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					M.A.P. Team Meeting
Wednesday June 24, 2009 9:00 AM
Agency of Commerce & Community Development
6th Floor, Calvin Coolidge Conf. Room, National Life Building, Montpelier

Attendees:    Christine Werneke (CMO); Kate Westbrook (Office of CMO); Robert T. White
(AOT); Kathleen Horton (VDH); John LaBarge (AOT); John Hall (F & W); Patrick O’Donnell
(VDTM); Jill Remick (EDUC); Betsy Ross (GHSP); Marcia Lawrence (DOLC)

* Important meeting information: The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 29 at
9:00 AM at National Life Building, 6th Floor, and Calvin Coolidge Conf. Room.
      Special meeting – 3 hours
          o Public relations (PR) & social media (SM) – mini workshop using SM for PR with
               Rachel Carter
          o Subcontractor through New Breen

      Will distribute a survey prior to meeting
      Could a meeting be created for partners?
          o If funding available – yes

CMO Update
    portal update – was (link to OWA on top ?) under State Employ – helpful links
      Revised Best of Web awards – looked at State portals that won awards & started to think
       about features could use
          o Based on online services
          o Changes based on analysis in portal & Best of Web awards
          o DMV was top search
          o Jobs was second
          o Stimulus funds
          o Marriage

       Integrated the old graphic standards manual & the Brand manual to create new VT Brand
        Standards & Style Guide
            o New standards developed around state needs creating more consistency across
            o New identified rules
            o New sponsorships & partnerships logo guidelines with definition of each term
*attach link to new guide

      New look & feel standards for web – significant changes
         o Policy central section at DII site has been stripped down to basic requirements
                 Link to

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       Still working on a sponsorship policy – working with Sec. of Admin. for final approval
             o Sponsorship guidance from CMO office until formal approval by State
*attach link to guidance
             o Creates a cover for consistency and acceptable sponsorship

      Issuing guidance for giveaways
           o Appropriate use for giveaways for marketing State programs

      Phone surveys – contract?
          o No – but we have a contract with CRMI – Christine will review current contract to
              see if it fits phone survey – if not, will review need to move forward

      CMO presentation –
         o PR support
                 Mini workshop introduction to PR
                 Work one on one meeting relationships

      Access to PR services
          o Cost share
          o May request use of contract
          o May contact New Breed directly for large projects

      Preparing for workshop – July MAP
          o What questions do you have about PR & social media?
                   Research on how effective SM is (demographics) to justify state resources –
                   Trade off of man hours to build a SM network
                   How to utilize tools effectively
                   What audience comes with each tool
                   What’s the next best thing
                   In VT who is using tools?
                   Evaluation & outcomes - are these tools effective?
                   Mobil managing – how to use effectively
                   How to use RSS feeds effectively – email list
                         Subscribe and unsubscribe capabilities

      CMO will send out all Rachel’s questions
      State website development process
           o Purpose
                   Give support & resources to website owners
                   Help projects achieve objectives, deadlines & budget

MAP meetings                             Page 2                               9/30/2012
           o   Process
                   Contact Harry Bell at DII
                   Project kick off
           o   On going project support

Formally rolled out after July 4

FY10 – moving forward
    FY09 cost share use and new cost shares

Kate out in August
    If any major projects need completed before end of July – no major projects in August
           o Will have some minor support

Round Table
    DOLC –
         o Partnered with OVHA to help distribute messages and information

      GHSP –
         o Completed a new TV commercial for motorcyclists
                AOT helmets, leather jackets
      EDUC –
         o Started the process for their website development

      VDTM –
         o Instate radio
         o Online banner ads
         o Social network – twitter, facebook, UTube
                Online ads directory to Social Networking
                Large out of home marketing in Boston & NY
                Still working on website
                        site for preview
      F&WF –
         o Sharing information with public about new nesting bald eagles
                Bat deaths
                Improved website store
                Online license purchases up
                2010 law book
      VDH –
         o Working on H1N1 flu
                Coordinating with other states
                Working with VERV program
      AOT –
         o Byways –

MAP meetings                           Page 3                               9/30/2012
                  Updating website
                  New byways added
                  Lake Champlain byway-extending
                  Z cards very popular

MAP meetings                       Page 4           9/30/2012

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