Coronado Public Library Board of Trustees Minutes
                          LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                REGULAR MEETING
                             CORONADO, CALIFORNIA
                                    June 8, 2004

         The Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting was held at 3:00 p.m. in the
         Winn Room of the Library.


         Library Trustees:      Executive Secretary Crenshaw (presiding), Trustee
                                Keith, and Trustee Gaylord

         Absent:                President Shaw and Trustee Haines

         Council Members:       Mayor Smisek and Casey Tanaka

         FOL Board Member: Mike Della Fera (absent)

         SAB Representative: Toni Hoppe (absent)

         Engineering:           Steve Easterday and Bill Cecil

         Staff:                 Christian Esquevin, Director of Library Services, and
                                Linda Sanders, temporary Administrative Secretary


         Approval of the May 11, 2004, Minutes deferred until next meeting.


                  Trustee Keith moved to approve the Consent Calendar. Trustee
                  Gaylord seconded the motion, and the motion was passed


IV-A     Oral Communictions


IV-A-1   Public Oral Communications


IV-A-2   Library Board Members Oral Communications

         Executive Secretary Crenshaw commented about the questions included in
         the Suggestion Box enclosure regarding the drinking fountain and the movie
         requests. Trustee Gaylord commended the Library staff for the teenage and
         children program flyers that were enclosures in the packet. He expressed his
         appreciation for the exceptional quality of the programs. Executive Secretary
         Crenshaw explained that President Shaw is ill with pneumonia and unable to
         attend the meeting today.

         Trustee Keith explained that the Peltiers were grateful for the Library project
         tour given by Director Esquevin. She indicated that she would seek an
         additional donation to help meet the increased cost of the light for the flag
         pole when we know how much it will cost. Trustee Keith also expressed her
         unhappiness with the new landscaping at the back of the Library and her
         desire that the Board be informed about the proposed landscaping plans for
         the front of the Library before it is installed.

         Executive Secretary Crenshaw received clarification regarding an item on the
         financial statement.

IV-A-3   Library Director Oral Communications

         Director Esquevin announced that Mike Della Fera was not feeling well and
         was unable to attend today’s meeting.

IV-B     Written Communictions



V-A      Library Expansion Project Status

V-A-1    Library Expansion Project Funding Including Change Order Fund Status
         & Contingency Budget

         Steve Easterday handed out information regarding project costs and change
         orders. After explaining everything in detail, he noted that since the last Board
         meeting, the design and administration cost has increased to $849,951.

V-A-2    Library Project Schedule

         Steve Easterday updated the Board on the overall schedule of the project,
         which includes 32 days added to the general contractor’s schedule as a result

        of the completion of three change orders. That brings the projected schedule
        for completion of the project to August 3rd, however, Steve Easterday does
        not believe that date is realistic. To date, a justification for the additional 26
        days claimed has not been received from the contractor. Bill Cecil explained
        that a more realistic project completion date will be in October or November

V-A-3   Current Construction Issues

        Steve Easterday explained that the light brackets and the new lighting were
        finished today and that the remainder of the graphics will be next, followed by
        the foundation, and other work. It was reported that 62% of the furniture has
        been purchased. An estimate for the sandcasting from C. E. Wiley is
        pending. This item will be placed on the next meeting’s agenda.

V-A-4   Martinez Mural Framing Cost

        Steve Easterday has not received all of the information for the framing.   A
        cost of $35,942 was received from H & H Steel, but additional cost
        information from another bidder has not yet been received. This item will be
        placed on the next agenda.

V-A-5   Additional Rental Costs for Martinez Mural

        Steve Easterday reported that in the modification for the professional fees for
        Nathan Zakheim and Associates, the payment for the rental space for the
        Martinez Mural was initially $1,500 per month. During the time of finalizing
        the contract, that particular rental space became unavailable. The space that
        Nathan did rent was $2,300 per month, which is an increase of $9,800 for the
        total rent. For the increased rent from April 1 until September 30, Nathan
        claimed a cost of $13,800, although the space was being used for other
        tenants. The total cost of the rental space is $23,600, but because the space
        is being shared, there is a credit of $7,200. That brings the modified rental
        cost to $16,400, or $2,300 per month. Since the Board has already approved
        $7,500 in additional rent, that leaves $8,900 needed for additional rental
        costs. It was determined that this additional rental money would need to come
        from available Board funds; specifically from the June Muller account.

