FY13 Summit Vendor Walk Thru by ICJ1H4Zm


									   Smart Friend Likes…
• “Honest and energetic”
• “no BS, straight to the point, tailored to
  each group”
• “Great demos & presentations”

• “PK, and upcoming products”
• “Learned new features, very exciting.”
   Smart Friends Dislikes…
• “didn’t learn anything.”
• “The session was more about how X is such a
  great company rather than a training session.”
• “Some vendors talked too much - info overload”
• “Didn’t relate to my dept”
• “Dull & boring, slides & numbers.”
• “informative but not engaging”
• “talked abt products and services we don’t
Oct Connected
Home:           Oct 3-5, 2012

Location:   Westin Harbour Castle
            Toronto, ON
Attendance           • General Manager – 77
                     • HT Supervisor – 35
(And # of people):
                     • Home Entertainment Sr. (HT
                       and Gaming) – 42
                     • CPU Sr. – 65
                     • Gaming/DA Supervisor – 35
                     • MCSA Supervisor – 5

Total:               223 EN attendees
                     36 FR attendees
                     29 CHQ Support
                     288 Total attendees
   Our Theme
Deliver the Connected
   Our Goals
   Goal #1
Connected Home:
Improve Connected
Home offerings to our
customers in our store
by getting our Smart
Friends to experience
it for themselves.
   Our Goals
   Goal #2
Increase Complete
Solution attach: Geek
Squad, Performance
Service Plan and
Accessories. How can
we help our customers
get the experience they
are expecting?
Marketplace layout
What to do at your booth
What to do at your booth
What to do at your booth
What to do at your booth
What to do at your booth
What to do at your booth
Set-up for Oct 3rd Tradeshow Vendors:
  7am-11am on Oct 3rd
  We don’t have access to the room the day
  before, so all setups will have to be in the
  morning on the 3rd.

Timing of the Tradeshow on Oct 3rd
Set-up for Oct 4th Tradeshow Vendors:
  9am-6pm on Oct 3rd
  7:30am-9:15am on Oct 4th

Timing of the Tradeshow on Oct 4th
Shipping: 1) Use Robinson (see
             Registration Site for links)
          2) Courier to hotel:
             Hotel will accept Sept 24 – Oct 2
          3) Bring it yourself
             Need Freight Elevator? Contact
             Katie McAvoy (See Reg site)
French:     Bilingual reps s’il vous plaît!

SWAG &      We will collect prior to
Documents   Marketplace and distribute
            to each store

Prizing:    If you would like to provide a
            prize or two – we’d love to
            share them with our teams!

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