Some history of Terrebonne School by HC120930211948


									                                 A Little History of Terrebonne School

It began as a tiny little railroad town of Hillman and soon changed to the growing community of
Terrebonne. Once a part of Crook County, the Terrebonne School District was officially School District
#70. When Terrebonne became a part of Deschutes County, it became School District #5. Old
photographs depict board and bat buildings and even a few tents on main street; even an outpost for
the Oregonian newspaper.

The first permanent school building was located on the current property that was purchased from Mrs.
Taylor for a sum of $10 dollars in 1911. It sat where the Boys and Girls Club now resides with the front
of the building facing east. It was a beautiful two story brick building completed in 1913, with probably
about 8 rooms. Complete with a bell on top and a fire escape, this building served the community until
1951-52 when it was condemned and destroyed. Some of the bricks were recycled and used to build
the Chain family residence across C Street from the playground.

The cougar mascot became a natural selection as Duffy Knorr shot and killed a cougar from his porch
located just east of our swing sets in 1939.

The replacement for the two story brick building was erected and opened for business in the Fall of
1952. It boasted 8 classrooms, an office and a multipurpose room. The rooms were accessed by a
breezeway that was open to the elements on the south side. The breezeway was later enclosed during
remodel projects and is currently the main hall way along Rooms 1 thru 8.

During the next forty or so years, a cafeteria, gymnasium, and several more classrooms were added to
make up the current school building.

In the Spring of 2008, the voters of Redmond School District approved a bond measure that will add a
new high school and a new elementary school, replacing the current aging Evergreen Elementary
School. In addition, there was 6.5 million dollars added to help Terrebonne Community School with
upgrades to the old 50s era section of our building. As assessments of the current structure were given,
it became apparent that renovation was going to be more expansive than rebuilding those classrooms of
the school.

A committee was formed consisting of staff, parents, and community members to determine
educational objectives and how to best use the funds available. The committee settled on a two story
addition that will contain 14 new classrooms, a special services module, library, computer lab and
spacious cafeteria. The office complex will move to the current cafeteria and the current gym will be the
center of the building. The building will be suited for up to 500 students Kindergarten through 8th

Construction is set to begin after the first of the year, and occupation is expected the summer of 2010.
Once the new space is completed, the old wing will be torn down. Students will adjust to the business
that comes with construction.

We’re excited!                                                         October 2009

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