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                            Library Volunteers Policy & Procedures

The UCLA Library may on occasion have volunteers who perform services for the UCLA Library. Volunteers are
unpaid and are not formally affiliated with the university or the library.

In general, volunteers are individuals who perform special projects or work for the library that may not be done
otherwise, i.e., a retired UCLA librarian may do “recon” (cataloging of older materials) or assist in processing gift or
special collections. Volunteers may NOT be used in place of compensated staff members; however volunteers may
supplement staffing on occasion by providing services if appropriately trained.

In compliance with campus guidelines for volunteer insurance coverage, a volunteer in the UCLA Library must
meet the following criteria to be considered a volunteer.
      The individual must be 18 years of age or older.
      The service performed by the individual is for the primary benefit of the University of California.
      The individual is not paid to perform the service.
      The service is not performed for academic credit or to receive or qualify for some type of certification or
      The service is not performed as an alternative to civil or criminal fine or penalty or serving a jail sentence,
         i.e., volunteer service cannot be part of court-imposed fine or sentence of community service.
      The service is provided under the supervision of a UCLA faculty or staff member.
      The service must be performed on University premises or in the greater Los Angeles area and cannot
         involve overnight travel.

In compliance with campus guidelines, volunteers will be covered by workers compensation and general liability

Currently employed university or library staff may not serve as volunteers in the library at any time. UCLA students
currently employed as student employees by the library or any other campus department may not serve as volunteers.

Volunteers may include former university or library staff who have voluntarily resigned or retired from their

Within the library, the following guidelines apply to volunteers.
     Volunteers will not be issued any type of university identification or keys to any library facilities.
     Volunteers should not be in staff work areas outside of their volunteer work hours.
     In general, volunteers are not assigned a specific workstation. Given that library staff will have priority for
         space and equipment, volunteers will use student workstations or workstations that are not assigned to
         specific library staff.
     Volunteers may be assigned an e-mail account upon the recommendation of the department head.
     Volunteers may not attend or participate in departmental meetings or in decision-making. The volunteer’s
         supervisor will be responsible for communicating appropriate information to the volunteer in one-on-one
     Volunteers may not supervise staff or student employees.
     Volunteers in the library may not be granted any type of authority over financial accounts or library funds
         of any type.
     The library is unable to pay for parking for volunteers. Volunteers must make their own parking
         arrangements, i.e., pay for their own daily parking passes, etc.
     Volunteers are not eligible for any university benefits or discounts provided to UCLA employees.
Library volunteers may be subject to background checks.
     Library staff that have voluntarily resigned or retired from employment at the library and return as
         volunteers will not be subject to background checks.
     Individuals unaffiliated with the university or library may be subject to background checks. If a
         background check is conducted on an individual who is volunteering in the library, the department will
         reimburse Library Human Resources for the costs of the background check.

A volunteer agreement may be ended at any time at the sole discretion of the university. A volunteer may also end
an agreement at any time.


In order to volunteer in the UCLA Library, a volunteer agreement must be approved prior to the beginning of any
work by the volunteer. The volunteer agreement should be submitted using the “UCLA Library Volunteer
Agreement” form with all required signatures.

The UCLA Library Volunteer Agreement form specifies all required information including start and end dates,
description of the volunteer work, and the work schedule of the volunteer.

Volunteers may volunteer for any length of time. Most volunteer agreements are short-term for a period of less than
12 months. If the end date of a volunteer project is not known, June 30 (the end of the fiscal year) shall be used as
the end date for the agreement. If a volunteer project needs to be extended beyond the end of the fiscal year (June
30) or is for longer than 12 months, a new volunteer agreement should be completed at the beginning of the new
fiscal year to continue the volunteer work.

The volunteer agreement should specify the volunteer work schedule. Supervisors should be available during the
volunteer’s normal work schedule. Volunteers should not be allowed to work without supervision by a library staff
member. The department sponsoring a volunteer is responsible for providing appropriate volunteer supervision and
training in order to reduce the risk of injuries.

Volunteer agreements must be reviewed and endorsed by the department head and Assistant or Associate University
Librarian (and, as applicable, the University Librarian) in terms of:
      the type and amount of work to be performed;
      the volunteer’s education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies to perform the work;
      the resources and supervision available to oversee the volunteer’s efforts; and
      the overall value of having the project or work completed in light of library priorities and needs.

Final approval of the volunteer agreement must be granted by the Director of Library Human Resources.

Library Human Resources will be responsible for determining the status of volunteers and their eligibility for
serving as a volunteer and for monitoring volunteer agreements. Volunteers will be entered into the employee
database as a “without salary” appointment in order to be covered by workers’ compensation and general liability

In compliance with campus guidelines, the department is responsible for keeping an accurate record of dates, times
of services, and duties of authorized volunteers. The supervisor of the volunteer will be responsible for submitting a
monthly log of hours worked by the volunteer. The “UCLA Library Volunteer Monthly Time Log” form should be
used to track the work schedule and hours worked by a volunteer and must be submitted monthly to the Director of
Library Human Resources. The UCLA Library Volunteer Agreement will serve as the record of duties – volunteers
may NOT perform duties not listed in the agreement.

Once a volunteer agreement is approved by the Director of Library Human Resources, Library Human Resources
staff will contact the volunteer and supervisor and will schedule a sign-in appointment to complete appropriate

Approved by Administrative Conference – 13 August 2003

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