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									SAGSE Gaming - Panama
May 21 & 22, 2009
Atlapa Convention Center, Panama

Exhibitor’s Manual
Operations and Marketing
On behalf of Monografie S.A, we welcome you to SAGSE-Gaming Panama 2009. Our aim is to
provide you with information and services that you will need to achieve the success pursued. This
manual has been designed to simplify the participation of your Company in our exhibition. It should
be considered as a guide to assure your success in the event. The Exhibitor’s Manual is divided
into various sections including operative technical and marketing guidelines and rules which must
be followed when taking part in SAGSE Gaming - Panama

Who should have this manual?
1. The person in charge of the participation of his/her company in the Exhibition.
2. The person in charge of the booth during the Exhibition.

The compliance of the terms fixed in this Manual and the knowledge of the exhibitor’s rights and
liabilities are essential to assure the success and the smooth performance of the event.

Should you have any doubt not clarified in this Manual, please contact the Operations Department
of Monografie S.A at (54-11) 4805-4623, At. Lic Alan Burak.
General Information about the Event

Event Organizer
Monografie S.A
Office in Argentina: Av Alvear 1883 Loc 21. (C1129AAA) Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Telephone : (54-11) 4805-4623
Fax : (54-11) 4805-47918

ATLAPA Convention Center
Via Israel, San Francisco. Panama, Republic of Panama

Visiting show hours
Thursday, May 21 to Friday, May 22 from 3pm to 8:00pm.

Booth move-in
Tuesday, May 19 from 8.00am to midnight
Wednesday, May 20 from 00.00am to midnight
All booths must be finished/decorated before 8:00 am Thursday, May 21 , 2009. The aisles
must be free on Wednesday, May 20 from 7:00 pm in order to allow the carpeting.

Booth move-out
                th                                            th
Friday, May 22 from 8:00pm to 10pm and Saturday, May 23 , 8.00am Midday
All materials, including those related to the moving-out, must be removed before May 23 2009 at
12:00pm. After such hour, Monografie S.A will take all necessary measures in order to empty the
pavilion completely. The exhibitor shall be responsible for any additional cost incurred by
Monografie S.A, for any delays in the delivery of the pavilion due to the exhibitor’s fault.

Booth design and cleaning, furniture, plants, booth details:

Empresa: CUBEX Diseño.
Departamento de Diseño -
Lia Elzebir Lezcano
Francisco Fonseca
Urb. Costa del Este,
Ave. B, No.60, Edif. Grupo Cubex
Apartado 87-1911, Zona 7,
Panamá, República de Panamá
Teléfono: (507) 271-4869 / (507) 271-4870.
Fax: (507) 271-4871

Tania hyman`s
Contacto: Marie-Claude B. de Hyman
Tel (507) 265-7090
Cel. (507) 6724-9342
Via argentina, el cangrejo, Cristal park building #1.

Especialidades Zambrano
Eric Zambrano Ruiz
Tel. (507) 213-3033
Fax. (507) 213-3045

These General Regulations (the “Regulations”) shall be subject to the Panamanian Laws, in all
circumstances, in order to maintain the Exhibition hierarchy, internal order and security, aesthetic,
functional and commercial levels, nature and essence.

The Executive Committee, hereinafter named as the “C.E.” appointed by the Monografie S.A,
hereinafter named as the “Authorizing officer”, will be the highest authority of the Exhibition and
his/her decisions shall not be subject to appeal.

The C.E. shall appoint a supervisor for the Exhibition, who will be in charge of controlling the
compliance of the Regulations.
Provided that there shall be any breach by the Exhibitor of the conditions contained in the
Regulations herein, the C.E. May permanently close the booth without paying to the exhibitor any
compensation or reimbursement in respect thereof.


Those manufacturing companies, authorized representatives, distributors, importers, businessmen
and borrowers related to the purpose of the Exhibition are invited to take part in the Exhibition, prior
acceptance of the C.E., who reserves the right of admission and permanence in the Exhibition.

The C.E. reserves the right of admission and permanence of any person visiting the Exhibition.

The companies wishing to participate in the Exhibition should fill in and subscribe the relevant
Agreement and fully comply with all and any of the liabilities and terms provided therein; otherwise,
the C.E. is fully authorized to prohibit the access of the Exhibitor who has not complied with the
agreed payments on the fixed dates.

