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									                                                                Ch. 12 Adjectives                     Yeonsoo Suh

                               Stacking of adjectives: The order of adjectives before nouns (pg. 238)

Articles              Numeral         Opinion       Physical state     Age      Color   Proper noun   Religion/   Material   Noun used
A, an, the            First, three,   Beautiful     Size-large         Old,     Black   used as       political   Silk,      as
                      last            Intelligent                      new,     white   adjective     belief      metal,     adjectives
                                      clear                            young            nationality   Jewish      wood(en)   Fashion,
                                                                                        French,       Christian              School
                                                                                        English       Marxist                soccer
Demonstratives        Quantifier                    Shape/length                        Nouns from
This, that            several                       Oval, long                          adjectives
Possessives           Numbers                       Condition
My, your              ten                           Rusty, broken,
Adjectives of         Time                          Temperature
indefinite quantity   period                        cold
some, much            recent

                    2. Gradability of adjectives (pg. 239)
         Adjective                          Inflections                                               More/most
                            Comparative              Superlative                    Comparative                Superlative
             lively         livelier               liveliest                        more lively                most lively
           private          *privater             *privatest                        more private              most private
             good           better                 best                             *more good                *most good
 Participial adjectives                                                             more exciting, most encouraging,
                                                                                    more depressed, most surprised
                                                                                    tireder/more tired

                      3. Positions of adjectives (pg. 242-245)

 Attributive-only: before a noun in a NP                             Predicative-only: after a verb/not in a NP
 Absolute, complete, total, sheer                                    Afloat, afraid, aghast, alive, asleep, awake
 Only, entire, occasional, usual
 Future, old, former, previous, left, northeastern                   Faint, ill, poorly, unwell, well
                                                                     “A mentally ill patient” is grammatical (pg. 244)
 A mathematical journal, urban planning,                             Complements of infinitives or prepositional phrases:
 A gothic novelist, a moral dilemma
 A grayish-blue foreign sports car                                   The old man is able to run.
 A number of big-name Hollywood producers                            The bridge is liable to collapse at any moments.
 A clean-shaven young man                                            The letter was devoid of warmth and feeling.
 A glass-bottom boat                                                 A situation fraught with danger
 A world-renowned physicist
 The physicist is world renowned.
4. Adjective phrases (pg. 246-248)
Structures of adjective phrases
The customers were [angry].
          Adv          Adj
He was [extremely] [upset].
         Adj            PP
He was [upset] [about the poor service].
           Adv          Adj             PP
He was [extremely] [upset] [about the poor service].

Angry, annoyed, concerned, delighted,                  + about
glad, happy, mad, pleased, upset
Adept, aghast, alarmed, amazed,                          +at
angry, awful, clever, disgusted, gifted,
great, hopeless, indignant, mad,
pleased, skilled, talented, terrible
Answerable, anxious, bad, difficult,                    +for
eager, easy, good, grateful, greedy,
necessary, prepared, responsible, sorry
Angry, bored, busy, cautious, careful,                  +with
conversant, cross, disappointed,
enchanted, familiar, fed up, fraught,
furious, happy, impatient, pleased,
obsessed, riddled, satisfied, strict,
Worksheet #1

Stacking of adjectives

Rewrite the following, arranging the words in parentheses in the proper order.

   1. ( an, ugly, yellow, old, tin) bucket


   2. (a, brick, old, beautiful) house


   3. (muddy, steep, a, river) bank


   4. (recent, white, exquisitely designed) china


   5. (sympathetic, that, young, English) teacher


   6. (gifted, young, college, black) students

Worksheet #2-A
Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
Identify whether a sentence is grammatical or ungrammatical. If a form is
ungrammatical, explain why and correct it.

1. That was the interstingest lecture that I have heard in a long time.

2. She supplied a less convincing alibi that the other suspect.

3. The test they used to measure the students’ proficiency is less reliable than
   the one that is usually used.

4. As it got darker, the two children became worrieder and worrieder.

5. He has the most completest game of the top 10 pros.
Worksheet #2-B

Participial adjectives:

We use the past participle, ending in -ed, to       We use a present participle, ending in -ing, to
modify a noun that is the receiver of the feeling   modify a noun that is the source (agent or
or emotion.                                         cause) of the feeling or emotion.

Find correct participial adjectives

   1. Your jokes are (amusing/amused). I am (amusing/amused).

   2. I was so (touching/touched) by a movie.
       The scenes in the movie were so (touching/touched).

   3. The nurse’s big needle was (frightening/frightened).
       I was so (frightening/frightened) when she walked over to me.

   4. We could not believe what we saw.
       Our eyes were (overwhelming/overwhelmed) with color, music, dance and
       fighting all at once.

   5. I was (shocking/shocked) by what she told me.

   6. I couldn’t find the way to your house because your map was very
Worksheet #3 Attributive or predicative adjectives

Identify if a sentence is ungrammatical. If it’s not, correct it.

       Example: The afloat boat is hers.
                 The floating boat is hers.

       1. The nice old lady comforts the afraid child.

       2. The alive man was taken to the hospital.

       3. The nurse helped the ill woman to a chair.


       4. They plan to close all the hospitals for mentally ill patients.

       5. The physicist is world renowned.


       6. His new best-selling novel is about Wall Street.

Worksheet #4 A group activity to practice adjective phrases

Read a card aloud and tell whether it is grammatical. If it’s not, correct with an

appropriate preposition.

We were amazed at his                        They were concerned for
generosity                                   the possibility that he
                                             might refuse.

We are very sorry for the                    I just got fed up to his
damage to your car.                          constant complaining.

 The children were excited                   He’s responsible with this
to opening their presents.                   mission, so he’ll have to
                                             come up 0with a solution.

Jason is completely                          My father was grateful for
obsessed at her.                             the police officer’s
Answer sheet

Worksheet #1

    1.   An ugly old yellow tin bucket
    2.   A beautiful old brick house
    3.   A steep muddy river bank
    4.   Recent exquisitely designed white china
    5.   That sympathetic young English teacher
    6.   Gifted young black college students

Worksheet #2-A

    1.   The most interesting: most + a participial adjective
    2.   Grammatical
    3.   Grammatical
    4.   More and more worried: more + a participial adjective
    5.   The most complete: double superlative forms

Worksheet #2-B

    1.   Amusing, amused
    2.   Touched. Touching
    3.   Frightening, frightened
    4.   Overwhelmed
    5.   Shocked
    6.   Confusing

Worksheet #3

    1.   The frightened child
    2.   The live man
    3.   The sick woman
    4.   Grammatical
    5.   Grammatical
    6.   Grammatical

Worksheet #4 A group activity

amazed at                   concerned about

sorry for                   fed up with

excited about               responsible for

obsessed with               grateful for

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