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									                     BRITISH ATHLETICS SUPPORTERS CLUB

                            ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Minutes of the meeting held at the Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham on
                        Saturday 18th February 2012 at 11am


Philip Andrew (chairman), Chris Bradford, Stephen Burgess, Richard Harris (honorary
secretary), Alan Masters (treasurer), Jack Miller, Neil McDonough, Keith Raymond
(“Backtrack” editor), Jackie Sibthorp, Eric Thompson (membership secretary), Christine

John Buxton, David Griffin, Alan Mitchell, Peter Snook, Ken Payne, Bernard Debney, Cath
Beeson, Sylvia Willerton, Barrie Willerton, Sonia Harle, Graham Cooksey, Angela Young,
Sue Pilbrow, Roger Pilbrow, Christine Rackshaw, Evelyn Littlechild, Margaret Woollcott,
Neil Woollcott, Sam Breadon, Judy Fox, Jillian Taylor, Nigel Bland, Nicola Grieve, Alison
Grange, Paul Childs, Barbara Perks, Maureen White, Susan Scott, Margaret Ehrenberg, Alan
Sibthorp, Dilys Skinner, Carolyn Newbert, Peter White, Jackie Towl, Carolyn Franks,
Graham Botley, Ian Kerr, Neil Munro.

Apologies for absence

John and Peggy Bradley, George Lewis, David Rush, Richard England, Bob and Olive
Dobson, Steve and Lorna Greig, Marjorie Roscoe, Jane Watson, Gerry Dalley, Sheila
Parsons, Mike Dolby, Linda Baylis, Sue Heptinstall, Sandra Hogben.

Minutes of AGM held on 19th February 2011

The minutes had been circulated and were agreed and accepted as a true and correct record.

Chairman’s Report

The chairman welcomed members and was pleased to see another good attendance (49 in
total including directors and associates). He informed members who may not have attended
the 2011 AGM that forms were again on hand for them to sign to give their consent to act as
guarantors to the club so that, in the unlikely event of some major financial crisis befalling
the club at some future date, each member’s potential liability would be capped at £1. Many
members had completed these last year.

The chairman began his report by reflecting on the social events that the club had organised
over the preceding 12 months: the annual BASC Members’ Dinner in November 2011 at
Brandon Hall had been a great success. Thanks were expressed to Keith Raymond for
organising it and to Stephen Burgess for obtaining the raffle prizes. A donation of £1,300 to
the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund had been made by the club from the proceeds of the raffle
and from a small cash surplus generated by the event.

A meal had been held after the Indoor Trials and Championships in Sheffield and a get-
together after the AVIVA Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham had again taken place at the
nearby Malthouse – thanks to Jon Mason and Jack Miller for their part in organising this. A
picnic had also been held at the Alexander Stadium during the World Trials weekend.
Members were invited to offer suggestions for any further social events that they would like
the club to stage.

Sale and distribution of the club’s allocation of tickets for the domestic events during the
2011 outdoor season had been handled by Stephen Burgess with help from Sonia Harle, and
for the 2012 indoor season events by Neil McDonough, and thanks were expressed to all
three. For the forthcoming 2012 outdoor domestic events, the first not to involve FastTrack,
David Barnett of Track and Field Tours would be looking after the sale of the club’s
allocation of tickets and forms for members to indicate ticket interest for these meetings were
sent out with the January “Backtrack”.

The chairman was pleased to report that all of the club’s Olympic ticket allocation had been
sold and all members had now paid in full for their tickets. Thanks were expressed to UKA
and the BOA for their efforts on the club’s behalf in this regard. Graham Cooksey is
continuing to liaise with the organisers on behalf of disabled members. At this stage we still
do not know where in the stadium we will be sitting or when we will take actual delivery of
the tickets, but we are still targeting the weekend of the Olympic Trials at the Alexander
Stadium from June 22nd to 24th as being the dates of distribution. In answer to a member’s
question alternative arrangements for those unable to attend the Trials will of course be

We now have two partners for the organisation of overseas tours – Track and Field Tours and
All Sports Travel (Graham Botley is operating as Centresport under the trading umbrella of
the latter). Chris Bradford had compiled a survey of what members’ requirements and views
are when travelling abroad to watch athletics, and he was thanked for this and for his efforts
in working on the club’s behalf with the two travel organisers.

Membership Secretary Eric Thompson has done a sterling job in chasing up subscriptions
and keeping the records straight. In the year to 30 September 2011 we had 129 new members
(a slight fall on the previous year) and our membership currently stands at 1,445. Christine
Thompson assists him with the despatch of club mailings including correspondence to VIPs
to ensure that they are kept up to date with club affairs.