The C.E. is empowered to cancel and assign to third parties those booths which have been duly
paid but remain empty 12 hours before the Exhibition opening hour, and the Exhibitor shall lose any
right regarding the paid amounts.

At any time if the Exhibitor fails to pay amounts in any respect, the C.E. and/or the Authorizing
Officer May terminate the Agreement, in which case the sums of money paid shall be for the benefit
of the Authorizing Officer as compensation for the termination of the agreement due to the
Exhibitor’s fault, notwithstanding the Authorizing Officer’s right to request a compensation for
incidental damages.
The C.E. reserves the right to select the products to be displayed by the Exhibitors, being entitled to
oppose to the display of dangerous or just inappropriate products at the Exhibition, to the absolute
criterion of the C.E.

Under no circumstances are the Exhibitors entitled to the reimbursement of any payment made in
compliance with the provisions of this Agreement.

If, due to any reason, the Exhibitor waived or were unable to participate in the Exhibition, he May
serve a notice of termination to the C.E. Notwithstanding the provisions stated in Section above, a)
If the C.E. received the notice of termination prior to April 7 , 2009, and the Exhibitor has not paid
fifty (50%) percent of the total amounts agreed in the Agreement, the Exhibitor must pay the
corresponding amount to reach said fifty (50%) percent of the total sum of the Agreement; b) If the
                                                         th                 th
C.E. received the notice of termination between April 7 , 2009 and May 7 , 2009, and the Exhibitor
has not paid seventy (70%) percent of the total Agreement, the Exhibitor shall pay the
corresponding amount to reach said seventy (70%) percent of the total sum of the Agreement; c) If
the C.E. received the notice of termination after May 7 , 2009, the Exhibitor shall pay the unpaid
balance of the total sum of the Agreement.

Said settling payments shall be made within the following 24 (twenty four) hours from the notice of
termination. In the event that the payments made by the Exhibitor surpassed the payable amounts
for earlier termination in accordance with the above provisions, the exceeding amount shall be
considered as a compensation for damages caused by the termination.

Prices and measurements of each booth are provided in the Agreement.
Price includes:
The use of the room during the time of moving-in, exhibition and moving-out of the booth.
General lighting of the venue.
General advertisement and promotion of the Exhibition as determined by the C.E.
General counsel and management.
Badges. The C.E. shall provide each Exhibitor with badges for the booth staff.
General Security.
General cleanup of the venue during the two-day exhibition.

The Exhibitor undertakes to inform the C.E., by note of “Request of consumption”, the electricity and
voltage (110 watts or 220 watts.) to be used. Please complete Form Nº2 before may 1 2009


The Exhibitor shall be the only one responsible for damages suffered to his/her staff, to the visitors
of the Exhibition who are within his booth and/or to his properties of whatever nature, as a result of
robbery, theft, fire, lightnings, storms, explosions, hail, water leaking, dampness, floods and
leakages, accidents, turmoil, sabotage or other events of whatever nature or origin, and the
Exhibitor will be further responsible for personal damages caused inside or outside the booth by his
staff and/or by the properties he uses or takes care of.
The C.E. and/or the Authorizing Officer shall not be responsible for damages, loss or theft of
whatever nature, caused by visitors or other persons. The Exhibitor shall hire insurance policies, at
his absolute expense, related to the properties, whatever nature, corresponding to the room
occupied by his booth.

The C.E. will transfer to the exhibitors the amounts for the damages that its booths’ constructors,
trucks and/or transports of its companies and those which at their own expense or at its booths
constructors expense, caused to the permanent or temporary facilities provided by ATLAPA and/or
by the Exhibition.
The C.E. and/or the Authorizing Officer are not responsible for the damages that the failures of the
electrical, power and drainage systems might cause to the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor is obliged to use
protection and safety devices in the displayed equipment. Moreover, the C.E. and/or the Authorizing
Officer shall not be responsible for any fact and/or event in which they have not been involved that
May cause the interruption or decrease of these services.

The C.E. and/or the Authorizing Officer shall provide general security staff in charge of the order
and the assistance in case of unforeseen events, not being responsible for robberies and thefts
occurred inside the booths. No person, other than the security members referred above and the
Exhibitor's employees duly authorized by written note by the C.E., can stay within the exhibition
premises. The security staff hired by the Exhibitor must use special badges which will be provided
by the C.E. and/or the Authorizing Officer.


