What two things are required to check out library books

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					                                      Library Orientation Quiz

Name __________________________________ Course _____________________ Date______________

                    Please complete the quiz and turn in to the librarian before leaving.
                                  Multiple Choice (100 possible points)
                                          Circle the best answer

1. What is the URL (web address) of the library’s website? (10 points)
      a. http://www.faytechlibrary.com             c. http://www.faytech.cc.edu_library
      b. http://www.faytechcc.edu/library          d. http://faytechcc.edu/library

2. If you check out a book from the stacks, how long can you keep it? (10 points)
        a. 3 days                                          c. 14 days
        b. 7 days                                          d. 12 days

3. What two things are required to check out library books? (10 points)
      a. student id with library barcode            c. driver’s license and student id
      b. library card and student id                d. class schedule and student id

4. How much does it cost to print from the library’s computers? (10 points)
      a. 10 cents per page                          c. printing is free to students
      b. 15 cents per page                          d. no printing is allowed

5. What types of study rooms are available for use in the library and where are they located? (10 points)
      a. individual, upstairs and group, downstairs          c. private and group are both upstairs
      b. individual and group are both downstairs            d. individual, downstairs and group, upstairs

6. If the library doesn’t own a particular book, can you borrow it from another library? (10 points)
        a. yes                                              c. no, because postage went up
        b. yes, but only from another community college d. yes, but only if the book is old

7. Answer the following questions by matching your answer to the appropriate letter for each question
   (5 points each):
__ NC Live                                       a. must sign in at front desk to use
__ Biography Resource Center                     b. database for researching social issues
__ Call Number                                   c. they start at 10 cents each
__ Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center           d. an all purpose database
__ Photocopies                                   e. where to find information on George Washington
__ Library Computers                             f. identifies a book on the shelf

8. Circle true or false (5 points): The library’s hours can only be found in the brochure.   T    F

9. Circle true or false (5 points): Some of the library’s databases can be accessed from home using passwords
   provided by the library.           T   F

FTCC Form L-5                                                                                     Revised 04/23/2012

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