Did you completely fill out the Project Application Form (NGIPG App) by 907R84


									                               NGIP APPLICATION CHECKLIST
Please make sure you have completed all of the following before submitting your
application. If you have any questions, please call the GLO Renewable Energy Program
at (512) 463-9210 for assistance.

  1.     Did you enclose a signed and dated original of the Project Application
                 Did you sign Form 1a (Signature Page)?
                 (Private sector applicants only) Did   you sign Form 5 (Certifications)?

  2.     Did you fill out and enclose one Supplemental Activity Form
         (SuppActivity-OR) per vehicle?

  3.     (Replacement activities only)

         Did you sign page 5 of Supplemental Activity Form: SuppActivity-

  4.     (Replacement activities only)

         Did you enclose a signed and dated original of page 6 of Supplemental
         Activity Form: SuppActivity-OR.2?

  5.     Did you enclose all required documentation, per the Supplemental
         Activity Forms?

Revised: 9/2012

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