The maximum height of any element, including light fittings, displays, panels and exhibition stands
set forth by the C.E. is 8 meters (Base on the Rules explain on task “HEIGHT OF THE
BUILDINGS“ on this manual ). No building, advertisement or element can exceed the established
area or the height referred above. The elements provided shall not be painted, hammered or
damaged. The use of ceiling reticles to support light fittings is authorized, being compulsory in the
premises where audio equipments are used. The C.E. May request the Exhibitor to repair or modify
the decoration or display of the products or to change the location of the booth, wherever the C.E.
deems necessary, in order to improve the display of the Exhibitor’s products or of the Exhibition as
a whole. The Exhibitor shall inform the C.E. about every structure to be put up in the booth, and the
put-up thereof must be authorized by the C.E. In the event that the booth building and/or decoration
were not finished 6 hours prior to the opening of the Exhibition, the C.E. will authorize the official
decorator to complete the decoration, at the sole expense of the Exhibitor.

The Exhibitor and his/her employees are obliged to allow the security staff to control the packages,
equipment and/or vehicles coming in or out of the Exhibition premises.

The mechanical, electrical, electronic or other tools producing any noise, sound or music should be
used at a level so as not to disturb other Exhibitors and to allow the smooth development of the
Exhibition, to the absolute discretion of the C.E. The C.E. reserves the right to determine the
acceptable level of noise and/volume of sound or music in these and in other circumstances. In the
event that the C.E. deems that the level of noise or volume of sound or music is high, it will inform
the Exhibitor, who shall turn the volume down or off, or even switch the equipment off.

The Exhibition will be open to the public in the days and hours set forth in the Agreement, as well as
the hours of booth moving-in and moving-out, except in case of express modification appearing in
the Exhibitor’s Manual of Services. Under no circumstances is the Exhibitor authorized to move in
or move out the booth in other periods of time, except that the C.E. expressly authorizes it by
written note. The opening hours of the booth will be from thirty (30) minutes before to fifteen (15)
minutes after the hours mentioned above. Before of after these hours, people other than the
organizers of the exhibition, the security staff and the cleaning staff duly authorized, are not
authorized to stay within the Exhibition premises. The Exhibitor is obliged to open the booth every
day fifteen (15) minutes prior to the opening hour and to render permanent assistance in the booth
during the established hours.

The C.E. will hire the cleaning company or staff from the Exhibition for the common areas, which
task will be made without disturbing the visitors or lowering the quality of the Exhibition.
The Exhibitor undertakes to:
I) hire the cleaning service for his booth, which will be chosen and /or authorized by the C.E., and to
keep the booth in sound cleanliness conditions during the opening hour.
II) do the general cleaning of the booth from two (2) hours to half (1/2) an hour before the daily
III) throw the waste in the common garbage containers. If the C.E. considers that the disorder in the
booth hinders the cleaning services, the C.E. is entitled to close it down until the situation is


The C.E. is empowered to enforce the Regulations and is in charge of the interpretation thereof in
case of unforeseen events, and its decision is not subject to appeal. The Exhibitors must inform
about the provisions of the Agreement and about these Regulations to the employees as well as to
third contractors, by written notice.
For a better development of the Exhibition, the C.E. reserves the right to modify these Regulations
as it deems convenient, as well as to detach from the rules provided therein, being its decisions
binding for all Exhibitors.

The Authorizing Officer and/or the C.E. reserves the right to modify or cancel the specified dates,
hours, terms, maps and scopes of the venue, and provisions hereof. This shall not give rise to any
compensation duty whatsoever. The C.E. May terminate the Agreement and/or cancel the
Exhibition (o part thereof) when reasonably deems that: a) the conditions of the premises where the
Exhibition is made or is going to be made are inappropriate, or b) the maintenance of the Exhibition
or the performance of the Authorizing Officer and/or of the C.E. in virtue of the Agreement were
substantially or materially affected by a reasonable cause or causes beyond the control of the
Authorizing Officer and/or the C.E. The Authorizing Officer and/or the C.E. are not responsible for
delays, damages, losses, cost increases or any other unfavorable conditions that May arise as a
consequence of these cancellations.
If any of said cancellations occurred, the Authorizing Officer and/or the C.E. May retain that part of
the amounts paid by the Exhibitor compensating the Authorizing Officer and/or the C.E. for
damages incurred until the moment in which said circumstance occur, without any future liability for
any of the Parties of the Agreement. The abovementioned phrase “reasonably cause or causes
beyond the control of the Authorizing Officer and/or the C.E.” includes, specifically but not
restrictedly: fire, disaster, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, accident, blockade, embargo,
hostile climate, delinquency acts, riots, strikes, closing, boycott or any labor riot, impossibility
perform the job under the minimum security standards, technical omissions or of employees, lack of
or failure in the transport services, impossibility to obtain, confiscation, seizure or exploration of
inputs, equipment or necessary services, orders or restrictions imposed by the police, by the
national gendarmerie or by other government authorities, minimum number of Exhibitors and
causes of force majeure.

