SUFFOLK COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                          COLLEGE COMPUTING COUNCIL

                                    MARCH 2, 2001 MEETING

MEMBERS PRESENT: P. Basileo, J. Bravo, D. Coscia, P. DiGregorio, G. Gopinath, E. Hassildine, R.
Manning, M.A. Miller, F. Parrella, G. Ris, S. Tvelia

MEMBERS ABSENT: F. Lourenso, M. Russo, S. Schrier, C. Stein, M. Weissberg, R. Williams

REPRESENTATIVES PRESENT: R. Johnston, N. Leonhardt, D. Rabinowitz, J. Rice


COPY TO: D. Quinn

I.    MINUTES – Minutes from the December 1, 2000 meeting were accepted.


      1. Campus Reports
         Ammerman Campus – J. Bravo
          Committee did not meet since last Council meeting.
          ID card situation has been resolved – will take pictures in the library.
          Funds are being held back but overall everything is okay.

          West Campus - P. DiGregorio
           Technology show will be held on May 4th.
             Over 200 vendors will be in attendance.
           Robotics will be held on March 9th.
           Installed academic systems software on 2 existing PC’s in the Skills Center, which will be
            used for the math program.
           No problem with ID card project.
             Currently pictures are being taken in the Field House but will be moving camera to take
                pictures at Registrar’s office.

          East Campus – Ed Hassildine
           Installed academic systems software on 3 existing PC’s in the Skills Center, which will be
             used for the math program.
           3 computers are in place in Cyber Café and will be adding one more.
              Gary informed Ed that higher speed machines might be available through Central.
              He instructed him to fill out form on web with his needs.
           Orient 205 new MAC Lab has been wired for data, tables are in, no chairs and going to bid
             on computers.
MINUTES OF 3/2/01 MEETING                                                                       Page 2

               Will be leasing a total of 19 machines for 3 years because it costs less and technology
                changes so rapidly it was decided it would be more cost effective to lease.
             Montaukett building has been wired with one data jack. R. Johnston said it is temporary.

          Tech Deans Committee – D. Coscia – no report


       Academic Subcommittee – M. Russo
       1. Minutes from meeting of February 22, 2001:

           Pete DiGregorio reported in M. Russo’s absence:
               Committee met over e-mail instead of in person.
               Discussed staffing problems, bandwidth problems, Student ID Cards, and chargeback.
               Labs are running fine.

       Networking and Services Subcommittee – Richard Johnston
        No decision on WAN. Still under SUNY Chancellor for internet upgrades – to be released in
           Contract with SUNY expiring and will have to move off of Applied Theory. Maybe able to
             hold onto for one or two more years.
           Rich will identify in the fall all hubs and other equipment that will need to be replaced and
             will notify each campus of cost.
           Rich asked that this be included in the agenda for the fall.
           If changed, will have to move to IPV6 which we cannot afford because it will change every
             address in the college.
           SUNY net and internet have to have separate T3.
              Looking into County Verizon contract to make sure capatible to our system.
              Will let campuses know when expected to take place and cost for changes being made.
        Did upgrade at Western campus.
           Replaced 12 hubs.
           All connectivity has been replaced in Sagtikos.
           Sagtikos has 2 100 meg feeds.
           5 switches were replaced in Caumsett.
           Will get temporary relief for Internet traffic because on 3/15 T1 is being installed in event
             center. This can be used for educational use when not being used by the event center.
           T1 was also scheduled to be put into the Western campus but due to Applied Theory being
             in limbo because of the SUNY contract it has been put on hold.
        Replaced 160 connections on top floor of Riverhead building.
MINUTES OF 3/2/01 MEETING                                                                   Page 3

