Configuring Mail Pediatrics Servers by Y4ErsGI5


									Configuring Windows Mail (Microsoft Vista) for
Pediatrics Mail Server

 1. Open Windows Mail (Start All Programs  Windows Mail
 2. The following will appear. Enter your Name as you would like it to be seen by others
    and click Next.

 3. Enter your e-mail address and click Next.
4. Select IMAP from the dropdown menu. Enter as the
   incoming and outgoing mail server. Select the checkbox for “Outgoing server
   requires authentication” and select next.
5.    Enter your username and password and click Next. Select the remember password
     checkbox if you do not want to enter your password every time.
6. After you enter the information, the following error will appear. Additional configuration is
   necessary before mail will begin to flow. Click OK.

7. From the Tools menu in Windows Mail, Select Accounts.
8. Select your mail account ( default and click Properties.
9. Click the Advanced Tab.
10. Select the checkboxes, “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” Under
    outgoing and incoming mail servers and click OK.
Mail will begin to flow. Be sure to look for the Inbox under
on the right hand side of the screen (not local folders).

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