The Exhibitor, the employees and contractors involved in the booth, and other persons, are
expressly forbidden to perform, in any area of the Exhibition room, any of the following activities:
a) to run advertisements by any means inside the Exhibition and outside the booth, which includes
but not limits, the distribution of leaflets or promotional items, the use of signs, screens, advertising
boards, except when previously authorized by the C.E. b) to display or sell elements that,
according to the C.E., May affect the security of persons or elements. c) to use aerial cable of
whatever nature outside the booth. d) to show or install loudspeakers or audio equipments that,
according to the criterion of the C.E., May alter the normal development of the Exhibition. e) to sell
products and services. f) to distribute or sell beverage or food, without the prior consent of the C.E.
g) to carry out contests and/or raffles without the prior consent of the C.E. h) to draw paintings
without protecting the surface of the premises or spray/aerosol paint. i) to do soldering inside the
premises. j) to do wood-work without sawdust cleaning equipment. k) to carry out building tasks or
to store material outside the boundaries of his booth. L) to take animals to the premises M) to
damage the premises structure or documents.

The Exhibitor will be the only one responsible for the employees and/or contractor related to his
booth as well as for third parties, as regards civil, criminal, labor and administrative aspects, for the
consequences arising from the use of the hired booth and of the material displayed therein,
including industrial accidents, general damages, fire, losses of any type, robbery, explosion and/or
any other situation or circumstance that might cause damages. Under no circumstance will the
Authorizing Officer or his/her C.E. be responsible for damages caused by visitors or other persons
or for losses or robberies of whatever nature. The insurance covering properties, whatever their
nature May be, corresponding to the space to be occupied by the Exhibitor’s booth will be hired by
the Exhibitor. To all legal effects, the Exhibitor will act by his own, being directly responsible before
the C.E., the Authorizing Officer and/or any other third party, including the Estate for all direct or
indirect consequence that May arise from the display or any legal act related to the products
displayed in his booth. The Exhibitor shall thoroughly control that his booth meet all relevant laws,
Regulations and mainly the copyright, patent, social security, tax, health and morality laws.

The Exhibitor shall hold the Authorizing Officer and the C.E. and its members harmless from any
claim, lawsuit, legal action and/or demand arising from labor or social security matters, industrial
accidents or of any other nature, including expenses and fees of lawyers, made by employees,
assistants or any other employees designated or rendering services under the orders or instructions
of the Exhibitor or any other person or persons hired by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor shall further
hold the Authorizing Officer and the C.E. and its members harmless from any claim of third parties
for damages suffered physically and/or in their properties, including death, within the Exhibitor’s
booth, or caused by elements belonging to the Exhibitor or used in the Exhibition though not
belonging to the Exhibitor, even if said elements belonged to the Authorizing Officer, the C.E. and to
its members, or caused as a consequence of any act or omission on the part of the Exhibitor and/or
the aforementioned persons. The Exhibitor further undertakes to exercise the defense of the
Authorizing Officer, the C.E. and its members and hold them harmless regarding any type of
lawsuit, legal action, demand,                ns.


