***You May Be AT EA Certified Educator *** by YaR04Z1


									      ***You May Be A TEA Certified Educator ***
             Are You Highly Qualified???

                                   Are You:

              A TEA Certified, Experienced Educator?
     (90 full-time instructional days as a teacher in a school year)

          Considering Teaching in the Future in a
  Core Academic Subject Area (including Special Education)
(e.g. English, Reading/Language Arts, History, Economics, Geography, Civics and
           Government, Science, Arts, Mathematics, Foreign Language)
                    In Which You Have
   Not Taken and/or Not Passed the ExCET or TExES Exam?

        If you answered YES to both of the above,
Contact Becky Longoria, HRS, ext. 5224, as soon as possible,
                regarding the details of this
                 NCLB critical information!

The revised state highly qualified teacher plan requires all experienced teachers
(or administrators who wish to teach in the future) who are demonstrating
subject matter competency using HOUSE procedures to complete and have
documented HOUSE procedures.

What do I do now?
If the above information pertains to your specific situation, please schedule an
appointment with Becky Longoria, HRS, ext. 5224, as soon as possible, in order
to determine if you meet the requirements of HOUSE. If so, the Center will
work with you to document your highly qualified teacher status for a core
academic subject area(s), including Special Education.

Remember, it is your responsibility to complete this process in compliance with
NCLB. Help us, help you – don’t delay!

*High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation

                                                                                                  Revised 7/31/07

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