Distinguished Alumni Awards Criteria by HG2isAon


									Distinguished Alumni
Awards Criteria
    The recipient is expected to demonstrate a high degree of accomplishment in his
     or her vocation. The Awards Committee should know of an objective measure by
     which the nominee may be judged under this criterion, such as rapid
     advancement, award, etc.

    The individual, in addition to professional accomplishment, demonstrates a
     concern for his or her fellow people. One objective measure of such concern is
     involvement in voluntary community projects. Political, activity, philanthropic
     efforts, service on community boards, etc., as other measures.

    As a college in the Jesuit tradition, with studies in liberal arts, science and
     business, Le Moyne espouses a particular philosophy rooted in the Judeo-
     Christian traditions. Its vision for its graduates is one in which they can deal with
     the world around them on a variety of different levels. A broad expanse of
     interests, expertise in a particular area, and artistic or creative activities are part of
     this philosophy.

Ignatian Awards Criteria
    The "Service to Le Moyne Award" is for volunteerism and/or financial support to
     the college.
    The "Community Service Award” is presented to an individual exhibiting the
     teachings of the Jesuit philosophy through volunteerism.
    The "Professional Achievement Award” is based on outstanding accomplishment
     in one's field.
    The "Young Alumni Achievement Award” is given in the spirit of Father Robert
     F. Grewen to an alumna/alumnus of the last 10 graduation classes whose service
     to Le Moyne is in the same spirit as that of this dynamic and dedicated past Le
     Moyne President.
    The "Honorary Alumni Achievement Award” is given in the spirit of Bishop
     Walter A. Foery to a non-alum who has made a special contribution to Le Moyne,
     in the spirit of the non-Jesuit Bishop who helped establish Le Moyne.

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