The compliance of the provisions under these Regulations and the Agreement is binding on the
Parties hereof.
If due to any reason, the Exhibitor breaches totally or partially said provisions, such situation will
produce, among others, the following effects: a) the C.E. May choose either to perform and request
the fulfillment of the liabilities not performed by the Exhibitor or terminate the Agreement entered
into, with compensation for damages, in both cases. b) The non-complying party will be
automatically in default for the expiration of the terms or for the fact of verification of non-
compliance, in accordance with the case, and any judicial action whatsoever being unnecessary. c)
The Exhibitor shall be liable for progressive penalties that, notwithstanding the penalties stated
herein and determined by the C.E. in each circumstance meaning a default or breach which
individual amounts May be from 5% of the price of the Agreement up an accrued amount equivalent
to 100% of said price and that will not be subject to appeal. d) The C.E. May choose, to its absolute
criterion, at the Exhibitor’s expense, to adopt urgent measures deemed necessary in relation to the
properties and persons, due to the lack of foresight, negligence or omission of the Exhibitor. e) The
C.E. May temporarily or permanently suspend the electricity supply, close it down and retain the
Exhibitor’s properties, until the remedy of damages and penalties is verified.
The Exhibitor must strictly follow the terms and conditions stated in the Agreement. In case of
failure of the obligation to vacate the site in the corresponding date, the C.E. May vacate, to the
Exhibitor’s exclusive expense and risk, and place the properties duly listed, in the place that the
C.E. deems appropriate. The Exhibitor must thoroughly fulfill the stated schedule, mainly the
opening hours.

Transportation of Equipment and Products in the Exhibition

Monografie S.A suggests the hiring of the enterprise ASAP Comercio Exterior (Official Transport)
for the transportation of equipment and/or products to Panama.

In order to request information and operative details you May contact ASAP.
Moreover, the need of equipment of higher size May be foreseen.

ASAP Comercio Exterior S.A.
Mr Cristian Galarza
Tel.: +54-11-4301-5990
Fax: +54-11-4301-5933
Cel.: +54-9-11-(15)-5308-6681
Nextel: 54*239*3080
MSN messenger:
Skype: cgalarza_asap

The storage, use or display of flammable, explosive or radioactive products in the Exhibition Saloon
is forbidden. Vehicles May be displayed only with the tank emptied and the battery cables
disconnected. All booths must have a fire extinguisher during the moving-in, the exhibition and the

In order to prevent fires inside the exhibition saloon the following measures should be taken
into account:
1. Exhibitors must have in their booths fire extinguishers available for quick use in case of fire. Such
fire extinguishers must be type ABC with capacity for 5 Kg. per 25m of booth or fraction.
2. Exhibitors must be sure that the booth staff have read the guidelines for the use of fire
extinguishers and know their location, to deal with a fire emergency should it occur.

Capacity and type of fire extinguishers according to m2 of booth:
Up to 25 m 1 (one) 5kg. fire extinguisher.
From 25 to 99 m 2 (two) 5kg. fire extinguishers.
From 100 to 299 m 3 (three) 5kg. fire extinguishers.
            2                                               2.
From 300 m or more 1 (one) 5kg. fire extinguisher per 100 m

ATLAPA has a warehouse to store the boxes and the remains of materials used for the moving-in.

Booth moving-in
The Exhibitors are responsible for the costs of repairing, restoring or renewing, in every case, the
damages caused to the building or part thereof, including the booth structure, the flooring and the
electrical system, whether caused by themselves, their agents, contractors or any other person or
persons hired by the Exhibitors. The Exhibitor shall bear the total cost of repair for any damage,
which will be calculated by the Assembly Contractor. The Organizer, together with the owner of the
real property will inspect the premises before the moving-in and after the moving-out.


It is convenient to be acquainted with the venue before the construction. The floor cannot be
plastered, painted or covered with granulated materials. It can be covered with platforms, carpets or
covered platforms. It is forbidden to make holes, break, deteriorate or dig gutters in the floor.
Foundations are forbidden. Every building shall be made over the existing floor, without breaking it.

- Every carpet of the pavilion, auditorium, bar or other places will be stacked only with two-side
adhesive tape, of whichever width, as preferred.
- It is forbidden to use any type of contact adhesive in the pavilion floors.
- Repairs in the carpets already fixed should be made with the same layout system referred above
(use of two-side adhesive tape).
- The ATLAPA Manager, together with the Exhibition Supervisor, upon the reception of the hired
surface, shall examine it and include the remarks they deem necessary in the Certificate of Exit.
If necessary, ATLAPA will make the basic cleaning and/or repairs to leave the floor in the same
conditions as received, and the expenses for said works will be charged to the contractor.


In order to allow a higher architectural development of the booths, other heights are set forth, for
which the setback must be observed in relation to the dividing walls of the adjoining booths and/or
Maximum height 2.5 meters, minimum setback 0.00 meters.
Maximum height 3.0 meters, minimum setback 1.00 meters.
Maximum height 3.5 meters, minimum setback 1.25 meters.
Maximum height 4.0 meters, minimum setback 1.50 meters.
Maximum height 4.5 meters, minimum setback 2.00 meters.
Height 5.0 meters and more, minimum setback 2.50 meters.

