RENEW AN ITEM
  1. Go to your Oneonta Public Library Patron Account and log in.
  2. Under the “Items Out” tab, place a check mark next to the items
     you would like to renew.
  3. Click the “Renew Selected Items” button.
  4. The date on the items that are able to be renewed will have a
     new due date.
  5. If you get a note that there was a problem with your renewal
     request, it means that your item could not be renewed. Some of
     the reasons for this may be:
           a. “Circulation renewal limited exceeded”. This means the
             item you tried to renew was either a “Reserve” item, or the
             item was a DVD. These items may NOT be renewed because
             there is a limit on how long you may have these items. Another
             reason may be that you have exceeded your renewal limits. All
             items (other than Reserve or DVD’s) have a two (2) time
             renewal limit. If your item has already been renewed twice the
             system will not allow you to renew it again.
          b. “Patron has exceeded the max fine” ($5.00). A patron is
             not allowed to renew items if there is a fine of $5.00 or more
             on their account.
          c. “Patron has exceeded the max number of overdue items”.
             A patron is not allowed to renew items if they are already
             overdue, or if there are other overdue items in the patron’s

When you get a problem note, the computer will tell you to contact
the library for instructions. Please call us OR bring you items back to
the library to make them available for other patrons.

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