Health and social care decisions, policies, contracting by jqlq3K


									       Health and social care
                                  policies &
decisions      Performance
                                               local needs

            How can you get
               implementation                  contracting

               Caroline Ashley,
               Community Involvement Coordinator, Richmond CVS
We all know we can vote
we can complain.

What else?
     1. Subscribe and join up

               Get the latest news
   Hear about events and opportunities for input

Join Richmond LINk
NHS Richmond database
Community Involvement
Residents Forum
      2. Ad hoc opportunities
• End of life care, pharmacy
• LINk meeting on SDS,
  hospital experience
• User and carer meetings on
  mental health strategies
3. Shape services in committee
                                                                            User feedback
                                                                            working group

Join a Council or NHS Committee as                                        (quality assurance)

• User Member                             Personalisation
                                         Programme Board

• Carer Member
                                         and Workstreams          Local Learning
                                                               Disability Partnership

• Lay / LINk Member
Share your perspective with decision-makers as policy is made.
                                                                           Public Information
                       Mental Health                                             Group
                      project group on
                        inpatient care

   Adults Joint
                                                            NHS Richmond Board
Commissioning Group
       4. Shape services in the
              voluntary sector

Become a Trustee of a voluntary
 organisation. Shape its work, strengthen its voice.
Volunteer your time. Help provide services, gather
  views, provide information.

                      Hints and Tips on Finding the Right Trusteeship
                      What are you interested in?
                      Why are you considering trusteeship? /
                        What do you hope to get out of it?
                      What have you got to offer?
           5. Join the dialogue with
                others like you
YourSay!                                 Taking Control

Attend a voluntary/community/peer-led
  group that actively voices members’
  concerns and has dialogue with officials
                                               Carers Forum

               Mental Health     Learning Disability
            Carers Development
                                   Carers Group
    6. Report on your experience
•   Complaints          • Councillor or MP
•   PALS                • Council / NHS meetings
•   Quality Assurance   • On-line feedback for
•   LINk reporting        others to see
Does it achieve anything?
                 Next steps
• Hear experience of individuals

• Capture success factors and problems

• Contact details for ways to get involved are on
  your sheets

• Last session: tell us what question you have or
  further support you would like.
      For all further information
• This presentation was given on Wednesday 28th April
  2010 as part of “The Introduction to your local health and
  social care services” day.

• For all information and other materials relating to this day
  please visit

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