The C.E. reserves the right to approve the exception of setbacks and heights mentioned above.
The exercise of this power will be decided according to the C.E. discretion without creating any right
in favor of the exhibitors.
In every case the element o elements higher than 2.50m must have all the sides treated with similar
hierarchy, in order not to interfere with the esthetics of the adjourning booths.

No element can exceed the boundaries of the site or the height mentioned in the above clause. The
companies hiring one or more sites divided by one or more aisles, and wishing to put them
together, shall submit a proposal to the C.E., which will determine the feasibility of its performance,
the approval, modifications or disapproval of the project.

The upright machines of any type will be placed separately at least 1m one of the other without
exception. The machines actually operating or of great size, will be separated in proportion to their
size allowing the free movement of the movable elements, the safety of the machine operators and
visitors, and the assessment of their parts. This separation is subject to the approval of the
Technical Management. The machines actually operating must be placed at least 0.80m from the
booth front.

The front of the counters must be placed at least 0.80m from the booth front.

In the installation of light fittings the Exhibitor must check that it will not disturb the visitors or the
surrounding booths. The installation of light fittings on the floors without any safety device avoiding
the contact with the visitors is not permitted.
The neon signs or decorations with neon tubes placed within the reach of the visitors will be placed
behind glass or acrylic panels or any other element that truly avoids the contact with the visitors.

Electricity for lighting or motor power in 220 volts or 110 volts, with additional charge, must be
Each exhibitor shall request (before may 1 completing form Nº2) the services of electricity in 220
V and 110 V and the power to be used for the general lighting of the booth and/or the machines or
motors operation. Said request will be based in the calculation of powers simultaneously used.
Each exhibitor has 50W available per square meter. The extra consumption will have an additional

Calculation of voltage: the measurement unit for the calculation of electricity will be the Kilowatt
(equivalent to 1.000 watts).

If after the opening of the exhibition a higher consumption than the requested by the Exhibitor were
proven, the C.E. May cut the electricity off or provide it. In this case, the Exhibitor shall pay for
the additional kilowatts.

Electricity connection and supply: It will be subject to the service regulations of ATLAPA premises.

All types of music, audio and/or repertoire performed inside the booth is permitted, provided that it
does not disturb the development of the event.
The C.E is fully empowered to regulate the audio decibels as it deems convenient in order to
ensure smooth performance of the exhibition.

Live show
The C.E is empowered to cancel or postpone any type of live shows. “Live show” is construed as
any event performed inside the booth.

During the event the maintenance and replacement of the booths will be made in the morning
between 10am and 1pm, only by those employees previously authorized.

Height Rules
The following Rules and Regulations relates only to the booth design and shaping.

Linear Booth
A linear booth has one or more adjacent booths on either side. The following rules will be applied in
accordance with the size.

Peninsula Booth
A peninsula booth is exposed to aisles on 3 (three) sides. The following rules will be applied in
accordance with whether the peninsula backs up to linear booths or to another peninsula booth:

Island Booth
An island booth is a booth exposed to aisles on all 4 (four) sides.

Guidelines for height of linear, peninsula and island booths

Guidelines for height of linear, peninsula and island booths
A higher height May be developed in accordance with the following setbacks:
setback of 0.00 m. of all boundaries of the booth – maximum authorized height 2,50 m.
setback of 1.00 m. of all boundaries of the booth – maximum authorized height 3,00 m.
setback of 1.25 m. of all boundaries of the booth – maximum authorized height 3,50 m.
setback of 1,50 m. of all boundaries of the booth – maximum authorized height 4,00 m.
setback of 2.00 m. of all boundaries of the booth – maximum authorized height 4,50 m.
setback of 2,50 m. of all boundaries of the booth – heights 5,00 and more..
Guidelines for shaping
Exhibitor benefits/What should and should not be included in the booth
Guidelines for booth assembly
Preparation Schedule, Goods Replacement and Disassembly

The surface to be used (room without buildings)
Introduction in the Exhibition brochure
Introduction in the web site of the Exhibition.
Participation in the conference.
Services Manual and permanent assistance of the organizer.
Electricity Consumption (50Watts per square meter)
General Security
Cleaning of general rooms of the exhibition.
2.5 m high dividing panels
Sign showing the company’s name and the booth number
1 multiple socket adjustable to 220 v/110 v (as requested) installed
Lighting (3 spots).

