,551      Data for 2500 International Locations                                             Berkeley, CA                                           February 2012
                                       Thermal and Air Quality Acceptability in Buildings that Reduce Energy by reducing
1515-RP      2.01         174,714      Minimum airflow from Overhead Diffusers                                               UC-BERKELEY, CA
                                                                                                                         APPLIED ENERGY TECHNOLOGY -
1544-RP      6.06         194,850      Establishing Benchmark Levels and Patterns of Commercial Building Hot Water Use Davis, CA
                                       Developing a Field Based Monitoring Procedure for Indoor Environmental Quality to
GIA 11-12                  10,000      Assess Facade Performance                                                         UC-BERKELEY, CA - Kyle Konis           Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid
                                       ASHRAE Project 1547-TRP "CO2-based Demand Controlled Ventilation for Multiple
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Zone HVAC Systems"                                                                UC BEREKLEY,CA-Xhinjin Lin             Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

GIA 12-13                  10,000      Development of an Automated Building Conceptual Design Methodology                    ARIZONA STATE -Ranojoy Dutta       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION X                1,394,667
                                                                         Summer 2012

IDENTIFIER  TC/TG           COST                           RESEARCH TITLE OR SUBJECT                              CONTRACTOR               NOTES
========= ========== ================== ================================================================ =======================================================

                                                                                                                             MORRISON HERSHFIELD LTD. -                       Completed Jul.
1365-RP      4.04         105,000      Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings     Vancouver, Canada                                2011
                                       Study of Carbon Dioxide Condensation in a Chevron Angle Plate Geometry                WASHINGTON STATE U. -                            Completed May
1394-RP      8.05          89,315      Exchanger                                                                             Vancouver, WA                                    2010
                                                                                                                             U BRITISH COLOMBIA-James
GIA 12-13                  10,000      Energy Efficiency in HVAC Air Filtration                                              Montgomery                       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION XI                204,315
                                                                                                                             FLORIDA SOLAR ENERGY-Orlando,                    Completed Sep.
1390-RP                   130,617      Short-Term Curtailment of HVAC Loads in Buildings                                     FL                                               2011
                                       A Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Correlation for Low Air-Side Reynolds Number      FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIV. -
1535-RP                   165,979      Applications of Compact Heat Exchangers                                               Miami, FL

REGION XII               296,596
                                       Modeling VOC Sorption of Building Materials and its Impact on Indoor Air Quality -                                                     Completed Apr.
1321-RP      4.10         109,035      Phase II (Second Phase of 1097-RP)                                                    TSINGHUA UNIV.- Beijing, China   CHINA           2010

                                                                                                                             NAT'L INST OF ADV IND SCIENCE                    Completed Aug.
1583-RP      3.01          80,000      Assessment of Burning Velocity Test Methods                                           TECH (AIST) - Ibararki, Japan    JAPAN           2012
                                       Validation for CFD Models for Predicting Air Distribution and Contaminant Transport
GIA-11-12                  10,000      in Commercial Aircraft Cabin                                                          TIANJIN UNIVERSITY-Wei Liu       Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid

REGION XIII              199,035

GRAND TOTAL            17,887,089

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