               Trustee Keith moved to approve $16,400 (or $2,300 per month) to
               be withdrawn from the June Muller account for Nathan Zakheim
               to store the large Martinez Mural until September 30, 2004.
               Trustee Gaylord seconded the motion, and the motion was
               passed unanimously.

V-A-6   Library Board Available Funding

        Director Esquevin discussed the enclosed Library Board Available Funding
        information, and explained that the current fundraising money has not been
        added to the total. When the fundraising money is added to the Available
        Funding , we will have a grand total of all the money available to the Board.

V-A-7   Library Board Expenditures and Encumbrances and Could/Should Fund

        Director Esquevin explained the Could/Should Fund List enclosure. The
        issue of the model train was discussed. The sandcasting is to be placed on
        the next agenda. The window shades are ordered, but not yet received.

V-B     Library FY 2004-05 Budget Request Status

        Director Esquevin told the Board that the 2004-2005 budget requests are
        awaiting City Council review. The issue of budgeted electrical usage was

V-C     Library Expansion Fundraising

        The second fundraising letter was discussed, including the ideas of changing
        the letter to one page, using Trustee letterhead, and that no individual who
        has already given a donation will receive this second letter. The idea of Board
        members writing personal notes on the letters was discussed, as well as the
        possibility of using a mailing service. Specific costs for the mailing service
        and the issue of a return envelope was discussed.

        Trustee Gaylord commented that he did not like the general tone of the
        second fundraising letter, pointed to specific sentences, and made
        recommendations for changes. The issue of removing the Children’s Library
        portal from the letter was discussed by the Trustees. Trustee Gaylord offered
        to revise the fundraising letter and to send it to Director Esquevin by Monday.
        It was decided that the revised second fundraising letter and the issue of
        using a mailing service should be placed on the Agenda for the June 14th
        Special Board meeting. It was discussed that it would not be practical to add
        personal notes from the Trustees to the second fundraising letter.

V-D     Children’s Library Portal

        Director Esquevin explained that he attended the City Public Arts Committee,
        and that they approve of and endorse the Wizard of Oz theme for the
        proposed Children’s Library portal. They are also offering to help with this
        idea. Gafcon is planning to give us an estimate as to how much the portal

        panels would cost. An artist experienced with this type of artwork has also
        been approached to determine how much the art would cost.

V-E     Friends of the Library Endowment Plaque Wording

        Director Esquevin introduced the proposed Friends of the Library Endowment
        Plaque wording enclosure.

                Trustee Keith moved to approve the wording for the Friends of
                the Library Endowment plaque to say: “The Coronado Library
                would like to thank the Charter Members of the friends of the
                Library Endowment Fund for their generous donations.” Trustee
                Gaylord seconded the motion.

        Executive Secretary Crenshaw explained her objection to the wording
        because it does not have a time frame. After discussion, the motion was
        withdrawn and Director Esquevin was asked to have the Friends of the
        Library rewrite the plaque wording to include a dated time frame.


VI-A.   Gift of “Spreckels Library” Cut-Out Models to the Library and their
        Potential Use

        The source of the donated cut-out models was discussed, as well as the
        purpose and restricted use of the donation. Trustee Keith explained that it
        was up to the Board to decide how the 25 donated cut-outs should be used.
        Director Esquevin expressed his interest in using them as gifts to volunteers
        as either a departing or service gift. Because of the Board’s interest in
        obtaining additional cut-outs, Trustee Keith will ask Robbins (Crehore) Kelly
        for a discounted cost for an additional 25 more cut-outs.

VI-B    SAB Representative’s Report


VI-C    Friends of the Library Representative


VI-D    Agenda Items and Schedule for the Next Library Board of Trustees

        The next regular meeting will be on July 20, 2004, at the Police Department
        EOC Room starting at 3:00 p.m. Agenda items will include the flag pole,

         landscaping, murals, the sandcasting, the Children’s Library portal, carpet
         costs, project funding, project funds available and encumbered, the project
         schedule, construction issues, and the usual agenda items. A special Board
         meeting has been scheduled for June 14, 2004, at 4:00 p.m. in the Winn
         Room for the Election of Officers.


VII-A    Evaluation of Director Esquevin

         No action taken. This Item has been deferred until next meeting.


         The closed session adjourned at 5:05 p.m. The Board meeting was reopened
         at 5:09 p.m. and the Board meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm.

Laura R. Crenshaw, Executive Secretary, Coronado Library Board of Trustees

Reginald Gaylord, Trustee, Coronado Library Board of Trustees


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