1. It is not permitted to fix any accessories to the booth structure, that is to say, it is not permitted to
make holes in the walls, but only to use two-side adhesive tape.
2. It is not permitted to paint the walls. Those Exhibitors that wish so must be authorized by the
contractor. (CUBEX DISEÑO).
3. It is not permitted to use spray paint inside or outside the premises.
4. Any change in the color of the carpet will be previously dealt with the contractor. The Exhibitor
shall directly bear all costs caused by this change.
5. The Organizer shall not grant any financial credit for the materials not used.
6. The replacement of articles included in the package is not permitted.
7. The materials or items for display shall not exceed the stated boundaries.

MAY 2009
Badges May be collected on Wednesday 20 from 4.00pm.
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 21 from 3.00pm to 8.00pm.

Booth moving out
              th                              th
From Friday 22 at 800pm to 10pm to Saturday 22 till midday.

Guidelines for the Constructor

The public aisles, fire extinguishers, entrances and exits of equipment to prevent fires must be kept
clear. No element can be stored in these areas. Neither part of the booth boundaries will exceed the
agreed boundaries. The wood modules shall be prefabricated to avoid working inside the premises.
If it is totally necessary, the carpet and the floor will be covered with plastic in order to avoid
damages. No painting work with spray paint is permitted inside or outside the premises. Every type
of wood, fabric or carpet used in the booth must be treated with chemical fire retardant.
The Exhibitor name and the booth number shall be clearly showed.
The Exhibitor with Empty Room will cover the booth floor with carpet or any other appropriate
material. The Exhibitor May rent the carpet and the platform from the official contractor for booths.
Every booth must have a fire extinguisher. The room used by the Exhibitor for the building of the
booth must be returned to the Organizer in the same conditions as received for the booth moving-in
and in due time (see moving-out hours). That is to say, free from any type of building element.

Marketing Manual
The aim of SAGSE-Centroamérica is to put together different categories belonging to the gaming
and entertainment industry of our country and from abroad in only one place. For such purpose it
has a Direct Communication Campaign.

Make sure that your company appears in the SAGSE-Centroamérica 2009 official brochure.
Dateline: May 1 , 2009 (complete Form Nº1).
This journal includes the complete list of the Exhibitors, a product list, an Exhibition plan, the
Conference program and more...
It is given to all visitors, exhibitors and press representatives to be used all over the year as a
reference guide, and to be consulted more than seven times per day during the Event even after its
All exhibitors are entitled to a 20-word description, to make their companies known to the public.
Please remember that the official brochure is written in Spanish and in English.

Each Exhibitor is provided with invitations to invite customers and/or prospects to the Event. The
INVITATION adds value to your Company. The Marketing Department of Monografie S.A
thoroughly selects those people qualified for a free INVITATION to the exhibition. It is essential that
this material be spread among qualified assistants. Request ADDITIONAL INVITATIONS.

The aim is to summon the highest number of qualified visitors of the country and of the area
through minute marketing activities destined to one segmented base and, additionally, agreements
with the main media of each area. If your Company keeps any type of strategic alliance with Unions
or Associations please contact the Marketing Department to analyze possible promotional joint
activities for the Exhibition.

The Event includes the counseling and the services of a press agency in order to communicate all
information. Make the most of the opportunity of delivering news about launchings, new products,
special guests, etc. All materials will be prepared and delivered together with the information of the
Exhibition to all national, international, mass and divided media, and to all special events organized
for the Exhibition.

SAGSE-Panama Gaming & Amusement is not only an exhibition but also a communication tool.
You and your company will be witnesses of an important advertisement and promotion campaign.
More than 15,000 special invitations, agreements with main media companies and industries, more
than 20 advertisements and more than 15 e-mail campaigns, among others, will be encompassed
in the marketing activities to attract all professionals involved in this industry.
The same material prepared for the press May be delivered in digital format to be included in the
Exhibition web site which is promoted through the whole communication.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubts.

Lic .Alan Burak
Gerente Comercial & Show Manager
Monografie S.A
Av Alvear 1883 Loc 21(C1129AAA) , Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel. (54-11) 4805-4623
Fax. (54-11) 4805-4791

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