Using Follett Destiny by YaR04Z1


									                            Using Follett Destiny
What is Follett Destiny? It is our new OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
          that you can access anywhere you have the Internet.
1. Go to the Great Neck Public School homepage— If you are in the library, the homepage
   will automatically come up when you click on Internet Explorer.
2. Up in the right-hand corner, you will see Follett Destiny in red. Click
   on that link.
3. This will take you to a listing of all of the schools in the district. Click
   on Great Neck South Middle School.
4. Automatically, our catalog will appear where you can type in what
   you are looking for.
5. Once you have typed in your search term, click on keyword, title,
   author or subject to continue your search. If you hit the enter key, it
   will automatically do a keyword search for you.
6. Once your results come up, choose the book you are looking for by
   clicking the “Details” button to the right of the title (there may be a
   picture of the book there).
7. On that “Details” page, it will tell you if there are copies in the
   library, a summary of the book, and other information relating to
   your title. Underneath the picture of the cover, on the left-hand
   side, it will give you the location of the book by telling you the call
            -F or PB is in our fiction section
            -Any numbers (examples: 920.4 FAR, REF 451 MAL) will be
            located in the non-fiction section
            -B will indicate a biography, autobiography or memoir, which
            is in the library classroom

          Always remember you can ask the librarians for help!!!

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