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									“You won't need
a driver's license
    by 2040”
 The timeline for autonomous (self-driving)
cars hitting the road en masse keeps getting
    closer. GM expects to produce partially
  autonomous cars at a large scale by 2015,
and the automaker also predicts it will have
 fully autonomous cars available by the end
    of the decade. Companies have pushed
    through legislation that legalizes self-
   driving cars in Nevada and California is
 close behind. The Institute of Electrical and
     Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recently
 released predictions that autonomous cars
will account for up to 75 percent of vehicles
  on the road by the year 2040. Why would
           we want self-driving cars?
                  In Other News
   September 18 was National Cheeseburger Day. Ah the
    cheeseburger. It's as American as, well, American cheese. Various
    eating establishments (mostly in California) claim to have invented
    the cheeseburger. The Pasadena Sun did due diligence in
    investigating the burger’s background and while it heavily leans
    toward one over the other, it’s left undecided. The front runner for
    the American classic is “The Rite Spot” in Pasadena, California.
    Legend has it, one of the cooks there, Lionel Clark Stenberger,
    slapped a piece of cheese on his burger and the rest was history.
    The year was around 1924.
   The first eight months of 2012 were the hottest ever recorded in
    the continental United States and the summer period of June, July
    and August was the third hottest ever. Although the August
    average of 74.4 degrees Fahrenheit made it only the 16th hottest
    August on record, the hottest July ever combined with the hottest
    spring on record to keep January-August 2012 atop the record
    books. The nation as a whole is averaging 4 degrees Fahrenheit
    above average for the year.

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