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									Leveraging Library Journals

              Computer Integrated
               Operations & Project

                      Dr. Prasad

                        Carol Elsen
              Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater
                     February 6, 2006
Leveraging Library Journals

            Objectives
                To leverage business
                 literature database and
                 article retrieval services at
                 the Library

                To learn search techniques
                 that will make your searches
                 more efficient, retrieve more
                 relevant results and be as
                 comprehensive as possible
Leveraging Library Journals

           General Principles
               Use the resources
                  More resources yield more results
               Ask for assistance
                  Reference librarians are available
                   to assist
Leveraging Library Journals

    Boolean Search Operators
        Use And, Or, Not to connect concepts
         in a search

    Truncation
        Use truncation to find a variety of word
     Leveraging Library Journals

                                      manufacturing   parts
 AND    searches

    manufacturing (finds 503 results)
    parts (finds 441 results)
    manufacturing and parts (finds 274 results)

          And makes searches more specific
        Use And when you get too many results
  Leveraging Library Journals

 OR   searches                       time     jit

    just-in-time (finds 40 results)
    jit (finds 8 results)
    just-in-time or jit (finds 44 results)

        Or makes searches broader
     Use Or when you don’t find enough
  Leveraging Library Journals

                                  risk    insurance

 NOT    searches
    risk (finds 73 results)

    risk not insur* (finds 40 results)

       Not makes searches more relevant
     Use Not when you find irrelevant results
       Leveraging Library Journals

 Truncation

     process (finds process)

     process* (finds process, processes,
      processed, processor, processors,
      processing, etc.)

         Truncation expands searches
  Use Truncation to find multiple forms of a word
      Leveraging Library Journals

                                              Risk words

 Complex     Searches
    combine synonyms with OR and put them all
     in parentheses (disaster relief or disaster
    Here’s a sample complex search: (disaster
     relief or disaster recovery) and risk
       Leveraging Library Journals

 Database       Tips
     Get to know the database you are using
        Find “search tips” or “help”
        Identify truncation & search operators
        Use thesaurus to locate precise subject headings
Leveraging Library Journals

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