Keith Raymond continues to produce 3 editions of the club’s magazine “Backtrack” each
year on schedule and does a very good job. We are grateful to Mike Taylor of Athletics
Weekly for the design and production skills that he uses on the magazine and to Mark
Shearman for the use of his photographs, as well as to the many individuals who contribute
to the magazine either regularly or occasionally.

Richard Cooper has again produced an excellent Yearbook which is a very good read. He
would welcome any correspondence from eagle-eyed members who may come across any

Stephen Burgess has run our marketing and athlete liaison, including Twitter.

Richard Harris has continued as honorary secretary, as well as looking after our website and
managing awards. The club’s BASC British Athlete of the Year award will be presented to
Mo Farah after the last event at the Indoor Grand Prix later this afternoon.

Jon Mason has dealt with the club’s legal matters and insurance.

Jack Miller has, together with the chairman, liaised with various bodies, including UKA
(with whom we have a formal agreement and have a good relationship). There has not been
any significant liaison this year with either European Athletics or the IAAF but we know that
they are aware of what we do and welcome what we do for the sport.

There has been extensive liaison with the AAAs, the WAAA and England Athletics and we
are looking to ensure that the historic trophies are made more readily available for public
viewing. The chairman is now a trustee of a new body to look after the trophies and Jack
Miller is on the Hall of Fame panel.

The chairman indicated that he believed the club to be in good hands and to be well run.

Some changes to the committee were announced. Richard Harris had indicated that he
wished to resign as Secretary and as a Director at this AGM and, after more than 20 years as
the club’s Membership Secretary, Eric Thompson had decided to retire at this AGM.

Jon Mason will take over as Company Secretary and in charge of awards, although for a
short time Richard will continue to look after the club’s website. Chris Bradford will
continue to manage the club’s stand at major events and will look after recruitment and the
signing of new members. Jackie Sibthorp will take over the responsibility of dealing with
subscriptions and chasing up late payments. Eric will for the time being continue to send out
club mailings.

The chairman’s plans for the future include the development of the club, in particular its
social side, and the introduction of a computerised management system later this year.
Several members had responded to the chairman’s request last summer for volunteers and
these individuals will be assigned roles as matters progress. Richard England has been
appointed Club Archivist (and is thought to be our longest-standing member) and Sylvia
Willerton is researching the Lillian Board Trophy. Members were again invited to put
forward their own ideas for the club’s future.

Presentation of Accounts

The first formal accounts of British Athletics Supporters Club Limited for the period from its
incorporation up to 30 September 2011 had been filed at Companies House and copies were
on hand for members to peruse.

Alan Masters had prepared an Income and Expenditure Account for the year to 30 September
2011 and a Balance Sheet at that date. A surplus of £9,629 was reported, £4,441 more than in
the previous 12 months. Contributory factors to this increased surplus were:-

      A profit of £2,673 on sale of tickets for the 2011 outdoor domestic events.
      Increased subscription income. It was felt that members were making more strenuous
       efforts to ensure that their subscription payments were kept up to date to safeguard
       their acquisition of Olympic tickets via the club.
      The 2010 accounts included a one-off purchase of a stock of award trophies for
       ongoing future use.

The chairman commented that the cost of postage was due to rise again in a few months’
time and that this was a major cost in our ongoing communications with members.

It was extremely healthy that as at 30 September 2011 the club’s bank balance stood at
£46,389, £14,990 more than it was 12 months earlier.

The adoption of the accounts was proposed and seconded.

Appointment of Auditors

The re-appointment of the existing auditor was proposed and seconded.

Fixing of Subscriptions for 2012/2013

In view of the healthy financial position of the club the chairman was pleased to announce
that, having been held at the same level now for 5 years, subscription levels would again
remain unchanged for 2012-2013 in spite of the chairman having warned members 12
months ago that a rise in 2012-2013 would appear to be almost inevitable.

Election of Officers

No further offers to stand as club officers had been received. The appointment of Chris
Bradford, Jackie Sibthorp and Neil McDonough had already been brought to the members’

Any Other Business

Carolyn Franks offered a vote of thanks on behalf of the members for the work done on the
club’s behalf by Richard Harris and Eric Thompson, and applause followed.

The chairman reminded members attending the AVIVA Indoor Grand Prix at the NIA nearby
that the club would again be hosting a get-together to which all members would be welcome
at the Malthouse at the close of proceedings. The club would be providing nibbles and
members should buy their own drinks.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 11.30.


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