    Planning Subcommittee – Gary Ris
    1. Minutes from meeting of February 2, 2001
    2. Doug Kahn, Assistant Director of the Computer Center made a presentation about the
       development and implementation of a college-wide Internet-based calendar program to be used
       for administrative processes to the Planning Committee and then to the Executive Council.
        The proposal was adopted by the Executive Council.
        Will start with Registrar’s office for the registration calendar.
    3. Exchange not being done on other campuses because of funding issues. When money becomes
       available, will get Exchange on the western and eastern campus.
    4. G. Ris has met with each campus executive dean as per a recommendation of the Executive
       Council to open up communication on next year’s technology plans. More dialogue will
       follow in the fall.
    5. Replacement Policy and Recycling Machines
        Looking at how replacement policy has worked this first year.
        Did not put report together on replacement policy because the financial climate of the
           college has changed considerably since November.
            General budget information was gathered from IFMS identifying the level of funding
               dedicated to replacement.
            G. asked for inventory information from the campuses so a general level of replacement
               needs could be established.
            Gary will put together general status report on replacement.
        Campuses feel PC recycling is being handled effectively.
        Requests for PC’s and identification of PC’s that are available will be shared among
           technology administrators for the campuses and central.
            N. Leonhardt asked how to get one of these computers. Gary said he would e-mail her
               with the information.
        Recycled functions could include: cyber cafes, lab sign-in, and ID card checkers.
    6. Tracking IT expenses.
        Gary submitted to technology administrators the COST project questionnaire, which
           surveys Higher Education institutions and compares their IT services and costs.
            We couldn’t participate when we got it because we didn’t get it until the beginning of
               December and it was due the 15th of December.
            Sent it to the technology administrators asking them to look at questionnaire and see if
               we have the necessary information to participate in the future.
        Jeanette gave the questionnaire to her business officers and they said it couldn’t be done
           because of the college’s current object code classifications.
        Gary will follow up with John Bullard about the college codes to see what can be done so
           that we can participate in this project in the future.

    Portal Ad Hoc Committee
    1. Minutes from meeting of February 16, 2001:
    2. Portal Ad Hoc Committee met twice since last CCC meeting.
    3. Looking at contents specific to individual areas.
MINUTES OF 3/2/01 MEETING                                                                      Page 4

    4. Goal is to develop requirements list of what each constituency wants to publish in the portal.
        Members agreed to meet among themselves to develop publishing requirements for the
           constituency each represents and to identify who currently has the information identified
           and who might be expected to publish/link the information into the portal system.
    5. It was also agreed that each focus group would meet among themselves to prepare their
       recommendations, which will be presented to student focus groups and used to solicit potential
       vendor demos.
    6. Once we have all the contents and technical requirements, we will be putting together an RFI
       for vendors to say this is what we are interested in and will you sell this.
    7. Timing of portal funding is supposed to be available in September. Therefore if we do all our
       work before September we will be able to do an RFP in September.

    Policy Subcommittee – S. Schrier
    1. Report on Listserv Protocol:
       Gary reported in absence of Steve Schrier.
        Policy Subcommittee is submitting the above Listserv Protocol policy for approval of the
           Computing Council.
        This Listserv Protocol directs how we want listservs to function.
        Gary stated that prior to this Listserv Protocol there was a SCC List Protocol but not a
           protocol for listservs in general.
        Council unanimously adopted this Listserv Protocol.

    Standards Subcommittee – J. Rice
    1. Report on meeting of February 22, 2001:
          No major changes in SCCC standards now.
          We are at end of cycle and will be looking at different standards for operating systems, i.e.
           perhaps Office 2000.
            Will discuss at fall meeting.
          Hardware
            Gateway continues to be the vendor until 2002.
            Hardware changes are minimal.
            Drew stated if Spring order is not placed by first week in April, model will change.
          Standard’s Committee recommended a change to their membership to add a representative
           from the Computer Center to their committee.
          Software
            Microsoft Office 2000 Premium including front page might be considered a standard.
            Retail price for Office premium package costs $800. Giving upgrade to college for
                new machines at a cost of $53 and to install on existing machines it will cost $18.
          It is important that the college makes sure we are legal on all our Microsoft licenses.
            Dell has Microsoft licenses. Jack handed out literature explaining where on the web to
                get this information.
            Make sure all lab machines on campuses are licensed.
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    2. Planning Committee wants Standards Committee to look into the following:
       a) In the past we had purchased installation assistance when we purchased PC’s. In some
          cases in worked well and in other cases it did not. Please look into this to see if it is
          worthwhile to pursue in the future.
       b) In conjunction with replacement policy, if it looks like we are going nowhere we may need
          to look at leasing to make sure we stay on top of technology.
           Maybe we can make recommendation to Executive Council that this is what it will cost
              to lease but at least then they will have to be disciplined enough to replace machines on
              a realistic time frame. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, then you have to
              make sure you give us enough replacement money.
           Look at side by side comparison of cost to purchase machines from Gateway or to lease
           Look into financial end and what happens (plus and minuses) when leasing equipment
              for 2002 and beyond.
           Make sure legislators will approve the leasing of equipment.
               Randy stated there are a number of legislators who also think that the County
                  should have the ability to lease this type of equipment.
               Gary recommended that the Standards Committee use Randy Manning as a
                  resource to assist in the leasing project.
           Drew stated that by leasing you do not save money, it just guarantees a replacement at
              the end of the leasing period.
           Another point to look at is when leasing machines, does college have capability to
              upgrade machine during leasing period?
       c) Committee will report back to Council on the pros and cons of leasing equipment.
    3. Disposal of old PC’s
        Committee is looking into salvage company that is willing to remove old PC’s from the
          college, resell them and split the profits with us.
           Another benefit to the above would be to ask the company not to give us our cut but to
              give our students a discount on the computer.

