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									               Construction of Real Estate Index
                      Project Proposal
• To provide correct up-to-date information about the current status
  and trends in the real estate market in Bulgaria
• This index analyses and summarises the purchase, lease and
  construction of real estate for residential, industrial, office,
  trading, tourist and agricultural purposes. The index is to be based
  on prices of finalised deals only
• The Real Estate Index shows the trends and movements in the real
  estate market
• Will be updated every quarter; summary report will be presented
  at half-year end

                             Ministry of Economy                  1
               Construction of Real Estate Index
Speciаl features:
• The index is divided into a public (generally accessible) and
  specialised section. The public section is available to
  institutions, organisations, legal and physical persons. The
  specialised section, with broader and more detailed
  information included, will be available free of charge to the
  project participants. The other users will be charged, which is
  to provide self-financing to the project 12 to 18 months after
  its implementation
• The index reflects the standardisation of the real estate category
  (class) depending on the region, location, construction type,
  amelioration, etc.

                            Ministry of Economy                 2
               Construction of Real Estate Index

Project participants:
• Ministry of Economy: key coordinator
• State administration
• National Statistical Institute
• National Association of Real Estate, American Chamber of
  Commerce in Bulgaria (Real Estate Committee), Bulgarian
  Business and Construction Chamber, Business Appraisers
  Association, etc.
• Construction companies, real estate, consulting and auditing
• Others

                            Ministry of Economy                  3
                Construction of Real Estate Index

Data users:
• Local and foreign physical and legal persons projecting
  investments in Bulgaria
• Banking and insurance institutions
• International institutions and organisations to use the index for
  analyses of the economy and financial markets
• State administration
• Real estate companies
• Auditing and consulting companies

                             Ministry of Economy                      4
                Construction of Real Estate Index

Project financing:
• Initial project financing: international donors
• Contributions (data, expertise, institutional support): state
  administration, business circles and NGO’s
• Project self-financing: paid access to its specialised section for
  outside users over a 12-18 months period after inception

                             Ministry of Economy                  5

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