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									                                     Porterville College
                                  College Learning Council
                                        June 9, 2008
Present:      Steve Schultz, Donna Berry, Karen Bishop, Michael Carley, Rosa Carlson, Chris Craig,
Tiffany Duke, Antonia Ecung, Virginia Gurrola, Michelle Hart, Bill Henry, Val Lombardi, Angelia
Roberson, Gary Wallace, Carol Wilkins, Richard Goode, Chris Vanni, Kathie Gifford

I.     Meeting called to order at 3:08 by Steve Schultz

II.    Minutes Approved-

III.   Agenda Approved- By Consensus

IV.    Old Business

V.     New Business
       a. 2008-2009 Tentative Budget – Donna Berry: Mrs. Berry presented the tentative 2008-
          2009 budget.
          Motion: Move to accept the 2008-2009 tentative budget as presented and forward to the
          Board of Trustees for approval.
                Moved: Carol Wilkins        2nd: Chris Craig     Carried: By consensus

VI.    Reports
       a. President’s Report – Dr. Rosa Carlson: NONE
       b. Academic Senate – Craig Britton: NONE
       c. CSEA- Tiffany Duke: NONE
       d. Curriculum Committee- Craig Britton: NONE
       e. CCA-Karen Bishop: NONE
       f. Grant Oversight Subcommittee/Grant Progress Reports – Val Lombardi: Mrs.
          Lombardi reported we have received official notice of a grant award for the RN Program.
          Mrs. Lombardi will become the grant manager and is stepping down as the Director of
          Health Careers. Projected date of the first Porterville College RN program is Fall 2010.
       g. Budget – Donna Berry: NONE
       h. ASPC- NONE
       i. Facility Planning Advisory Committee-Gary Wallace: Mr. Wallace reported the Library
          furniture did not arrive last Friday and is now expected on Wednesday. The M&O staff is
          on standby and ready to move the furniture in as soon as it is received and prepared.
       j. Accreditation-Rosa Carlson: Dr. Carlson presented an update on the Accreditation.
       k. Marketing and Outreach Committee: NONE
       l. Enrollment Management – Antonia Ecung: NONE
       m. Strategic Plan- Steve Schultz: NONE
       n. Student Learning Outcomes – Susan Regier: NONE
       o. Basic Skills - NONE
       p. Program Reviews - NONE
       q. IT- NONE

VII. Future Agenda Items:
VIII. Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Kathie Gifford

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