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									              Professional Audio Mastering by CJ Jacobson

Unsigned music artists all know the frustration with getting your music known to the public.
Sometimes it seems as though some bands get the credit that they do simply because of the major
record label and high end music producers. In all honesty, the general public aren’t experts on
musical theory in the least. However, the general public can pick up whether or not the song they
are listening to was recorded professionally or not, whether they are aware of it or not. Poorly
mastered songs can sound fuzzy or like static in the background, similar to watching a channel
on television that isn’t being properly received. Most people won’t listen to a song that is poorly
mastered, regardless of the quality of the song itself, some of these have been done through
online mastering websites, but some are better than others . Having your music professionally
mixed and mastered is the only way to get your foot in the door to a successful career in the
music               industry. Most major record labels don’t have as many talent scouts as it may
seem;                 this requires the aspiring musician to bring the news of your music to their
desk                    before they would consider looking for you. Hundreds of unsigned artists
                        and bands across the nation have benefited tremendously from having
                        their music professionally mastered.

            A lot of people starting out in the music industry believe that the answer to
               professionally mixed and mastered music lies within the software programs like
               Pro Tools and not the mixer. That is to say that the experience and skill of the
               mixer is irrelevant. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Improperly trained
audio mixers won’t have the abilities to fully utilize the software programs like professionally
trained audio engineers would. In order to provide the best possible quality of audio engineering,
Premier mastering has selected CJ Jacobson as our audio mastering and mixing engineer. CJ has
been a musician almost his entire life and has been an audio engineer for over 25 years. CJ is
also a mentor and teacher of audio engineering through the music production program called
Sonar, sponsored by Roland. CJ has an accomplished history of audio engineering including
mastering movie soundtracks (and music mastering) for movies such as, “Driven to
Kill…Again” and “The King of Paper Chasin” and has even mastered and mixed an award
winning album. With CJ’s vast amount of skill and knowledge of audio mastering, it is no
question that he was the perfect choice for Premier Mastering. With CJ Jacobson at the reins of
mixing and mastering, there is no better way for unsigned artists to get the same quality
engineering granted to signed artists at an affordable cost.

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