Research Degrees Committee MAY 2003Application for Extension of pe by YaR04Z1


									Research Degrees Committee                                       MAY 2003

Application for Extension of period of
                                                      Form RD3 (Ext)

Please complete this form using a word processor or typewriter

1. The Student


Present post and place of work:

Title of research programme:

2. The Supervisors (names, qualifications, designations and posts held)

3. Registration

Initially registered for: *MPhil      *MPhil/PhD       *PhD      with effect from:

Transfer of registration to PhD approved:

Mode of study (full-time or part-time):

Extension of registration period requested up to:

Previous Extensions or Suspensions: (give details)

Reasons for current request:
* delete as appropriate

4. Recommendation of the Supervisors
Having considered all aspects of the student's progress and examined the summary of that progress given in
Section 5 we recommend that the registration period should be extended as requested above

Signed                                                                 Date

Signed                                                                 Date

5. Summary of progress made (to be completed by the student)
The student is required to provide in the space below a summary not exceeding 500 words of the progress on the
project so far and of the work still to be completed
Signed (Student)   Date

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