Company Thank You Letter by 907R84





Dear [Contact],

What a wonderful time your employees had at the Spa ESCAPE! Thank you for welcoming me
into your company and partnering with me to present this pampering and de-stressing program. I
greatly appreciate your efforts that made the event possible. Please keep me in mind if you know
of a colleague who could use my services, and as you plan future wellness-related programs for
your employees. I would love for everyone in your company to benefit from this rewarding
experience. I know that this generous gift made a positive impact on the lives of your
employees, and I have no doubt that it will result in value-added benefits to your company as
well. I would be very interested to hear the feedback you receive from the attendees. Would you
be willing to send me a referral letter that includes their responses, as well as your opinion of the
Spa ESCAPE at Work experience and benefits to your company? Such a letter would help me
promote the benefits of the program to new companies I approach.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this exciting, new program with your company.
I look forward to working with you again.

Warm regards,


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