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					                                   Library Lesson Plan

Topic: Introduction to the PAC and WebPath Express
Level(s): Grades 9-12

Objective(s): Students will be able to search the PAC in Destiny by author, title,
               keyword, subject and series.
               Students will be able to locate a book once the title and call number
               are located.
               Students will be able to find the WebPath Express list of
               recommended web sites within the PAC
               Students will understand the tools available to them in Destiny
Materials:     LCD projector and laptop with internet connection
               Student Destiny/PAC/WebPath Express worksheet

Standards/     Strand I: Information Literacy and Reading
              Content Standard: The student will be able to access, evaluate, and
               apply information in a variety of formats.

              Benchmark #1: The student will develop an increasing proficiency
               in accessing, reading and using materials, both fiction and nonfiction.

               1. Using the LCD projector and laptop, login to the GISD Destiny
                  homepage at either http://gisd-destiny01
                  or; select school site of choice.
               2. Illustrate the use of each of the search buttons: keyword, title, author,
                  subject and series.
               3. Show students that results also include WebPath Express entries
                  which are lists of recommended web sites. Each web site has a brief
                  summary along with appropriate grade level. Encourage students to
                  use these web sites instead of searching on Google or Yahoo.
               4. Direct students to Destiny Quest where they can perform the following:
                        view a listing of the most frequently checked-out titles
                        see the library materials most recently added to the collection
                        search for materials by subject; drag and save titles to “My
                        Refine search to identify specific reading levels and AR
                        post or read reviews on materials read

               5. Hand out PAC/WebPath Express activity sheet and direct students to
                  complete it.

Evaluation:    Grade the PAC/WebPath Express activity sheet
                                 PAC/WebPath Express
                                    Activity Sheet

On the desktop of your computer, click on the PAC/Internet icon and complete the
following activities:

   1. Give the general Dewey Decimal number for books about the following:

       A book about cars? _______________________________

       A book about the universe? _________________________

       A book about soccer? _______________________________

   2. Type the word “mystery” and click on the SUBJECT button. Find and list
      titles and call numbers of two mystery books.
                       Title                                   Call Number

   3. Write the title of one book by each of these authors:

       J. R. R. Tolkien ___________________________________________________

       Ann Brashares ____________________________________________________

       Margaret Weis ____________________________________________________

   4. Find the last names of the authors of these titles:

       Sounder _________________________________________________________

       Crystal Doors _____________________________________________________

       The Beat Goes On _________________________________________________

   5. Type in “rain forest” and look for the WebPath Express entries. List 2 URLs
      where you can find information.

       http:// ___________________________________________________________

       http:// ___________________________________________________________

   6. Locate Destiny Quest on the PAC catalog page on the left side-bar and click
      it. List the titles of the first and tenth books on the “Top !0” list.


7. In Destiny Quest, list the titles of the first two titles on the “New Arrivals” list.



8. Do a search on Destiny Quest for “sports”. Narrow your search to show only
   books with a 4.5 reading level and no limit for points. Give the titles of two
   books from your results.



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