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					                      Example Lesson Plan

Example Lesson Plan
                             Example Lesson Plan

Overarching Question:                 What kind of a place is Europe and what kind of place do you
                                      want it to be?

Thematic Question:                    Is Europe a place where women are considered to be equal to

Rationale:                            We think that this is an appropriate question, because in the
                                      UK there is a perception that people in the UK are more liberal
                                      than in other countries. The aim of this lesson is to dispel this
                                      misconception and for pupils to appreciate that there is more
                                      coherence on this theme than most people think.

Link to subject content/              This lesson explores the idea of Europe as a place, and if there
curriculum:                           is coherence or difference across Europe. It could also be used
                                      as part of a lesson exploring changes in economic activities, or
                                      working practices and inequality.

Lesson Focus Question:                Is Europe a place where the expectations of men and women
                                      are the same?

Lesson activities:

     1. Strategy: Intelligent Guesswork (10 mins)

     a) Teacher introduces the topic and asks students if they think that everyone in Europe agrees
        that women and men are equal. Students will express a range of opinions that at this stage
        should go unchallenged.

     b) In the grid below, students guess what they think the average response would be for each
        country group:
        In this country do you think people agreed with the statement:
        In general, fathers are as well suited to look after their children as mothers.

                     Strongly Agree      Agree                Disagree             Strongly Disagree
                                Example Lesson Plan

   c) The pupils look at the map
      In general, fathers are as well suited to look after their children as mothers.
      And using the data in the map, they can decide if their ideas were correct or not.

The map shows an interesting pattern, and illustrates, for instance, that in this question, the UK is
much more conservative than the students would probably have guessed. From this activity,
students would realise that their stereotypes about countries are not necessarily true.

   2. Strategy: Snowball (20 mins)

In this activity, students should be sat in groups of 4. Each group should be allocated one of the
countries in the above table. Assuming the role of that country, and the value expressed in the
map above, the students must select which of the reasons in the table they think apply.

Firstly as individuals, the students select 9 reasons they think will apply.
Then in pairs, they agree on 6 reasons.
Then as a group of 4, they further agree on 3 reasons.

Men have to be the                 Men are usually better             Men get paid more for the
breadwinner of the family.         educated than women                same work than women.
Women are designed to look         Women are better at looking        Women have less job
after children.                    after children than men.           opportunities than men
Women and men are just as          Women are just as well             Women have equal job
capable of looking after the       educated as men                    opportunities as men
children the same.
Women can multi-task and so        Men are lazy                       Women are better at balancing
are better at working and                                             their work and family than men
looking after the family
Now women can often earn           Culturally women are prepared Men don't know how to change
more than men                      to look after their families  nappies, and can't cook.

Each group should now have 3 reasons that they agree are relevant for their assigned country.

As a class each group shares what they think the main reasons are, and then argues if they agree
with this position.

The teacher brings this discussion together by discussing how they did this task: did they rely on
their knowledge of these countries, did they use stereotypes? To what extent can they really know
what people in another country thinks?

The purpose of this activity is to get the students to consider other viewpoints and why people
may develop different attitudes and values. The final discussion encourages them to critique their
own thinking during the activity.
                              Example Lesson Plan

   3. Strategy: Different version of traffic lights (5 mins)

As a final activity, the teacher will ask each student if they think that Europe is a place where
women and men are considered equal. Each student has a small whiteboard, on which they write
“yes”, “no”, or “don't know”. The students hold the whiteboards up – so the teacher can see their

The teacher can then organise a short discussion about how they have changed their opinions
during the lesson, and what the students' own opinion are, and how they would like Europe to
develop in the future? This activity can also be seen as an evaluation activity at the end of the

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