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									Volunteer Position Job Description.

Job Title: Liaison officers

Purpose: To support and provide a link between facility staff and
athletes/team. Help the athletes while they are training within RGU:
SPORT/ASV. Represent RGU: SPORT/ASV & welcome the athletes to

Location: Liaison Officers will be based in either RGU: SPORT or ASV.

Key Responsibilities:

All Officers

   Greet athletes each day
   Provide water or any other refreshments as required
   Answers questions about facilities or Aberdeen
   Assist athletes with their training schedules
   Liaise with other members of the volunteer team
   Assist in the set-up of activity areas
   Light administration duties
   Generally liaising with the teams, coaches and centre staff
   Key holding (where appropriate)
   Escorting athletes to and from facilities (where appropriate)
   Accompanying athletes to excursions
   Troubleshoot as required
   Any other duties as required within reason
   Events duties including ticket collection & ushering customers

Reports to: Lynn Caird/ Alison Frew.

Length of Appointment: July 2nd- July 16th

Time Commitment: 3 - 5 days per week to include morning, daytime
and evening hours during weekdays and weekend for the two weeks
given above.

Qualifications: Pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability,
dependability. Officers should preferably have an interest in sport and
hold First Aid and coaching certificates. A MiDAS qualification is also

     Support from Pre-Games Training Camp management team.
     T-shirt
     Role-specific training and general facility induction
     Reference for future employers
     Invitation to attend community events FOC
     Memento
     Opportunity to assist in future high-profile events
     Opportunity to earn Young Scot Reward Points through the Saltire
      Awards scheme.

Age Requirement: 16 years +

Dress Code: T-shirts given, navy blue or black tracksuit bottoms and
clean non-marking trainers should be worn.

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