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									                           Speech & Communications
                          Pet Peeve Speech Assignment

For this speech, you will focus on something that causes you anger, disturbance, or concern. Your topic
can focus on a specific action or an event that bothered you—whatever you decide, the key is that the
action or event still bothers you enough to get an emotional response during your speech (no crying,

Once you decided on your topic, try to follow this format:
    Consider all of your thoughts and feelings about this topic—use this speech to vent your
       frustrations (no physical violence, though)
    Use a specific example for your introduction
    State in one sentence what you believe about your pet peeve (this is your thesis)
    Provide several key points about the issue
    Use the key points to lead to your conclusion

Above all, rehearse this speech. I want to see your reactions and emotions as you speak. Practice,
practice, practice.

       Length: 3-4 minutes
       Outline: required
       Note cards: optional
       Audio-Visual: optional
       Introduction & Conclusion: should impress the class

Your speech will be worth a total of 100 points and will follow the same grading rubric as your fears &
phobias speech.

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