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					Child-Parent Centers, Inc.

   Request for Proposals
     General Mental Health Services
           for Pima County

           Dated: 08/13/2012

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Child-Parent Centers, Inc. (CPC) is seeking proposals for mental health services.
CPC is a Federally-funded, non-profit organization that provides Head Start and Early
Head Start services. We are the designated Federal grantee serving southeast Arizona.

Our primary mission is to provide school readiness programs for low-income children
entering kindergarten. We serve ages three-to-five in our Head Start Program and ages
birth-to-three in our Early Head Start Program. Our program provides nutritional, social
and academic services to the children and to their families. Within our scope of services,
when necessary, we address the mental health needs of children and families through
crisis intervention and general counseling. In addition, mental health consultation,
technical assistance, and training are provided to staff as we develop the parenting skills
and child development programs for the families we serve. We engage mental health
care providers (independent providers or providers employed by mental health agencies)
for these services throughout our service area.

Our agency currently serves 2,300+ children and employs approximately 500 employees
in 40 centers located in Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham and Greenly counties.

Rates and Services are for a period of three years from the date of the contract.

    Provide individual counseling to enrolled families (children and adults)
    Provide services in a location convenient to enrolled families (in the home, at one
     of the centers, at a local establishment, at another agency, etc.)
    Participate in individual or multi-disciplinary team follow-up on issues/concerns with
     staff as needed

      Attend an initial orientation on Reflective Practice, CPC’s relationship-based
       service delivery model
      Attend required meetings at CPC’s administration offices in Tucson
      Available to provide in-service training/presentations on mental health topics
       (generally on Mondays or Fridays)

      Master’s level independently licensed mental health provider (desired), or
      Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a mental health related area with documentation
       to reflect routine and on-going clinical supervision by a Master’s level
       independently licensed mental health provider
      Three years work experience with young children (birth to five) and families
      Experience working with low-income families with multiple risk factors
      Bilingual English / Spanish (desired)

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Include the following attachments and documents in your Proposal:
          a. RFP Submittal Decline Form
          b. Vendor/Bidder Fact Sheet and Questionnaire
          c. Debarment Certification
          d. If a Business
                   i. Copy of Business License
                  ii. Copy of Arizona Department of Health, Office of Behavioral Health
                      Licensing agency license
                 iii. Workman’s Compensation Certificate
          e. Responses to Mental Health RFP Questionnaire
          f. Copy of Certificate of General Liability Insurance
          g. Copy of Professional Liability Insurance
          h. Copies of degrees, Board of Behavioral Health licenses, and specialty area
              certificates (if any) of those staff who will be providing services and clinical
          i. Copies of resumes of those staff who will be providing services and clinical
              supervision which demonstrates their ability to serve low income families
          j. Copies of Arizona fingerprint clearance cards for staff who will be providing
              services and clinical supervision
          k. Attach Pricing Sheet
          l. W-9 Form

This is an open and competitive process.

If the independent provider or agency is not able to submit a proposal at this time, we ask
that the decline box be marked on the Submittal/Decline form and emailed to .

Proposals from agencies must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer or agent
of the agency submitting the proposal.

Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful responses are considered
available for inclusion in final contractual obligations.

CPC will negotiate contract terms upon selection. All contracts are subject to review by
CPC legal counsel, and the bid will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract,
which outlines terms, scope, budget and other necessary items.

In the event that the agency fails to perform the scope of work or becomes insolvent after
the contract or agreement is signed, CPC reserves the right to cancel.

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          Please review the specifications and mail or deliver your proposal to:

                                   Karina Covington
                          Procurement Administrative Assistant
                               Child Parent Centers, Inc.
                                     602 E. 22nd St.
                                  Tucson, AZ 85713

All proposals must be received by Monday, September 3, 2012 no later than 3:00pm
Mountain Standard Time. Please note Arizona does not participate in daylight savings
time. Proposals must be clearly marked “Sealed Bid – General Mental Health Pima
County RFP 2012 – 2015”.

If you have additional questions regarding the requirements, please email questions to All questions must be received by Wednesday,
August 29, 2012.

Our open competition policies require prospective vendors to submit all questions in
writing. Funding requirements do not allow CPC to accept verbal quotes.

Please note: All instructions must be followed in order to be considered for this proposal.
Prospective vendor will not be considered if all necessary information and documents
are not provided with proposal.

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