Destiny Home Access 0 by Y4ErsGI5


									                               Destiny Access
                              USE DESTINY AT HOME!

With your own Destiny account, you can now:

                                              How To Access Destiny:
   check due dates

   renew books (cannot have overdues or      1. Type
    fines)                                       to get to the Cobb
                                                 Virtual Library
   submit book reviews and rate a book
    (this is super cool)                      2. Click Middle
                                              3. Username is cobb
   create resource lists (books you want        and password is bird
    to read, books for a research paper to
    produce a citation page)                  4. Click Destiny Library
   view your history (what
    books/materials you borrowed
                                              5. Choose Garrett from
    previously)                                  the drop-down menu
                                              6. Click Log In to access
   submit a title for a recommended
    purchase (look for Wish List button)
                                                 your account

       Visit to get
       instant access to Destiny at

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