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									                            Heartland Regional Library Network
                                      Board Meeting
                                      March 23, 2006
                                  Woodward Park Library
                                   Champlain and Perrin


Meeting was called to order by outgoing President Louise Colbert-Mar at 3:10

Members present: Susan Abair, Alev Akman, Karen Bosch Cobb, Judy Brown, Donna
Chandler, Louise Colbert-Mar, JoEllen Misakian, George Pilling

Members absent: Cynthia Perkins

The following slate of officers was proposed.
       President: Donna Chandler (motion by Abair / second by Pilling)
       Vice President: George Pilling (motion by Akman / second by Brown)
       Secretary: Cynthia Perkins (motion by Brown / second by Akman)

The motion was made Bosch Cobb / Brown to elect the propose slate to a one year term

Motion passed unanimously

Next meeting was set for May 2, 2006 at 230pm at the Selma Public Library.

A motion to adjourn was made (Abair/Brown) and was passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 3:21

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