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									Monmouth Comprehensive School                             National Grid for Learning USA 1929 - 1990

Lesson number and title :       Lesson 1 US society in the 1920s

Aims and objectives:            To discover what American Society was like in the 1920s.

Historical skills:              Knowledge and Understanding , Political Understanding, Organisation
                                and Communication

Key skills:                     Working with others, Citizenship and problem-solving.

Resources:                      PowerPoint presentation US society, student table to record US
                                society, student character cards and student interviewing table

ISM:                            Students are asked to consider the two images one is a donkey the
                                other an elephant. They should consider the attributes of each and
                                how they relate to the two major US political Parties. There are two
                                boxes on the third slide that allow students to come to the front and
                                annotate in the attributes of each political party.

Activity 1:                     Students are shown a series of images that relate to US society
                                today, they should first identify the aspect of society. Once
                                identified they should consider what ‘picture’ do they get of US
                                society? Are there any problems with this? They should come to the
                                conclusion that this is a stereotype and does not represent everyone.

Activity 2:                     They should then consider slide 5 this gives a more balanced version
                                of US society today. As students to identify the images and what it
                                suggests about US society.

Activity 3:                     Using slide 6 show students the images of us society in the 1920s and
                                play the music click on speaker. As students the question at the top of
                                the slide. How does this music make you feel? Students can be asked
                                to come to the front and annotate the interactive white board/ white
                                board with their ideas.

Activity: 4:                    Using Slides 7- and information from their text books students should
                                record in the form of a spider gram what US society was like in the
                                1920s. Once they have brainstormed what US society was like in the
                                1920s they should categorise this into Political, Economic, Social,
                                Cultural and Religious.

Activity 5:                     If time permits the class can be spit into groups or pairs and given a
                                character from the America in the 1920s. They have to read the
                                background information on their character and reach the bullet
                                points. Once this has been accomplished they have to interview three
                                other characters and fill in the student interview table. This should
                                given them an excellent overview of America in the 1920s
Monmouth Comprehensive School                              National Grid for Learning USA 1929 - 1990
Plenary:                        1. Pupils unscramble the conundrums from the final PowerPoint slides
                                and explain their historical context. The introduction of famous theme
                                tune here is also very useful and aid the authenticity of the exercise

                                2. A Multiple quiz can be generated if you have the time, available
                                free from www.schoolshistory.co.uk. Click on content generator. You
                                must first log on in order to down load the soft ware. This gives you
                                access to an excellent history forum made up of history teachers
                                thought the country. It is meant to be a showcase of the software
                                that is currently available to purchase.

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