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									      One to One Tuition in English & Mathematics
                                                          This is the key message underpinning the
  Right Child                                     government initiative to support pupils falling behind
                                                  in English and mathematics in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4,

          Right Tutor
                                                  by providing them with one to one tuition in order to
                                                  reach their full potential.

                  Right Time                     Plymouth schools have made an excellent start; many
                                                 pupils across the City are now receiving weekly one
                                               to one sessions for English or mathematics with a
         qualified teacher before, during and after school.

Schools have looked very creatively at different models of tuition to ensure they meet the objective
of ‘right child, right tutor, right time’. Here’s how one school, Hyde Park Junior, has approached the
task of providing one to one tuition for 10 of their pupils. (Alison Hurrell, One to One Tuition Manager)

      At Hyde Park Junior School we’ve been conducting one to one tuition a little differently.
      Our pupils have had intensive tutoring for 1 hour a day over 10 consecutive days. After
      piloting tuition in the summer term on a once a week basis, we felt the pupils were
      forgetting things between sessions. Since changing to a blocked approach, the impact on
      student confidence and performance in class has been dramatic.

      Firstly we selected 10 children in Year 5 and 6 who were slow moving/stuck in
      mathematics, and then identified the initial targets for each. A meeting was held with the
      parents and pupils to underline the commitment needed by all for such a compact course of
      learning to work, particularly as a short consolidating homework was to be given after each
      session. It was really important for both parents and pupils to know their time and effort
      was essential to kick start progress in mathematics again.

      The first sessions took place to address the initial targets, focused mainly on securing
      calculation strategies, clearing up misconceptions, supporting pupils to organise their ideas
      and methods, and enable them to confidently discuss their mathematical thinking. Each
      pupil, very different in personality and approach, added to the process by identifying their
      own targets in aspects of mathematics where they felt less confident.

      The overall response has been fantastic. Teachers have commented on the increased
      confidence of pupils; One boy, unwilling to make eye-contact in lessons or offer any
response willingly, was putting his hand up voluntarily and communicating more with his
teacher and peers after only 3 sessions.

       The children were        I am so impressed with B, he completes his homework without
encouraged to do                being nagged! He’s confident to get it done without any help at
homework using a                all. Thank you so much for helping him.

homework chart. A
                                From a note received half way through tuition from a pupils’ mother
sticker was added to the
chart for each completed piece, with 10 stickers leading to a chosen reward.

The children have all found the sessions rewarding, making comments such as “I can do it
now”, “Decimals don’t worry me anymore” and “I remember my tables more”. They have
expressed enjoyment about the intensive course, and some were in disbelief that it has
finished already.

As their tutor I found I built a relationship with each individual very quickly, from knowing
their football team, to discussing problems at home or in school. I became a confidante
rapidly, and this in turn enabled me to support their mathematics through a lot of
patience, trust and praise.

Joanne Radford (Tutor, Hyde Park Junior)

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