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					 PAC Meeting – Tuesday, September 4, 2012

 The meeting began at 8:20am – Mr. Sauer, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Enoch, Mrs. Witt, Mrs. Bedford, and 6
 parents were in attendance.

 Mrs. Enoch gave the report for the 3 grade
 Mrs. Witt gave the report for the 4 grade
 Mrs. Bedford gave the report for the 5 grade

 All 3 teachers stressed the need for Math Facts to be practiced at home so that the student knows
 the answers quickly. In addition to the Math Facts, reading at home was also encouraged for at
 least 20 minutes each day or evening. To ensure comprehension of what was read, it was said to
 have the student summarize in their own words what they’d just read.

 Mr. Sauer went over the Calendar of Events;
  Theme of “Under Construction – Building Kids with Character”
  Our new FACEBOOK page for the Elementary School
  Discipline Program; Zero tolerance of talking in the hallways and “Give Me 5” to instill good
     listening habits
  Literacy Screening to begin September 11

  AR update: grades are now given for AR test results; incentive parties will be given every 6
     weeks for students earning 12 or more points;
  Progress Reports will be sent out September 17

  Homecoming festivities: pep rally at the football field; parade downtown; the elementary
     school’s festivities will mimic the high school’s festivities. Mr. Sauer was unsure at meeting time
     if there would be early dismissal that day
  STARR update: 3 grade will be tested on Reading and Math; 4 grade will be tested on
                         rd                                               th
     Reading, Math and Writing; 5 grade will be tested on Reading, Math and Science. Tests are
     timed and each student will be given 4 hours per test to complete.
  Fundraising / Play Day on May 17, 2013. This is the only scheduled fundraiser for the
     elementary school.
  Teacher Appreciation Gifts/Luncheon – May, 2013. PAC sponsors and serves the teachers
     lunch on this day, and it will either be catered in or cooked by the parents.
  DARE / 5 grade began today for 11 weeks. Captain Jack Newman will be teaching the 5
               th                                                                                 th

     grade and there will be awards at the completion
  The need for volunteers at the school was addressed: re-shelving of books in the library;
     making copies for the teachers; classroom/lunchroom assistants
  D.E.A.R. Week – week of December 3 through December 7 , “Drop Everything And Read”
                                               rd                      th

     Parents are needed to come to the school and read a book to a class

The Annual Christmas Sleepover is scheduled for Friday, December 7 . There is a need for 2 female
and 2 male parents to chaperone the sleepover.

Capri Sun drink pouches and Campbell’s Labels for Education are being collected to raise money for
the school.

Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Drennon will head up K-Kids this year. Membership is free to join and meeting
are held on Friday mornings at 7:15am in the Gym.
The next PAC meeting is Tuesday, October 2         at 8:15am.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:57am.

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