FBCS Uniform/Dress Code Policy 1999-2000

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					                                               FBCS Uniform/Dress Code Policy
Kindergarten through Middle School students will be required to wear uniforms purchased exclusively through the designated
uniform company. Preschoolers may wear uniforms or adhere to the dress code policy.

Backpacks / Lunch boxes: Make sure no character pictures appear on backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, etc. All backpacks and
      lunch boxes must be a solid color.
Boys: All boys will wear navy walking shorts or pants with white polo, oxford, or turtleneck shirts. All shorts, pants, shirts, and cardigan
      sweaters (optional) must be bought from the designated uniform company.
Girls: All K-5 grade girls will wear navy walking shorts, pants or the chosen navy plaid jumpers (Royal Park Color 41) with white Peter
                                                    th th
       Pan collar, polo, or turtleneck shirts. All 6 -8 grade girls will wear navy walking shorts, pants, or navy skirts with white Peter
       Pan collar, oxford, polo, or turtleneck shirts. All pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, and cardigan sweaters (optional) must be
       purchased from the designated uniform company.
The FBCS sweatshirt, FBCS quarter-zip, or the uniform cardigan may be worn over the uniform shirt for extra warmth.
PE Days: FBCS sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sport shorts must be ordered through the designated uniform company. All students
       must wear FBCS navy knit or mesh sport shorts. Sweatpants and sweatshirts in cotton or nylon (no outside pockets,
       decorations, or logos), long or short sleeve t-shirts must be worn on PE days. PE clothing must be solid in color or with the
       FBCS logo. Sneakers must be worn. No tank tops allowed.
       Middle School students must wear FBCS navy mesh shorts and grey logo t-shirt.
       Solid navy or grey sweats are preferred.

Shoes: To ensure safety, closed toes shoes appropriate for running and climbing (no sandals or thongs) should be worn. No snow/rain
       boots may be worn in the classroom. They must be removed in the hallway. In the event of inclement weather, bring a change of
       shoes. Shoes MUST be worn in the classroom. Students may want to keep a well-worn pair of sneakers in their backpack due
       to frequently muddy conditions of the playground.
        No Sandals, cowboy boots, knee-high boots, shoes with cleats, or skate shoes may be worn.

Socks: All students must wear solid navy or white socks. Girls may wear solid navy or white tights.
       Tights may have a woven texture/pattern, but must still be opaque and solid in color. Tights may not have an open weave
       (sheer, fishnet, lace, etc.).

Outerwear: Outerwear and hoodies may not be worn in classrooms. Send in sweater or sweatshirt that meets uniform dress code to be
      worn in class. No character pictures or inappropriate logos are allowed on coats, jackets or scarves (including bandannas), hats
      or gloves. All hats must be removed before entering the building, girls and boys included.

Jewelry: Modest jewelry will be permitted. The following will be limited to two (2) of each: ring, bracelet, necklace, watch, pins (no
      larger than 2 inches in size). Girls may only wear one pair of earrings. Earrings must be smaller than a dime. We recommend that
      dangling earrings not be worn for safety reasons. Boys are prohibited from wearing earrings.

 Make up: With the exception of a light lip-gloss, no make-up may be worn. Girls may wear light pink, pearl, beige, or clear nail polish.
     No tattoos of any kind may be worn.

 A SPECIAL NOTE: Students must refrain from bringing or wearing any character pictures that might be
     offensive to others. The following character pictures are not allowed in school at any time: Secular entertainers,
     wizards, monsters, magicians, Harry Potter, Pokeman, and South Park.

Enforcing Uniform Policy – Teachers will conduct a dress code inspection as part of their opening exercises each morning. Dress
code violations will be reported to the school office and a dress code violation form will be filed and a copy will be sent home to the
parents. The school reserves the right to call parents to come with a change of clothing if we deem necessary. When in doubt, err
toward the conservative.

Tag Days / Preschool Dress Code – Tag Days are announced optional fundraising days that enable the students to dress out of
uniform while helping to raise money for specific items for the school (ie. Bulletin boards). Students may wear clothes on announced tag
days that are in compliance with the following dress code: Students should be dressed in simple, comfortable, non-form fitting (not tight)
clothes. Crop tops, making midriffs from shirts, tank tops, or muscle shirts are prohibited. Shirts should be continuous from neckline to
waist, covering entire mid-section and all undergarments. Shirttails designed to be tucked in must be tucked in. To encourage modesty,
skirts, dresses, and shorts must be worn at modest lengths. All pants should be secured at the waist – no sagging below the waist to
expose undergarments. Stretch pants and leggings must be worn with clothing long enough to cover hips completely. When in doubt, err
toward the conservative. Questions should be directed to the classroom teacher or office staff. Thank you.

                         The School Board reserves the right to add to this as they deem necessary.

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