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					                      MKT 4362 APPLIED BUYER BEHAVIOR

Instructor: Dr. Joanna Gabler                      Office: Bauer 385B
Course schedule # 00673, 11:30-1 TTh               Phone: 713-743-4555 or 713-562-8523 (cell)
Office Hours: TTh 11-11:30am                       E-mail: or

Consumer Behavior, 3rd Ed., Wayne D. Hoyer and Deborah J. MacInnis, New York: Houghton
Mifflin Company, 2004.

Influence: Science and Practice, 4th Ed, Robert B. Cialdini, Pearson Allyn & Bacon, 2001.

A KEY RESPONSIBILITY: to read and think about the assigned material prior to each class.
Active participation in class discussion is strongly encouraged. Most of the reading assigned for
the course will come from the textbooks. However, at various times during the semester, I may
provide you with handouts, articles, or cases that you will be asked to read and prepare for class.

      Item                        Date                                    of Overall Grade
      In-Class Exercises          various                                         5
      Test 1                      Tuesday February 8th                           15
      Test 2                      Tuesday March 1st                              20
      Test 3                      Tuesday March 29th                             20
      Test 4                      Tuesday April 12th                             20
      Final Exam                  Tuesday May 10th, 11am-2pm                     20

EXAMS: There will be five multiple choice tests during the semester, including the final exam.
Tests must be taken during the scheduled class period. If you must miss an exam for a valid
reason, you must contact me before the day of the exam to make other arrangements, and
provide written documentation for your absence. Emergencies that cause you to unexpectedly
miss an exam must be documented in writing (i.e., doctor’s note, police report, etc.) in order for
you to schedule a make-up exam.

IN-CLASS EXERCISES: During some class meetings you will be assigned exercises to
complete. You must be present when these assignments are given, and must turn in the exercise
by the end of the class, in order to receive credit. There will be no make-ups for these in-class
exercises. Exercises will not be announced in advance.

EXTRA CREDIT: Researchers may also request that you participate in various projects or
studies. Your participation in any research is strictly voluntary. If a questionnaire is
administered during the class for this purpose and you complete the study, you will typically
receive 1 extra credit point. These points will be added to your final exam grade at the end of the
semester, and each point will be equivalent to one multiple choice question on the final exam.
You must be present in class when the study is administered to receive credit (no make-ups),
unless you are otherwise instructed.

                      COURSE OUTLINE: *
Wk   Date      Topic                                             Reading/Assignment
1    1/18      Course Introduction                               None

     1/20      Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning                Text pp. 38-42, 303-307
                                                                 and Chapter 17.
2    1/25      Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity              Chapter 3

     1/27      Exposure, Attention, Perception                   Chapter 4

3    2/1       Memory                                            Text pp. 175-184

     2/3       Retrieval/Recall                                  Text pp. 184-193

4    2/8       TEST 1

     2/10      Consumer Knowledge                                Chapter 5

5    2/15      Attitude Formation and Change                     Chapters 6, 7

     2/17      Attitude Formation and Change                     Chapters 6, 7

6    2/22      Consumer Decision Making                          Chapter 9

     2/24      Consumer Decision Making                          Chapters 10, 11

7    3/1       TEST 2

     3/3       Consumer Decision Making                          Chapters 10, 11

8    3/8       Post-Decision Processes                           Chapter 12

     3/10      Sub-culture Influences: Ethnicity                 Text pp. 312-328

            SPRING BREAK MARCH 14 – 19                NO CLASS

9    3/22      Sub-culture Influences: Social Class/Groups       Chapters 14, 16

     3/24      Sub-culture Influences: Age, Gender               Chapter 15

10   3/29      TEST 3

     3/31      Social Influence                                  Influence Ch. 1, 2

11   4/5       Social Influence                                  Influence Ch. 3, 4

     4/7       Social Influence                                  Influence Ch. 5, 6, 7

12   4/12      TEST 4

     4/14      Public Policy, Consumerism & Ethics               Chapter 20

13   4/19      Negative Effects of Marketing                     Chapter 21

     4/21      Consumers and Innovation                          Chapter 19

14   4/26      Symbolic Consumption                              Chapter 18

     4/28      Consumer Research                                 Text pp. 24-37
                                                                       * subject to change

Whenever possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, we will attempt to provide
reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them. Please call
(713)-743-5400 for more assistance.


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