    Student Technology Fee Subcommittee – M.A. Miller
    1. Recommended budget:
        Following December 1st meeting of the Council, budget was amended with the
           recommendations made from the Council.
        Full revised recommended budget package totaled $511,336.
        Budget was submitted to and approved by the Executive Council.
        Still has not been submitted to the County.
    2. Orders Pending
        Due to budget restrictions two orders have been frozen:
            One for adjustable tables.
            One for large print, “easy type” keyboards.
MINUTES OF 3/2/01 MEETING                                                                       Page 6

          MaryAnn Miller asked Gary to try and get the funds released to purchase the above items.
            Justification to release these funds is that we are not in ADA compliance.
            Don Coscia made a motion that funds be released so that these important expenditures
               can take place. – Council approved.
            Gary will speak to Chuck Stein to try to get these funds released and if necessary will
               talk to Dave Reese.
        MaryAnn will have committee look at mission of Tech Fee and re-evaluate it.
    3. Gary mentioned that at an Executive Council meeting a few weeks ago they were talking about
       the Tech Fee money. They were saying that we are requesting this money and even though it is
       coming in as revenue there is no direct connection between the revenue received and being
       able to spend this money. They asked why this can’t be taken out of the budget process and just
       essentially say that it comes in and goes to the Association to use for purchasing this
       equipment. This is a positive step and if we can get it to be a direct fund that comes in and goes
       into an account in the Association then there will be no issue about the County approving the

    Training Subcommittee – D. Coscia
    1. Report on meeting of February 9, 2001:
    2. PA Training Plan
        Nine IT PA’s went to a 3-day MS Windows NT 4.0 New Horizons’ Certified Microsoft
          Engineer training. The workshop was reported to be excellent and professionally done.
        This training was also planned for other PA’s but it was cancelled by administration
          because the training was not being done at our TechniCenter but rather by a competitor.
        Subcommittee is planning a Windows 2000 4-day training session next year the week of
          Martin Luther King’s birthday to be held at the TechniCenter.
        Don sending TechniCenter information about this training now so that by early June they
          can tell him they have everything in place. That includes equipment as well as a certified
          Microsoft instructor.
        Don will report back to Council whether or not the TechniCenter will be able to do this
        Don will also put in proposal to the TechniCenter that they also do training for staff in
        Don asked Gary if they could meet with Steve to let him know how important it is to
          budget for training and how important it is to train staff.
    3. Student Technology Orientation Plan
        Due to budget impact on Continuing Education, the College Seminar implementation of
          this plan will commence in the fall 2001.
        XH06 will be offered on a smaller level throughout the spring and summer 2001 sessions.
    4. Faculty Training Plan
        SuffolkStar has evolved into a partnership between the TLC’s and Continuing Education.
        Department specific training on using presentation software tied to publisher’s materials
          and the smart classrooms being built is needed.
           TLC’s and Continuing Education will address these needs.
MINUTES OF 3/2/01 MEETING                                                                   Page 7

               D. Cosia will also pursue this with departments that he is consulting with on use of
                technology within their areas.
       5. Administrative Training Plan/Staff Training Plan
           First two courses ran in fall 2000.
           Due to budget constraints these training sessions will commence in fall 2001.
       6. SUNY CBT contract is not widely used at college and therefore the Training Subcommittee is
          recommending that the contract not be renewed.
           Gary stated that this contract is in effect until August and will not be renewed.

        Due to Technology show on the Western Campus on May 4th it is suggested that the next
         meeting of the Council be changed from May 4th to May 11th.
          Council unanimously approved.
        Kevin McCoy has resigned as the faculty representative to the Planning Subcommittee.
          Pete DiGregorio recommended Frank Parrella to replace Kevin McCoy.
          Council unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

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